Arena of Valor (AoV) - The Rest of the Menu Screen (Menu Screens Part 8a)

A description of the menu screen outside the left tabs, starting with the top bar, settings, and ranking.
Menu Screens
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The Top Bar

Along the top of the main menu is a bar which displays a number of currencies as well as a bit of data related to your phone.

Arena of Valor on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram)

The first three icons on the top bar are Arena of Valor’s social media pages. Players can choose to follow or subscribe to them to get the latest news, announcements and teasers in the game.


Much like other free or mobile games, Arena of Valor has various currencies to use. The first and most common of these is Gold. Players earn gold after every match and can use it to purchase new heroes or Arcana in the store.


Gems are a unique currency that are received upon the completion of quests or opening chests. There is a single tab in the store that can take these as payment. This offers a number of experience boosts, and occasionally there will be daily offerings as well which can be purchased with the gems.


Vouchers are the currency received in exchange for real world money. Players can use these to purchase skins or heroes in the store. At time of writing, a set of 40 vouchers costs $0.99 USD. This would make the cost of a hero or skin cost be between $5-7 USD, though the prices may vary by region. Arcana can not be purchased by the use of Vouchers.

Arena of Valor Vouchers


A cross button next to the voucher counter works as a shortcut to either the Google Playstore or Apple Store for easy purchase of vouchers when desired.


The mail screen is where you will be able to check any messages sent by friends or administrators. News regarding the game can also be viewed here in the news tab. Any time friends send you gold, you will be able to claim it here in the mail section as well.

Arena of Valor Mail


The hub for information regarding your friends as well as where you can make friend requests. The “Platform Friends” section shows all the friends you have on a linked social media platform who play the game as well. The “Friends” tab lists out all of your friends. You can see who is online, who is in a game, and send your friends a small gift of gold. Gifting gold can only be done five times per day, once per friend. These are given without being taken from your own gold amount, so there is no fear of giving all of your earnings away.

Arena of Valor Mail 1

Friendship Level

Next to each friend’s portrait is a heart meter. This can be filled by interacting with your friends or playing games on the same team as them. Scores can be marked as Low, Medium, High, and Max. Scores will turn grey if you have not interacted with a friend for more than two weeks. If a player wishes to appoint a match, they will need a friend score of at least 100.

Send a Friend Request

Requesting to add someone to your friend list is a simple matter of looking them up in. Keep in mind that names are case sensitive and have to be fully entered in order for the system to find them. Touch the add button next to their picture to see their player card. Hit add one more time to send the friend request. Players can also search for friends by rank, role preference, country, and what times they are usually online.

Arena of Valor Friend Rquest


The gear to the right of the voucher top-up shortcut leads to the settings menu. Here, a number of options can be found to adjust the game experience. All available settings can be found below.

Arena of Valor Menu 1


Beyond the Settings short cut is a pair of gauges. The first is a signal strength meter which can be tapped to show your current ping with the game server. Note that this measures connection to the game server rather than your phone’s signal strength. Good reception does not necessarily mean that connection issues are impossible, especially when streaming or downloading in the background.

Arena of Valor Menu 2


Finally, at the extreme right, is a battery life meter. Avoid playing with a battery which has dropped too low to avoid disconnection during a game and the associated penalties.

Arena of Valor Battery


On the right edge of the screen is an arrow that can be tapped to expand out a list of players by ranking. Tapping this list lets you compare yourself against your friends, guild mates, or to best players in the world. You can compare your wins, best win streaks, number of heroes or skins owned, and overall performance. Closing the window on either World, Friends, or Guild will set that group to be what displays next to the main menu.

Arena of Valor Menu 3



The settings menu is filled with a number of tweaks and changes you can make to enhance your game experience. Settings are divided into a number of tabs categorized by function.


Toggles an outline around units

Camera Distance:
Toggle between normal camera distance and a 10-20% zoom

Allow Appointments:

Allow Invitations:
Toggle permission to be invited to others’ matches

Display Recent Heroes:

High Frame Rate mode
Toggle between a high and low frame rate. High frame rate mode drains battery at a higher rate.

HD Display:
Toggle between a high and low resolution display

Display Quality:
Units and Terrain graphical quality slider

Particle Quality:
Projectile and Skill graphical quality slider


Control deals with how you move in and interact with the game.

Target Lock Mode:
This changes the method you use to target enemy units. Auto-lock is the default and targets a unit based on your targetting settings. Choose target will give the player a pair of buttons that can be used to cycle through targets in game.

Attack Mode:
This toggles either auto attack, where the computer decides your target, or Minions and Towers mode. Minions and Towers mode gives the player a pair of buttons which cycle through either towers or minions as target.

Targeting Priority:
This sets the order in which the computer should target units. Players can choose between lowest total health, lowest percentage of health, or the nearest unit.

Avatar Lock Mode:
This toggles a set of pictures for the opponents heros. Tapping on one will set that hero as your current target.

Ability Targeting:
This changes how you target your opponent. This toggles between directing the shot with the ability wheel or relying on auto-targetting.

Ability Cancellation:
This changes how you cancel and ability. You can set abilities to cancel when you slide your finger over the cancel button or to cancel when your finger exits the skill’s range.

Ability Wheel Sensitivity:
Sets how easily the Ability Wheel can be moved. It’s primarily relevant for ground-targeted abilities like Yorn’s Explosive Arrow or Kriknak’s Drone Drop.

Ability Wheel Placement:
Changes where the ability wheel is centered. It can either be centered on the ability’s icon or where your finger made contact.


Interface affects the GUI elements and their placement.

Quick-Buy Placement:
This allows the quick-buy to be shifted to either the left or right side of the screen.

Expanded Mini-Map Placement:
This sets which side of the screen the Mini-Map will be on when expanded.

Quick-Buy Info:
This toggles item descriptions on items that come up in the quick play box.

Target Info:
This toggles whether or not you see your target’s health and stats when fighting them.

Chat Room:
Enables or disables the use of a chat room beyond simple quick chat messages

Mini-Map Window Outline:
Toggles the outline around the minimap.

In-Game Tips:
Turns on or off tips that can come up throughout the match.


Sliders and Toggles for the sounds in game


Background music volume slider and switch

Sound Effects:
Toggle or adjust sound effect volume

Voice Chat:
Enable or Disable voice chat and adjust volume

Quick Chat

Enables the player to change the preset selections available for quick chat.


Enables the player to stream a match on Facebook Live, Twitch or Youtube.

Let’s finish up the main menu screen by looking at the bottom bar and center buttons.

Menu Screens
← 7: Guilds 8a: Top Bar, Settings 8b: Bottom Bar, Center →

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