Arena of Valor (AoV) - Hero Availability Update + Upcoming Heroes (March 23, 2018)

The Americas servers have smoothed our their hero releases, pushing out one a week since our last update. We also go over heroes whose upcoming releases have already been leaked.

Hero Availability Update + Upcoming Heroes (March 23, 2018)

Arena of Valor Lauriel Arena of Valor Superman arena of valor The Joker Arena of Valor Lauriel Arena of Valor Max

Hero update time! It’s been a relatively quiet few weeks since our last update, with a hero per week and no stealth releases on the Americas servers.

First, Lauriel was released to the Americas servers, and players immediately found out why she’s Tier SS in our latest rankings; it’s been Tulen and Lauriel battles ever since for this particular writer. Then Max was released to both the Americas and Europe servers, with a bit of a mishap causing Max to be available early for those lucky enough to strike. We’ve since placed Max in Tier S, with his game-changing global ultimate proving either boon or bust depending on how reckless Max’s user is.

Those in Southeast Asia’s Valiant server (Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines) promptly received Lauriel thereafter, providing the region with its second top-tier mage to go with Raz. Finally, the Americas get The Joker today, an oddball marksman who functions more like a physical damage-dealing mage. Early indications show that his passive continues to be displayed incorrectly, doing over twice as much damage as in the description.

India received Gildur and Ignis since our last update, the two magical geezers bringing their hero count to 40.

Upcoming Heroes

Based on the Twitter account @AOVLEAKS, the following heroes will be released to the Americas (and Europe for Liliana) on these dates:

That’s (in order) a Tier 1 hero, a hero being banned and picked constantly in Taiwan’s GCS, a Tier SS hero, and another Tier SS hero. If you were saving your gold for this moment, then congratulations. And if you only have enough for one, choose wisely.

Based on past hero releases, we’re predicting that Wisp will release sometime around April 18.

Hero Count

The current hero count on English servers stands at: Europe 62, Americas 55, SEA 52, and India 40. For all servers (continuously updated), click here.

Europe SEA (SG/MY/PH) Americas India
Airi Airi Airi Airi
Aleister Aleister Aleister Aleister
Alice Alice Alice Alice
Arduin Arduin Arduin Arduin
Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur
Arum Arum Arum Arum
Astrid Astrid Astrid Astrid
Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka Azzen’Ka
Baldum Baldum Baldum Baldum
Batman Batman Batman Batman
Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly
Chaugnar Chaugnar Chaugnar Chaugnar
Cresht Cresht Cresht Cresht
Diao Chan Diao Chan Diao Chan Diao Chan
Fennik Fennik Fennik Fennik
Gildur Gildur Gildur Gildur
Grakk Grakk Grakk Grakk
Ignis Ignis Ignis Ignis
Ilumia Ilumia Ilumia Ilumia
Jinnar Jinna Jinnar Jinnar
Kahlii Kahlii Kahlii Kahlii
Kil’Groth Kil’Groth Kil’Groth Kil’Groth
Kriknak Kriknak Kriknak Kriknak
Krixi Krixi Krixi Krixi
Lauriel Lauriel Lauriel Lauriel
Liliana Liliana Liliana Liliana
Lindis Lindis Lindis Lindis
Lu Bu Lu Bu Lu Bu Lu Bu
Lumburr Lumburr Lumburr Lumburr
Maloch Maloch Maloch Maloch
Max Max Max Max
Mganga Mganga Mganga Mganga
Mina Mina Mina Mina
Moren Moren Moren Moren
Murad Murad Murad Murad
Nakroth Nakroth Nakroth Nakroth
Natalya Natalya Natalya Natalya
Omega Omega Omega Omega
Omen Omen Omen Omen
Ormarr Ormarr Ormarr Ormarr
Peura Payna Peura Peura
Preyta Preyta Preyta Preyta
Raz Raz Raz Raz
Rourke Rourke Rourke Rourke
Roxi Roxi Roxi Roxi
Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma
Searcy Searcy Searcy Searcy
Skud Skud Skud Skud
Slimz Slimz Slimz Slimz
Superman Superman Superman Superman
Taara Taara Taara Taara
TeeMee TeeMee TeeMee TeeMee
Tel’Annas Tel’Annas Tel’Annas Tel’Annas
Thane Thane Thane Thane
The Flash The Flash The Flash The Flash
The Joker The Joker The Joker The Joker
Toro Toro Toro Toro
Tulen Tulen Tulen Tulen
Valhein Valhein Valhein Valhein
Veera Veera Veera Veera
Violet Violet Violet Violet
Wisp Wisp Wisp Wisp
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Wukong Wukong Wukong Wukong
Xeniel Xeniel Xeniel Xeniel
Yorn Yorn Yorn Yorn
Zanis Zanis Zanis Zanis
Zephys Zephys Zephys Zephys
Zill Zill Zill Zill
Zuka Zuka Zuka Zuka
Total: 62 Total: 52 Total: 55  Total: 40

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  1. Any leaks for SEA server? I have both Gold and Vouchers ready for the next hero release, just wondering who it’ll be… I don’t anything will come out before April 1, though, due to Rank S2 ending this March 31. I really hope Superman comes out next, maybe it’ll mean more people play Tank and I can try other roles haha