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Going over Ranked Match, the different ranks achievable, moving up ranks, Brave Points, and more.
Game Modes
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Ranked Play

When looking for a more competitive or serious play style than any of the other modes can offer, Ranked Match is where to go. Each victory or defeat contributes to one’s ranking, so players work as hard as they can to do the best that they can. To help ensure this level of quality, players are only allowed to use heroes that they own. This means that any free heroes that a player likes but does not own will be restricted from use. Furthermore, the mode itself is restricted from a player until they have reached level 6 and have come to own at least five heroes. Should a player own less, it would be possible to be left without any available heroes.

Arena of Valor Ranked Play


Rankings are divided into a number of tiers, every player starting from the bottom and having to win their way upwards. The tiers are as follows

Bronze – The lowest tier. This is comprised of roughly 35% of the player base

Arena of Valor Bronze
Silver – Roughly another 30% of players will be within this tier. Silver players can consider themselves better than 35% of the player base

Arena of Valor Silver
Gold – Here the tiers start becoming more exclusive. Players in this tier are better than 65% of other players.

Arena of Valor Gold
Platinum – Players who have made it to platinum have reason to be proud, being among the top 20% of players.

Arena of Valor Platinum
Diamond – Nearing the very top, Diamond rank players make up the top 10% of the player base.

Arena of Valor Diamond
Master – Master tier is the elite of the elite. Only the top 1% of players are Master rank. The top 50 Master Rank players additionally receive the “Conqueror” title.

Arena of Valor Master


As players win ranked matches and earn brave points they will earn stars. After a player earns an amount of stars determined by their rank, they will progress to the next ranking. Each rank of progression is divided into a number of divisions. Bronze and Silver are divided into three divisions, Gold into four, while Platinum, Diamond, and Master are divided into five.

Rather than moving straight from Bronze to Silver, players will have to go through each division before moving to the next. For example, a player starting at Bronze III will first have to go through Bronze II and Bronze I respectively before moving forward to Silver III.

Every loss that a player has after Bronze results in the loss of a star, however. Losing a game without any stars to lose results in moving to the previous rank or division.

Brave Points

Win or lose, a player will receive brave points for completing a match. Each rank has a maximum number of points that a player can hold, and on reaching maximum, the player will receive an additional star. Should a player lose a game and not have any stars, but still have some brave points, their brave points will be reset to zero instead of them losing their rank.

Arena of Valor Brave Points


Seasons are periods of two or three months in which players’ ranks are measured. Players try to build up their rankings to get the best score as possible before the term ends. At the end of the season, rankings are adjusted before the new season begins. Players will start the season lower than the one former, however the higher your rank in the previous season, the higher your start in the new one.

Arena of Valor Season


Beyond bragging rights and the general sense of superiority, there are a number of rewards that a player can receive for participating in ranked matches. At the end of a season, every player will receive a number of gems based on their rank. Furthermore, anyone ranked Gold or above will receive the season’s special skins.

Arena of Valor Season Rewards

Now that we know how the system works, let’s prepare for a game of Arena of Valor.

Game Modes
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  1. Why is it that in ranked matchmaking im usually the only plat tier on my team the rest is mabye 1 or two gold and always have two silvers?