Arena of Valor (AoV) - Top Five Most Difficult Heroes to Play (5/14/18)

Our list of Arena of Valor's five most difficult heroes to use in the game. Many of the choices have a very high damage potential, but can be tricky to get used to.

Most Difficult Heroes to Play

Arena of Valor is constantly changing, new heroes being added into the game at a bi-weekly basis. As such, different lists that we put out can become quickly outdated as new heroes become available. We have looked over the heroes available and have assembled what we currently consider the five most difficult heroes in the game.


Arena of Valor Superman

Though currently a contender for Arena of Valor’s strongest hero, Superman is far from a path to instant success. His suite of engagement and punishment abilities can be difficult to properly aim and several require him to first activate Flight before he can use them.

Superman players need to avoid crowd control and maintain a constant speed as to benefit from Flight as often as possible. While his Flight empowered abilities are powerful, they can only be used in the direction that Superman is facing. This leads to players being required to mindfully set up their moves and having much fewer options when engaged upon. A lot of practice is necessary if hoping to cause havoc with the Man of Steel.


Arena of Valor Murad

A fearsome assassin, Murad is able to very quickly jump into battles and destroy enemy teams. All of this can be done with very little risk to himself as well, his high mobility and ability to become untargetable very powerful defensive tools. That said, he can be frustratingly hard to use in inexperienced hands. This is due to dramatically low defense stats as well as an unreliability in his ultimate.

Murad’s ultimate requires him to first normally attack something four times before becoming available for a short duration. Given his pitiful defenses, this can be really hard to accomplish in the thick of a battle. In addition, the window in which he can cast his ultimate after unlocking it is relatively small, so setting it up before a battle requires careful planning.


Arena of Valor Raz

The boxer has a lot of both damaging and controlling potential. However, he isn’t the easiest hero to control. His natural movement when attacking and general short range can make him feel odd when compared to other mages.

When Raz attacks, he either jumps at the enemy with an empowered attack or take steps toward them. If unused to it, this can make attacking very awkward as well as force the player into awkward positions when trying to lane. In addition, Raz uses energy instead of mana. As the only hero who relies on this resource, players wanting to spam abilities can be unused to the pacing they need to take to do so effectively.

The Flash

Arena of Valor The Flash

The Flash is a powerful mage who can burst down enemies as he rushes around the battlefield. A number of high damage abilities and a very high mobility make him a very capable hero in Arena of Valor. However, new players may be frustrated after handing over the large amount of gold to purchase him to find that quick and easy victories aren’t an immediate result. Players need a practiced judgment to know exactly when and where to engage for maximum effect.

The Flash puts himself into a rather vulnerable position when attacking, rushing up to melee range in order to hit his target with short range abilities. As such, getting hit with control effects while trying to harass or engage can put him in a very precarious position. While he has a bit of defense built into his ultimate which makes him untargetable for a time, he can not move quickly while casting and can be picked off once it is over.


Arena of Valor Nakroth

Nakroth has the potential to do a lot for his team. He is a prime example of a single target assassin. Along with his strong attacks, he has an incredible amount of mobility with which he can both push and harass multiple lanes around the map. His high attack and mobility come at a cost to his survivability, though, extremely vulnerable to enemy fire if caught.

Nakroth players have to be constantly moving and dodging enemy fire to stay relevant on the field. Furthermore, the assassin has to stay incredibly active on the map to properly contribute to the match. He is not an assassin who can translate into a team fighter later in the game as his survivability makes him too easy of a target for the enemy. Players have to be constantly on their toes and always stay a few steps ahead of their opponents to avoid a quick and embarrassing death.

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