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An overview of the Training Camp, a number of tutorials that introduces new players to the game.
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Training Camp

Entering the Training Camp brings you to a menu with (currently) four options: Tutorials, Practice, Academy, and Guide.

Arena of Valor Training Camp 1


Within the Tutorials section are four more options. Completing the Tutorials awards you both Valhein and Arthur, so it’s certainly worth your time.

Arena of Valor Training Camp 2

Beginner Training is where you learn how to move, auto-attack, use abilities, purchase items, destroy towers, use the Restore ability, and defeat other heroes.

Practical Training brings you to the Horizon Valley, where you play 3v3 against bots. Here you’ll learn about color differences between allies and opponents, the Altar of Life, use of the minimap, and why diving enemies under towers is a bad idea.

Advanced Training is a very short tutorial where you test your aim, and practice retreating under your tower.

Antaris Battlefield (*takes you to the Horizon Valley, though it is still labeled as Antaris Battlefield in the Training Camp menu) is a good place to learn how to jungle, including using the talent Punish and the item Hunter’s Crossbow. Here’s a quick rundown of the Monsters you’ll encounter:

Normal Monster – The easiest to kill, awards you experience and gold.

Sage Golem – Next easiest to kill, awards the Sage Buff: reduced ability cooldowns and increased mana regeneration.

Might Golem – Equally difficult to kill as the Sage Golem, awards the Might Buff: Boosted damage and reduced enemy movement speed.

Abyssal Dragon – Difficult to kill, awards the team gold and experience. When transformed to the Enraged Abyssal Dragon, it will reward the team class-specific buffs.

Dark Slayer – Extremely difficult to kill, boosts team  mana / HP regeneration and mobility.


Practice mode is a good place to try out heroes, items, Arcana builds, and different combinations thereof. You’re placed in Antaris Battlefield with a bot on the other side, and multiple adjustable settings.

Test out your capabilities at different levels and with different items. There are also many different Control and UI settings that we recommend testing in order to figure out what’s best for you (for settings help, click [here]). Note that Practice mode can also be accessed from heroes’ pages by tapping Hero Trial.

To leave Practice mode, tap the Settings gear, go to the General tab, and tap “Leave Match.”


Selecting the right-most icon brings you to Arena of Valor’s Guide, which provides you with a few helpful reminders regarding Gold, Arcana, and Heroes.

Now that we’ve got some skills, let’s get into a casual match.

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