Arena of Valor (AoV) - Shop (Menu Screens Part 2)

A look at the first tab on the Main Menu screen: the Shop. Buy heroes, skins, arcana, and more.


Menu Screens
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The shop is where you can use all the gold and gems you’ve saved up on heroes, skins, Arcana, and more. Keep in mind that vouchers cost real money, so keep your eye out for anything with only the blue voucher symbol next to it. Tap the shopping cart in the top left to bring up the Shop screen:

The first tab, Recommended, shows you new and reduced-price heroes and skins in the center of the screen, with various tools and bundles located on the right side.

Tapping the Heroes tab brings you to the heroes, naturally. With the drop-down menu at the top set to “Default,” discounted heroes will appear at the top, while acquired heroes will appear at the bottom. You can also sort the heroes by gold and voucher price, and by date added. Tap the various categories above the heroes to further narrow the results.

Next is the Skins tab. Skins can only be bought with vouchers (though skins can be earned outside the shop through various rewards). As with the Heroes tab, skins can be filtered by the drop-down menu and the hero categories located above the skins.

Under the Skins tab is the Items tab, which is further divided into the Special Items and Gem Shop. The Item Shop sells various goodies that can be bought for real money. Of particular note are the Rename and Guild Rename cards, and the Sonika, which allows you to broadcast a message over the Main Menu. Double EXP Cards can also be useful for unlocking certain parts of the game faster, while Double Gold Cards can save you money over simply using vouchers to purchase heroes.

The next tab is the Gem Shop. The image above displays various hero bundles, and EXP and Gold cards. Some servers offer Arcana packs and other items as well.

Below Items is the Arcana section, where Arcana are split into different types (top) and tiers (bottom right). Arcana can only be bought with gold.

Last is the Lucky Draw or Gacha section. Here, players can spend magic crystals in order to participate in a type of roulette for items. Magic Crystals can be obtained in events, the voucher shop, and, in some regions, the Gem Shop. Each time you use the Gacha, you will earn Lucky Points. The more Lucky Points you have, the higher your chances of receiving a rare item are.

Special Offers

There are regular sales and bonuses in the shop that a player can use to better stretch the gold they earn. Heroes and skins will have their gold or voucher prices drop or incentives will be given for players who top-up their vouchers.


The backpack is where all the items, arcana, and chests you receive will go when not immediately used. A player can view any trial cards they have in the items tab, their chests in the Gift Packs tab, or view and sell arcana in the Arcana tab.

Now that we know how to use the Shop, let’s move on to the Heroes.

Menu Screens
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  1. Will those other skins (Tagger, Nurse, Regnant, Woodland, and Summer Bash) ever come to Canada (North American) servers