Arena of Valor (AoV) - Hero Role Guide

This page is an guide on the role each hero has in Arena of Valor (AoV).

Heroes, called champions in League of Legends, fall into a number of roles alongside their classes. These generally dictate the nature of their abilites rather than their overall kit, giving players a sense of what some of their abilities can do.


Arena of Valor BuffsHeroes with the role of Buffs have abilities that strengthen teammates and are better at supporting the team than getting kills. For example, Alice’s second ability, Friendship, can help teammates catch up to the enemy they are chasing after or run away from enemies without dying. Heroes with the Buffs role should stick close to their teammates as much as possible to make use of their abilities.


Arena of Valor ControlHeroes with the Control role have abilities that hamper or disable enemy actions. These abilities are also known as crowd control. An example of this type of ability is Thane’s second ability Avalon’s Fury, which slows and stuns enemies hit. Its true strength is demonstrated when used during team fights.


Arena of Valor Finisher
Finisher heroes have abilities that deal massive damage, mainly used to finish enemies off. A good example of this is Butterfly’s ultimate ability Backstab, which aims for the enemy with the lowest HP. These abilities are capable of taking out the whole team, but sometimes are lacking in firepower when powerful items aren’t equipped.


Arena of Valor Harass
Heroes with the role of Harass have abilities that continuously deal damage from afar. Kahlii’s first ability, Eternal Blame, and ultimate ability, Grievance, are good examples. Though these abilities will deal a lot of damage after a time, it is possible for enemies to dodge or run away from them.


Arena of Valor Healer

Healers have abilities that heal themselves or teammates. An example of this is Taara’s ultimate ability which can restore up to 72% of her max HP.


Arena of Valor Initiator
Initiator heroes have abilities that can be used to lunge into the enemy. An example of this is Thane’s first ability Valiant Charge. When used incorrectly, these abilities could lead to death.

Life Steal

Arena of Valor Lifesteal
Heroes with the role of Life Steal have abilities that take HP from their enemies and restore their own. Lu Bu’s ultimate ability, Conqueror, increases Life Steal for a period of time, making him very strong in a duel. Life Steal can be helpful when jungling as well.


Arena of Valor Mobility
Mobility heroes have abilities that can quickly move around the battlefield. Nakroth’s abilities make it near impossible to catch up to him, so it’s best to ignore him rather than try to chase after him. These heroes need to be extra careful in avoiding slows and stuns.

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