Arena of Valor (AoV) - The Rest of the Menu Screen (Beginner’s Guide Part 8b)

A description of the menu screen outside the left tabs, finishing with the bottom bar and center buttons.
Menu Screens
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Bottom Bar

Along the bottom of the screen more menus. These menus are more focused on the game itself rather than on utilities.


Chat contains the various chat rooms available to use while not in a match. There is a general room for everyone on the server to use, a friend tab where you can make rooms with your friends, a room for any guild you’ve joined, and a regional room. Players can send or receive requests to join matches here as well as chat with the people in the various rooms.

Arena of Valor Messages


There are a number of achievements that you will earn while playing Arena of Valor. Leveling up, mastering the heroes, and doing consistently well in matches are just some of the ways these can be earned. Upon earning these achievements, players are rewarded with various prizes. These can be claimed by tapping the “Collect” button next to any earned achievement.

Arena of Vakor Achievements

Valor Cup

The Valor Cup menu allows players to compete against other guilds. Players can earn rewards by winning matches against other guilds. Guild rankings in the server can be viewed on the upper right corner of the screen.


The events page is where a player will receive any of the prizes or rewards for promotions and events they have participated in. Prizes can range from small gifts of gold or gems to heroes and skins. The tabs on the side have any promotions available as well as instructions on how to receive the rewards.

Arena of Valor Events

Special Offer

Occasionally, to the left of the main menu, one can find a link to any special offer currently available to the player.


Daily Quests

There are a number of daily quests available to players. Every day people have chances to earn gems and gold to help them along to buying any hero or arcana they are hoping for. One can redeem these quests in the events menu.

Arena of Valor Daily Quests

Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin gives players a chance to win a free goodie per day. From 9:00 to 12:00 or 03:00 to 06:00 daily, one spin will be given when players log in. Rewards can range from free Arcana and gem packs, EXP cards, free hero trials, and free heroes themselves.

First Win Rewards

Every day, your first win will net you a bonus 100 gold and 500 extra experience points. This can make the slog towards a desired hero or arcana that much faster when regularly used. So make sure to take advantage of the reward whenever you can!

Arena of Valor First Win

Center Buttons

Coming back to the Menu screen, we’ll now look at the most prominent buttons in the center of the screen. Here a player can choose to queue up for a Casual Match, a Ranked Match or check their progress on Road to Glory.

Casual Match

This contains all of the game modes available to a user. Wins and Losses do not count towards the player’s rank.

Ranked Match

Only available after a player owns five heroes, ranked matches are the most serious game mode available. Wins and losses are tracked and reflected in the character’s rank.

Arena of Valor Ranked Match

Training Camp

A number of tutorials and practice modes available to help out new players. The tutorials played at the very beginning of the game are available for replay along with a few others on more difficult ideas. The training section allows players to use any of the game’s heroes in a private, single lane practice arena. They are free to level and spawn gold to use. This allows players to test out builds or heroes before purchase and use in game. Players can see links to where you can buy several of the game’s items in the Guide section.

Arena of Valor Training Camp

Road to Glory

The Road to Glory shows a number of heroes that can be won by completing three matches in a day. This can be done two times in a single day, but any completions below three that a player might have are removed daily. Therefore, make sure to squeeze in a last match if you are only one away from a new hero!

Arena of Valor Road to Glory

A user can also see their Credibility Score here. This is a score that starts at 100 but drops every time a player is reported or leaves a match before it is finished. Lost Credibility Score can be regained by successfully completing matches. If Credibility Score gets too low, players lose their daily/weekly rewards. If it gets lower still, players will be unable to participate in ranked matches until it raises once again.

Battle Rewards

Once you’ve collected all available heroes in the Road to Glory, the section becomes “Battle Rewards,” where you can obtain goodies simply by completing games, whether you win them or not.

Arena of Valor Battle Rewards

You can tap the (?) icon next to the “Weekly Reward” text to view detailed information on earning the rewards, including the bonus percentage of weekly rewards corresponding to a Credibility Score range.

Arena of Valor Activity Rewards


Tapping the Gift icon on the lower right corner of the Battle Rewards menu brings up the Events menu. You can view all currently active events that you can participate in to get special rewards, including item chests, gems and even hero skins. Be sure to read each event’s Details to learn the mechanics of completing them in the game.

Arena of Valor Events

Next to the Events tab on the Events menu is the Announcements tab. You can read all recent announcements regarding server maintenance, updates, upcoming skins and events, and other important news from the developers in this section.

Arena of Valor Announcements

How to Cash in Every Time You Log In

TL;DR: Summary of Prizes and Rewards

To recap, here are the ways that you can cash in on gold, gems, and more just by logging in (and perhaps playing a few games):

  1. Tap Road to Glory to get the 20% bonus to weekly rewards if your Credibility Score is above 96.
  2. Tap the gift box to see if you’ve completed an Event, or see which ones are within reach today
  3. Get a win and pick up your First Win Reward
  4. Check Road to Glory / Daily Battle Rewards again after a few games to pick up more rewards.
  5. Send gold to your friends to increase your friendship scores
  6. Level up to receive chests, arcana slots, achievements, and other goodies.

Now that we’ve gone over the various screens, let’s get into the game by jumping into the Training Camp.

Menu Screens
← 8a: Top Bar, Settings 8b: Bottom Bar, Center 9: Training Camp →


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