Arena of Valor (AoV) - Guilds (Menu Screens Part 7)

The guild screen on Arena of Valor. Guilds are player-run organizations that provide rewards to those who join.
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Arena of Valor Guilds 1

Guilds, while not seen often in other MOBA titles, unlock in Arena of Valor upon reaching level 6. Guilds are groups of players that receive a number of bonuses for playing together. These bonuses include increased gold per match and Activity Points. Each week, guild members receive a chest based on how many activity points their guild earned. As such, active guilds and players can find themselves regularly handsomely rewarded in this system.

Arena of Valor Guilds 2

Joining an Existing Guild

Joining some guilds is nothing more than selecting one and choosing to join. With others, however, you will need to meet any requirements that the guild sets or wait for approval when the leader has made it necessary. A number of guilds set a minimum level or ranking for joining in an attempt to ensure match quality. Some guilds allow for automatic entry if there is space available. Others instead require an application, your attempt to join needing to be approved by a guild member before you receive any benefits. If you can join automatically, the button in the bottom right corner will say “Join.” If you need to apply, however, it will instead read “Apply.”

Arena of Valor Guilds 3

Joining or Starting a New Guild

In the Charters tab, players can see different people who are trying to organize new guilds and in need of new members to get things started. A guild needs at least four members, the founder and three others, before it is officially formed.

Arena of Valor Guilds 4

Of course, if you are hoping to be a leader rather than a follower, players are able to create their own guilds as well. For a small fee of vouchers, you can select a name and emblem to create a new group. Your brand new guild will then be placed into the Charters tab in order to request supporting signatures from three additional players. After the needed support has been gathered, you will have your own fully formed guild.

Arena of Valor Guilds 5

Now that we’ve looked at the tabs on the left side, lets get into the rest of the menu screen.

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