Arena of Valor (AoV) - Heroes Screen (Menu Screens Part 3)

A look at the Heroes tab on the Main Menu screen, and what information can be gleaned here.

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This is a beginner’s guide to the heroes tab in Arena of Valor. Called champions in League of Legends, heroes are the units players use when playing a match. For detailed guides on individual heroes, click here.


Tap the Heroes tab to bring up a list of all the heroes:

Arena of Valor HEROES

The heroes are separated into six different categories:

  • Tanks are capable of absorbing a lot of damage in team fights and crowd controlling the enemy.
  • Warriors get into the thick of team fights, dishing out as much as damage as they receive.
  • Assassins are melee heroes that have high mobility and deal high damage in a short period of time.
  • Mages rain burst damage from far away. They typically have low mobility and less sustained damage than Assassins or Marksmen.
  • Marksmen are ranged DPS heroes with strong auto-attacks and high sustained damage.
  • Support heroes heal, shield, and/or buff allies, and are essential to lane sustain and winning team fights.

Some characters fall into multiple hero categories, with the two most common hybrids being Warrior/Tank and Assassin/Warrior.

Most heroes also have a game-designated Role. The different roles are Initiator, Mobility, Harass, Healer, Control, Finisher, Buffs, and Life Steal. Like with hero categories, some heroes have more than one Role.

The Hero Pages

Selecting a hero brings up their hero page:

Arena of Valor HEROES GUIDE 1

From here, you can view the character’s Class, Role, Story, Attributes, and traits. In addition, you can view your proficiency with the hero, take a look at alternate skins, and buy the hero or their skins if you’re interested. Tapping Hero Trial brings you to Practice Mode with that hero, while selecting Equipment brings you to the Armory, where you can set your hero’s build. Slide your finger around the hero…

Arena of Valor HEROES GUIDE 2

…and you can view the hero from the rear. You know, if you’re interested in the * ahem * artwork.

Finally, holding your finger over the bottom right circle gives you tips on the hero:

Arena of Valor HEROES GUIDE 3A

And hovering over the hero’s abilities displays their descriptions and numbers at each upgrade level:

Arena of Valor HEROES GUIDE 3B

Abilities can be Magic, Physical, and/or Real based, with Control indicating if the ability is a form of crowd control. For more information on the different types of damage that heroes and abilities can inflict, refer to the Glossary.

For an in-depth guide on each individual hero, click here. Otherwise, proceed to page 4: Arcana.

Menu Screens
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