Arena of Valor (AoV) - How to Play Warrior Heroes: Guide

This page is a guide on Warrior heroes in Arena of Valor (AoV).

How to Play Warrior Heroes: Their Important Role

Arena of Valor Warrior Heroes

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A warrior’s role is close to that of a tank. However, warriors have higher attack than tanks at the cost of lower defensive stats. All assassins (outside of Raz) are considered warriors, all heroes who have a basic melee attack falling either into the classes of warrior or tank. This page will focus on heroes that are classified solely as Warrior.

Warrior Guide


Zanis‘ passive ability increases his attack damage with each kill or assist that he scores. Therefore he becomes stronger and stronger as the match progresses. Zanis should jungle to get an early level advantage so that he can fully make use of his passive. Unlike ordinary junglers, however, he will have to be involved in fights more often, especially during the early game. He becomes super powerful in the late game when used correctly and is a perfect example of a finisher. View Zanis’s stats and abilities here.

Lu Bu

Lu Bu is often used in high ranked battles and is a very strong jungler with a strong ultimate ability that increases his life steal. With his first and ultimate abilities, he can quickly recover his HP by jungling, so there’s no need for him to recall and heal. Lu Bu is recommended for players who want to be able to turn the tide of battles alone. View Lu Bu’s stats and abilities here.

Early Game


Early game, jungling warriors should buy a jungling item and focus on quickly grinding XP. Unlike assassins, warriors have higher defensive stats. Because of this, warriors can stay in the jungle longer without having to worry as much about HP.

Ambushing and Helping Teammates

Try to help out teammates fighting against enemy heroes as much as possible. This is especially important for Zanis, as getting kills or assists increases his attack damage and restores some of his HP. Zanis needs early kills in order to snowball late game.

Mid Game

Leveling Up

After towers start to get destroyed and more team fights occur, warriors have to focus on keeping their level higher than enemies’. The amount you’ll be jungling falls off as the game progresses, so start ganking and attacking more frequently.

Stay Aggressive

An advantage of using a warrior is how aggressively they can play and how freely they can move around the map. Of course, there is little chance of survival when going against three or more enemies alone, but warriors do have a higher chance of survival than marksmen or mages. Focus on killing minions and scouting out enemy heroes.

Late Game

Aim for Marksmen

Late game, all the effort put into the early and middle game will start to be clearly seen by way of level and money advantages. Since warriors have higher defensive stats than assassins, they can focus either on attacking the enemy damage dealers or drawing fire from the enemy team. This wide variety of ways you can benefit your team makes warriors both strong and fun to use.

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