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Arena of Valor (AoV) packs a lot of information onto a little screen. Let's break it down and tackle each part individually.
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Arena of Valor packs a lot of information onto a little screen. It can be intimidating to take in everything all at once, so let’s break it down and tackle each part individually. We will be discussing details in their default locations, though a number of objects can be moved using the settings menu.

Bottom-Left Corner

The bottom-left corner contains a single feature: the joystick. Using this, a player can directly control their hero’s movement on the battlefield.

Arena of Valor Bottom Left Corner

Top-Left Corner

Here we can find the mini-map, the in-game shop, and a few features related to voice chat.

The minimap is a very important tool that lets you see your minions, allies, the neutral monsters, and any enemy units currently visible to your team at a glance.

Next to the minimap is a pair of buttons that control voice chat. Here you can either mute or allow both yourself and your allies’ voice communication. Teamwork is key in this type of game, so don’t be shy about trying it out.

Beneath the chat mute buttons is a zoom function for the mini-map. Tapping this will expand the map for easier viewing. Furthermore, by holding an area on the map you can send a number of alerts to your team. Swiping up will tell your team your current destination. Swiping down and left alerts your team that an opponent is missing from the lane. Additionally, swiping down and right will mark an area as in need of defense. However, remember to hold the button down to allow the menu to appear first, as a simple swipe won’t be enough.

Arena of Valor Menu

Below the mini-map is the shop. Tapping the button will bring up the full shop screen where you can purchase different items. Whenever you have enough gold for any part of your premade build, a pair of quick buy options will appear beside this button. Your preset build can be edited in the Armory between matches.

Top-Right corner

The top right corner contains information about the current game’s score, as well as a number of requests that you can quickly send to teammates. If you have camera controls enabled, the area below the scoreboard is also where you can swipe to move the camera.


The leftmost part of this bar shows the information of whatever unit you are currently targeting. This covers everything from health to attack and defense stats.

To the right of your target’s information, or at the far left of the bar when no target is selected, is the general scoreboard. Here we can see the number of kills that either team has acquired. The blue number to the left is your team’s score while the red number on the right is the enemy’s score. Note, however, that dying to a neutral monster or tower without enemy influence does not contribute to the other team’s score. Above the kill counters is the amount of time that has elapsed in the current match.

Besides the general scoreboard is your personal scoreboard. Starting from the left side, this tracks the number of kills, deaths, and assists that you have made in the match. Above this information, you can find your current reception in regards to the game server, as well as your current battery level.

Next to your personal scoreboard is a button which reveals everyone’s current score and item build in the game. This can be a useful way to keep track of your enemies and who needs attacking. Likewise, it can be used to see which of your allies might need saving.

Arena of Valor Scoreboards

You can also bring this screen up by tapping anywhere on the scoreboard
Beside this is a gear which can be used to access the options menu. A few options are unavailable while a game is in session, while a couple options are only available in-game. In particular, “Camera Sensitivity,” located under the General tab, is a setting that we recommend customizing to your liking.

Quick Chat

Going down along the right edge of the screen are a number of commands that you can give to teammates. They will receive a ping on their map at your location as well as an audio cue depending on which command you select. From top to bottom, the first is Attack, marked by a sword, then Defend, a shield, and Rally, a flag. Below these three is a fourth button which a player can tap to bring up a number of quick chat phrases. These can be set in the options menu outside of a match.

Below the quick chat buttons is an arrow, which can be tapped to display all of your hero’s current stats and abilities. This fills the entire screen, however, so be careful as to when you decide to use it.

Exclusive to iOS users, a camera button sits below the personal scoreboard. Tapping this button will cause it to turn red, recording your current gameplay. The recording will continue until the player taps the button once more to end the recording. Keep in mind that the game pauses for a brief moment to save the recording, so make sure you’re in a safe place before saving.

Bottom-Right Corner

The bottom right corner has all the good stuff. Here you will find your skills, talents, and basic attack feature.

Starting from the left-hand side, you’ll find your talents sitting along the bottom edge of the screen. First are two that are available to every hero, recall and restore, followed by a single talent that the player selects them. This talent can range from heals to attack boosts and can give the edge you need to turn a fight in your favor.

Above your talents is where all of the buffs and debuffs you are currently being affected by being displayed. A long press on any of the icons will bring up information about the effect.

After your talents are your hero’s abilities in a diagonal arc. The bottom two are your basic abilities with the top-right most being your ultimate ability. Ultimate abilities unlock at level four and have the strength to turn the tide of battle very quickly when used appropriately. Much like with buffs and debuffs, long-pressing the ability will bring up information about it.

Finally, the attack button sits nestled in the bottom right corner. Tapping it will cause your hero to attack their selected target. Optionally, a pair of buttons can be added to allow the player to manually cycle through minion, hero, or tower targets.

Death Details

Whenever you are unlucky enough to be slain by an enemy, a button will appear at the top of the screen. Touching this will show the hero who killed you. All damage received directly before dying and its source will be displayed as well. Players who are able to swallow their pride and learn from their demise will find countering enemy threats much easier.

Now that you have a decent idea how to play, take some time to learn a bit of terminology in our glossary or take a look at our other beginner guides. Alternatively, you can return to the main page for more Arena of Valor guides and information.

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