Arena of Valor (AoV) - Main Menu Screen: Navigating the Menu Screens Part 1

The main menu screen in Arena of Valor (AoV) can be incredibly confusing for new players, so we've broken down every button and tab one by one.
Menu Screens
1: Main Menu Screen 2: Shop →

Main Menu Screen

The main menu screen contains lots of information that can be difficult to parse for new players. Let’s break it down:

Player Info

Tapping your avatar in the top left grants you access to your Player Info.

In the General tab, you can check your level, rank, win rate, guild, and more. You can also change your username in exchange for a price.

Credibility Score measures how cooperative of a player you’ve been: abandon too many matches or get reported by other players too often, and you’ll find yourself unable to participate in certain game modes. Conversely, players with high Credibility Scores get a 20% bonus in weekly rewards (prior to Patch 11, players received 100 gold a day).

Battle Stats displays your win rate in each mode, while recording all those juicy awards like MVPs and Mega Kills.

Favorites shows your most-played heroes, along with your win rate with those heroes.

Combat History allows you to take a look at the score screens of your previous matches and even share them with your guild.

Left Menu

Below your avatar is the Shop, where you use Gold, Gems, and Vouchers to purchase Heroes, Skins, Arcana, Cards, Chests, Bundles, and more.

Underneath the Shop is the Heroes tab, where you can check out all the heroes, along with their story, attributes, abilities, and other information. You can also test out, buy, and set the equipment for heroes in this section on their individual pages.

Next is the Arcana section, where you affix Arcana to your page(s) to buff your characters before they step foot on the battlefield.

The Armory is where all the items are listed, along with their prices, types, and item trees. From here, you can edit the default builds for every hero in the game. Pro Builds and popular builds for specific heroes are also listed.

The Talents button under the Armory tab allows you to view the various talents that you can choose for your hero before a match starts.

The Backpack is an inventory of all the goodies in the game you own.

Tapping the Guild tab allows you gives you access to information on your guild and its members.

The Margins

The top, bottom, and right margins all contain useful auxiliary information. Click here to learn about the Road to Glory, game currency, optimal settings, messaging, events, achievements, friends, the backpack, and how to cash in every time you log in to Arena of Valor.

Casual Match

Before you can head to ranked, you’ll need to hone your skills in a Casual Match. Try out all the different game modes in this relatively stress-free game environment.

Ranked Match

Climb the ladder by joining a Ranked Match. Play solo or with teammates, and work your way up to Masters rank.

Sound good? Let’s go through each of these tabs one-by-one, starting with the Shop.

Menu Screens
1: Main Menu Screen 2: Shop →

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