Arena of Valor (AoV) - Tencent Still Undecided on Switch Cross-Platform Play

In an interview with, Tencent stated that they have not come to a decision on whether to enable cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch users and mobile users. In addition, information on their marketing strategy and DC hero release plans are discussed.

Tencent Still Undecided on Switch Cross-Platform Play

Tencent is apparently being noncommittal in their approach to the Nintendo Switch version of Arena of Valor. In an interview with, they mentioned that while cross-platform play between Switch users and mobile users was “technically possible,” fair play could become an issue, leading to “complaints of unfair competition.” We certainly agree that Switch players would have an advantage: their thumbs won’t be covering the screen most of the time, and removing buttons from the display creates a ripple effect that clears up most of the screen.

Arena of Valor Nintendo Switch EU Closed Beta
The Nintendo Switch’s UI for Arena of Valor is much cleaner

Tencent also stated that they have not made a decision on transferring accounts or player progress from the mobile version to the Switch version. Currently, players cannot transfer progress from one server (say Europe) to another (North America), at least in part because the hero pool differs in each region.

Testing Underway in Europe, Launch Timing TBD

Testing for the Switch began in Europe ahead of the US because the server was prepared due to the earlier mobile launch, but Tencent says they’re “planning to catch up the U.S. market after seeing the positive feedback.” They also mentioned that an entirely separate team is handling the Nintendo version, with the company providing logistical support.

Bringing Arena of Valor to the Western Market

Tencent repeatedly acknowledged the challenges of introducing the supposedly casual genre of mobile games to a western market that has traditionally associated MOBAs with hardcore gaming. Rather than deploying a “big marketing campaign,” they instead are focusing on engaging “with the community more deeply and develop[ing] this community along with them.”

One way Tencent is responding to the community’s wishes is to adjust hero release schedules according to specific markets. To that end, they assured readers in the interview that “Wonder Woman is coming soon,” and that “the other DC characters are going to be introduced to U.S. gamers in a very short period of time.” Tencent also mentioned that the partnership with DC is permanent, and that the characters are not scheduled to ever rotate out of the hero pool.

The Esports Approach

Esports is a serious endeavor for Tencent, who want to prove that “true competition can happen on the mobile platform.” Having contributed to Arena of Valor esports in southeast Asia and Europe (not to mention China), they’re “confident that it can work in the U.S. market.”

We’re certainly as excited as anyone when it comes to any Nintendo Switch release news, and are looking forward to the Americas and southeast Asia catching up to the rest of the world’s hero pool. If you would like to learn how to become a better Arena of Valor player, head to our Arena of Valor top page for hero guides, item builds, tier lists, and much more.

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