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The battlefield of Arena of Valor’s most popular Grand Battle mode is split into three lanes and a jungle. Heroes will spend the beginning of the game in one of these four areas, their destination determined by their role. Given their geography and location, each lane is differently suited to different types of heroes. This is not plainly obvious, especially to newer players, and so players can occasionally find themselves thrust into a position not well suited to their hero. Here we will detail each position, their features, and the different heroes who can excel in each.

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Abyssal Dragon Lane

Named for the epic creature that makes its home near the lane, the Abyssal Dragon lane will likely see the most activity during the early stages of the game. This is largely due to the Abyssal Dragon itself, a very important source of gold and experience. Teams will generally send two heroes here rather than one in order to fight for the honor of killing the dragon. Whenever the jungler moves to take the Abyssal Dragon, both heroes can move up to assist better than any single hero ever could. A marksman and a support of some sort are best suited for this lane as a result. Marksmen need gold more than they need experience and therefore aren’t handicapped by the split experience that comes from sharing a lane. They are easy to kill, however, making back up in the form of a support or tank necessary. Tanks and Supports generally don’t require much gold and therefore can give it up to the marksman easily.

While the most common, other heroes can find some use in the Abyssal Dragon lane. Item-dependant mages can substitute the marksman should the team have opted for a no-marksman or double mage composition. The backup does not necessarily have to be one labeled as a tank or a support either. Any hero that is geared toward setting up kills or protecting teammates instead of getting their own kills is well suited to assist the carry in lane.

Examples of Good Choices

Tel’annas Wisp Violet Yorn
Arena of Valor Telannas Arena of Valor Wisp Arena of Valor Violet Arena of Valor Yorn
Zill Raz
Arena of Valor Zill Arena of Valor Raz

The above heroes all can greatly benefit from the additional gold offered from laning with back up. Careful last hits will allow the carry to quickly farm up powerful weapons and reach their power spike as early as possible.

Alice Lumburr Chaugnar TeeMee
Arena of Valor Alice Arena of Valor Lumburr Arena of Valor Chaugnar Arena of Valor TeeMee
Thane Mina Grakk
Arena of Valor Thane Arena of Valor Mina Arena of Valor Grakk
Ormarr Arduin
Arena of Valor Ormarr Arena of Valor Arduin
Aleister Azzen’ka
Arena of Valor Aleister Arena of Valor Azzen'Ka

The above all can offer large amounts of utility and protection but are a bit lacking in damage. They are much more suited to setting up fights than to finishing opponents off. This makes them a big threat in the lane when backed by a carry as a well-placed control ability can easily spell the target’s doom. These heroes should almost never be sent to a lane alone, enemies able to ignore their attacks when without backup.

Examples of Bad Choices

Lindis Fennik
Arena of Valor Lindis Arena of Valor Fennik
Carry Mages
Tulen The Flash Liliana
Arena of Valor Tulen Arena of Valor The Flash Arena of Valor Liliana
Xeniel Max Arum
Arena of Valor Xeniel Arena of Valor Max Arena of Valor Arum
Lu Bu Maloch Ryoma
Arena of Valor Lu Bu Arena of Valor Maloch Arena of Valor Ryoma

Most of the poor picks in this lane are the result of squandered potential. While it is true that Lindis and Fennik could succeed in the lane, the team is sacrificing their early game potential in doing so. Similar could be said of mage carries like Tulen or The Flash, however, instead of sacrificing an early game power, these heroes will miss out on setting up ganks for their team.

In terms of tanks and warriors, having to completely give up early game gold just to babysit the carry will limit their abilities later in the game. In addition, many will provide enough damage when using their abilities that they could inadvertently steal minions from the carry and thereby take away from their overall gold. This is not to mention the lost potential in preventing these heroes from roaming the map or ganking. There are very few heroes that shine in the Dark Slayer lane who will also shine when acting as a support to a carry.

Middle Lane

The middle lane is the only lane that can be attacked from either side, requiring heroes that are able to defend themselves in some way. In addition, its close proximity to both side lanes offers the mid lane many opportunities to gank in between minion waves. As such, a hero that can offer to ganks suit mid lane very well. These different features have led to mages being the primary choice for the middle lane. Most have a moderate range, allowing for safe harassment of their enemies as well as some form of crowd control or movement ability that make them adept at either escaping danger or ganking.

Examples of Good Choices

Tulen Liliana Preyta Kahlii
Arena of Valor Tulen Arena of Valor Liliana Arena of Valor Preyta Arena of Valor Kahlii

Each of these mages is rather capable of taking care of themselves as well as offering quite a bit of damage or utility when ganking. Additionally, the heroes are great at clearing the minion wave as to go and gank the side lanes in a timely manner.

Examples of Bad Choices

Almost any melee hero

This has exceptions, of course-Raz coming immediately to mind, however, if a hero has to get up close to the minions to attack mid, they will be in a much more precarious position than any ranged hero. This will make it unnecessarily hard for them to farm and thereby cripple them later in the game.

Dark Slayer Lane

The Dark Slayer lane will receive the lowest amount of support early game due to the importance of the Abyssal Dragon early game. As such, the Dark Slayer lane is best manned by a single hero who is durable enough to support themselves without the safety of backup. Warriors and tanks capable of damage are the best choice for the lane, high amounts of sustainability or durability needed to outlast an opponent. Some offensive potential is important as well, however, as without it the enemy can simply ignore you as they act.

Examples of Good Choices

Superman Ryoma Wonder Woman Omen
Arena of Valor Superman Arena of Valor Ryoma Arena of Valor Wonder Woman Arena of Valor Omen
Arum Taara Max Xeniel
Arena of Valor Arum Arena of Valor Taara Arena of Valor Max Arena of Valor Xeniel

These heroes are very capable at surviving enemy attacks while also possessing reliable sources of damage of their own. They should have little trouble staying up for long periods despite minimal support from allies.

Examples of Bad Choices

Arena of Valor Ormarr
Mina Thane Cresht Grakk
Arena of Valor Mina Arena of Valor Thane Arena of Valor Cresht Arena of Valor Grakk

Despite being warriors and tanks, the above heroes lack much damage and thereby can be ignored by their opponent. Unable to pressure their opponent, the hero will be forced to play very defensively and almost certainly lose their lane as a result. Should the enemy jungler make their way up to the lane for a gank, the poor hero will be helpless to stop them.


Heroes find their viability in the jungle due to a few specific traits. First is how well they can kill jungle monsters at a low level. The accelerated experience is moot if the hero takes twice as long to slay the creatures than others. Next, a good jungler must be adept at ganking, ganks their primary goal after reaching level 4. Even if a hero can get an early lead from jungle monsters, this doesn’t amount to much if they can not do anything with the lead. This is the most common take that assassins take, though a number of warriors, marksmen, and even mages on occasion are very capable at jungling as well.

Examples of Good Choices

Murad Butterfly Kriknak Wukong
Arena of Valor Murad Arena of Valor Butterfly Arena of Valor Kriknak Arena of Valor Wukong
Zephys Zuka Lu Bu Rourke
Arena of Valor Zephys Arena of Valor Zuka Arena of Valor Lu Bu Arena of Valor Rourke
Violet Moren Slimz Lindis
Arena of Valor Violet Arena of Valor Moren Arena of Valor Slimz Arena of Valor Lindis
Zill Tulen The Flash
Arena of Valor Zill Arena of Valor Tulen Arena of Valor The Flash

These heroes are all exceptionally good at picking off the monsters early and then using the advantage in levels provided to pick off opponents. High mobility is a common factor among most here, allowing for quick traversal of the jungle and an easier time chasing targets.

Examples of Bad Choices


Arthur Arduin Maloch
Arena of Valor Arthur Arena of Valor Arduin Arena of Valor Maloch
Yorn Valhein Wisp
Arena of Valor Yorn Arena of Valor Valhein Arena of Valor Wisp
Lauriel Krixi Veera
Arena of Valor Lauriel Arena of Valor Krixi Arena of Valor Veera

Clear speed is the most limiting factor when determining if a character would make a good jungler, something that most of the above lack early game. While having the potential to set up nice ganks, being completely outpaced by the enemy jungler. Another problem is if the hero doesn’t make particularly good use of the head start. Even if the clear speed is fine, the character lacking any capabilities outside of large team fights will give the enemy jungler complete control of the lanes.

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