Arena of Valor (AoV) - $500,000 USD Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) Announced

Between two separate announcements of the $500,000 Arena of Valor World Cup - one from Tencent and one from Garena - we've pieced together some of the details: twelve teams from nine regions and three wildcards. The tournament will take place in Los Angeles in July 2018.

$500,000 USD Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) Announced

Arena of Valor World Cup Los Angeles (Hollywood Sign)

Last Thursday, Arena of Valor made an in-game announcement of the biggest Arena of Valor tournament to date: the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC). Though the Arena of Valor International Championship carried a $500,000 total prize pool, much of the money was given to teams participating in exhibition and show matches. The “more than $500,000 USD” prize pool will certainly boost both the total player pool and the number of players seeking a competitive career. In contrast to most other games, who typically allow the esports community to grow as a grassroots development, Arena of Valor is apparently taking more of a top-down approach to building its esports scene abroad.

“Tencent has a vision for mobile eSports that embraces competition at the highest level and elevates pro mobile eSports to the same level as any other platform” – Arena of Valor eSports Team

In addition to the AWC, AoV’s esports team plans on “rolling out a schedule for regionalized and collegiate-level tournaments,” with the hope of boosting competition for their premier events.

Arena of Valor Taiwanese team SMG wins AIC
Taiwanese team SMG wins the 2017 AIC

Though the announcement was short on details, Garena filled in some of the gaps with an article posted to their site recently, stating that twelve teams would participate: nine from each of Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, North America, South America and Europe, plus three wildcard teams. Teams from the Valiant server (Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore) who wish to qualify for AWC must reach the top four in one of two Valor Cups (the first taking place in “early April”), before triumphing on the Road to AWC.

In addition to the AWC, Garena boasted of “thousands of eSports tournaments yearly,” including amateur tournaments and grassroots competitions, to supplement the two main annual competitions in the AWC and AIC.

With such a lofty prize pool, Arena of Valor is certain to garner attention to the World Cup, if not the game itself. Whether that will translate into the kind of success and player pool it has already enjoyed in China is another story.

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