Arena of Valor (AoV) - Which Characters’ Abilities Damage Towers?

Which characters in Arena of Valor (AoV) have abilities that can damage towers? Using abilities with the intent to finish off a building when they have no effect can be a waste of time and even cost you the game.

Heroes Whose Abilities Damage Towers

In general, abilities in Arena of Valor do not damage towers. The only exceptions are abilities that enhance a hero’s normal attack, and abilities that specifically mention that they can target towers.

Hero Ability Name Type Combination Description
Fennik Thief’s Mark Active Thief’s Mark Target tower with Thief’s Mark
Omega Demolition Mode Passive None All abilities affect towers.
Omen Thirst Passive Activate Thirst + Attack Extra true damage is applied to towers
Violet Tactical Fire Active Tactical Fire + Normal Attack Activate Tactical Fire. Subsequent attack can also damage towers outside of their range
Yorn Fierce Shot Passive Any Ability + Normal Attack Use any ability or attack 5 times.
Arthur Righteous Fervor Active Righteous Fervor + Normal Attack Activate Righteous Fervor and attack the tower.
Lu Bu Conqueror Active Conqueror + Normal Attack Activate Conqueror
Slimz Piercing Passive Attack 3 times Every third attack is enhanced
Leap of Vitality Active Leap + Normal Attack Leap of Vitality increases attack damage by 50
Savage Potion Active Savage Potion + Normal Attack Activate Savage Potion
Maloch Plunder (via Cleave) Active Cleave (Against Enemy Hero) + Normal Attack Maloch must enchant his sword with cleave by attacking an enemy hero before attacking the tower.
Taara Fighting Spirit Passive Take Damage + Normal attack Taara’s attack damage rises as her health falls.
Kil’groth Enraged Spear Active Enraged Spear + Normal Attack (additional Magical Damage) Activate Enraged Spear and normal attack within 4 seconds.
The Fanatic Passive None Continuously attack to increase attack speed
Jinnar Samsara Passive Attack x 4 + Enhanced Attack Towards Tower Every fifth attack will deal increased damage to towers.
Wukong God of War Active Any Ability + Normal Attack Activate any ability to activate God of War.
Arduin Undying Protector Active Undying Protector + Normal Attack Next 3 attacks after activating will deal additional true damage.
Ormarr Unstoppable Active Unstoppable + Normal Attack Dash with Unstoppable towards the tower and attack it for extra damage.
Preyta Disciple of Plague Active Disciple of Plague + Normal Attack Activate Disciple of Plague and attack the tower with a normal attack.
Zanis Dragoon Passive None Kill enemies to increase his overall damage.
Blood Wyrm Active Blood Wyrm + Normal Attack Extra damage from the ability is applied to towers
Tail Sweep Active Tail Sweep + Normal Attack a unit A unit has to be hit to enable increased attack speed
Dragon’s Wrath Active Target non-tower with Dragon’s Wrath + attack tower Attacking a tower after targeting something else with Dragon’s Wrath will enable true damage
Tel’annas Eagle Eye Active Eagle Eye + Normal Attack Imbues normal attacks with Dark Element (magic damage) and increases attack speed.
Zephys Death Rift Active Death Rift + Normal Attack Activate Death Rift and attack for increased damage
Nakroth Dread Judge Passive Damage an enemy with an ability + Normal Attack Increase attack speed by damaging an enemy with an ability. Towers don’t count as an “enemy.”
Butterfly Sword Propel Active Sword Propel + Attack Use Sword Propel to increase attack speed
Moren Tactical Maneuver Active Tactical Maneuver + Attack Moren fires two bullets at once
Astrid Fearless Charge Active Fearless Charge + Attack Use Fearless Charge to deal increased damage
Spin Slash Active Spin Slash (against enemy hero) + Normal Attack Hit a hero (multiple heroes for bigger effect) to increase attack speed before attacking the tower.
Zuka The Chi Passive Attack Enemy Hero + Normal Attack Every 20 seconds, attacking a hero grants increased AD for 8 seconds
Pain on a Stick Active Pain on a Stick + Normal Attack Zuka’s next attack after using Pain on a Stick (both casts) is enhanced
Panda Chariot Active Panda Chariot + Normal Attack Using Panda Chariot enhances Zuka’s next attack
Skyfall Active Skyfall + Normal Attack Using Skyfall enhances Zuka’s next attack
Max Static Shock Passive Attack Buildings can get shocked too
Liliana Fox Form Passive Attack in fox form Liliana deals more damage in fox form
Foxtrot Active Use Foxtrot + Normal Attack The tail swipe doesn’t damage towers, but her next attack has increased AP scaling and damages 3 times
Kahlii Damnation Passive Attack Kahlii’s attacks scale with her AP, which affects towers
Superman Flight Passive Attack while in Flight Mode Attacks in Flight Mode deal additional 12%-of-own-HP damage.
Kriknak Bite Passive Any ability (against enemy hero) + attack tower Kriknak’s next ability is enhanced if an ability hits an enemy hero.
Valhein Pocket Glaive Passive Attack 3 times Every third attack is enhanced
Wonder Woman Amazon Shield Passive Attack 3 times The true damage from the shield damages towers
Cresht Metamorphosis Active Activate Metamorphosis + Normal Attack Cresht attacks are enhanced in his true form
Murad Rift Passive Attack 4 times Releasing the seal grants 5% attack damage for 5 seconds
The Joker Punch Line Passive Exit Battle + Normal Attack Deals more damage than listed in the description – his first shot chunks towers.
Raz Fancy Footwork Passive First Normal Attack Raz’s first attack deals extra magic damage (but jumps through tower, so be careful)
Gildur Midas Touch Passive Attack 4 times or use Siege + Attack Midas Touch deals magic damage that scales with AP
Lindis Tread Softly Passive Exit Brush + Normal Attack Lindis fires two arrows after exiting the brush. Note: the effects of Piercing Gaze and Lunar Champion do not affect towers
Wisp Loose Cannon Active Use Loose Cannon + Normal Attack Wisp’s normal attacks are enhanced after using Loose Cannon. Can also help clean up minions while attacking towers
Barrel Bomb Active Use Barrel Bomb on building As of the May 2018 patch, Barrel Bomb now does 60% damage to buildings
Ryoma Naginatajutsu Passive Every 5th second’s Normal Attack Every 5 seconds, Ryoma’s attack has longer range and deals more damage
Xeniel Holy Brand Passive Attack 3 times Every third normal attack deals damage that scales with HP
The Flash Sonicboom Passive Move 400 units + Normal Attack Activating Sonicboom deals extra magic damage

As you can see, Fennik and Omega are the only two characters who can directly use an ability on a tower. For everyone else, using an ability is a waste of time unless it enhances your hero’s attack(s).

Heroes Whose Abilities Do Not Damage Towers

The following characters’ abilities do not affect towers in any way, so do not waste time using their abilities if your goal is to destroy a building:

Diao Chan, Ilumia, Chaugnar, Krixi, Mganga, MinaGrakk, BatmanToro, Zill, LaurielThaneAiri, Ignis, Alice, VeeraAzzen’kaPeura/Payna, Skud (extra damage from passive doesn’t affect towers for some reason), Lumburr, NatalyaAleister, TeeMee, Tulen.

Other Tower Rules

True damage and armor pierce applies to towers, but critical hits are not possible. For more information (literally all the information) about towers, including tidbits like how towers take less damage before the 3-minute mark, visit our comprehensive tower guide.

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