Arena of Valor (AoV) - Tulen, The Pure, Arrives to AoV’s EU Server

Tulen, The Pure, is a pure mage class hero capable of harass and hit-lock magical abilities. He is now playable on AoV's EU and Taiwan servers

Tulen, The Pure, Arrives to Arena of Valor’s EU Server

Arena of Valor Tulen

Tulen, The Pure, is this week’s upcoming hero for Arena of Valor’s EU server. He is a pure mage hero who uses thunder and lightning in harassing his opponents in battle. In addition, he has potential as a finisher because his leaping ability can be used three times (similar to Airi’s & Lu Bu’s multiple charge abilities) and his ultimate is a sure-fire hit lock against enemies. Tulen was first made available on the Arena of Valor Taiwan server before arriving at the EU server.

Tulen Gameplay

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Here is an overview of Tulen’s ability set in the game:

Thunderclap (Passive) – Whenever Tulen hits an enemy with an ability, he gains 1 charge of Thunderclap. After reaching 5 charges, he summons 5 lightning bolts that shoot out in sequence towards nearby enemies, prioritizing heroes. Each lightning bolt deals magic damage. If more than one lightning bolt hits the same target within 1 second, the damage dealt by the subsequent bolts will be reduced by 20%. The lightning bolts will only attack monsters if they’re in aggression mode.

Iron Blasts (1st ability) – Tulen shoots three ion blasts, each dealing magic damage to enemies along its path. When enemies are hit by more than one blast, each additional hit will deal 30% damage. Each prism that hits an enemy will add 1 Thunderclap charge (1 charge per blast).

Lightning Strike (2nd ability) – Tulen uses his lightning powers to zap a short distance, damaging enemies at the origin and destination. Enemies in the origin and destination areas will suffer 350 (+0) magic damage. Enemies damaged by both the origin and the destination areas will receive 50% damage for the second hit. Enemies damaged by Lightning Strike twice within 5 seconds will have their movement speed reduced, gradually decreasing over the following few seconds. Each time Tulen teleports and hits an enemy, he will receive 1 charge of Thunderclap.

Tulen can store this ability up to 3 times (cooldown between stored uses can be affected by items and arcana).

Thunderbird (Ultimate) – Tulen charges up and launches a Thunderbird at an enemy, dealing 360 (+0) (30% of the target’s lost HP) magic damage and giving Tulen 1 charge of Thunderclap. The Thunderbird can be blocked by another enemy hero getting in the way. If the Thunderbird kills an enemy hero, Tulen’s passive will be activated immediately and Thunderbird’s cooldown will be reduced. If the Thunderbird hits an enemy minion on the way to its final target, they will suffer magic damage and be knocked into the air.

Tulen can also use Lightning Strike while charging Thunderbird.

Tulen’s playstyle is a combination of a harassing marksman and finisher assassin. His passive and first ability shares the same mechanic with Valhein’s hunter buff stack. In Tulen’s case, however, he can use those Thunderclap stacks as offensive moves. As for his second ability, Lightning Strike, it can be used to hunt down and finish off his enemy heroes, especially when they’re escaping or farming jungle buffs. Also, it can be used as an escape when he has low health. His ultimate can be used as burst damage though it is only a single-target magical ability.

Arena of Valor Overview

Arena of Valor is a massively popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which features intense player-versus-player combat similar to genre titan League of Legends. Arena of Valor is the world’s highest-grossing mobile game app, first launching its beta version in China on November 26, 2015. The game is also playable in other East Asia countries and to most South-East Asian regions having a monthly active player base of 200 million users in 2017.

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Players can download the game from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.

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