Arena of Valor (AoV) - RPL Completes Regular Season, Other AIC Qualifiers Wrapping Up (Esports Roundup October 12, 2018)

Arena of Valor esports roundup for the week ending on October 12, 2018. One team has already qualified for the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC), while the major leagues (and AIC qualifiers) around the world are nearing completion.


Since our last esports roundup, the MSP region determined their Arena of Valor International Championship AIC representative via the Valor Cup season 3, the PVP Esports Championship concluded, and the various regional leagues (and AIC qualifiers) have moved closer to the finish line.

Team Tamago the First Team to Qualify for AIC

On September 29, team Tamago from Singapore defeated both Bren Esports and MaxBox Gaming to claim the Valor Cup championship and the right to represent the Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines region at the AIC. They thus become the first team to qualify and the first team to appear at both the AWC and AIC. Tamago, MaxBox, and Resurgence all qualified for the PVP Esports Championship by virtue of winning their respective country’s championships.

Team Tamago after winning Valor Cup Season 3

Thailand’s Alpha X Wins PVP Esports Championship

Alpha X from Thailand won the PVP Esports Championship, held at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. Qualified teams MaxBox (Philippines), Resurgence (Malaysia), Tamago (Singapore), Alpha X (Thailand), ExDee (India), and Bigetron (Indonesia) initially competed in a 6-team round robin: the top team (Alpha X) advanced to the upper bracket, the next four (Resurgence, Tamago, Bigetron, MaxBox) went to the lower bracket, and the last place team (ExDee) was eliminated. Invited teams FlipSid3 (USA), Monster Shield (Taiwan), and Legend of Kid (Vietnam) were placed directly in the upper bracket.

After Alpha X, Monster Shield finished in 2nd, Resurgence finished in 3rd, and AIC qualifiers Tamago finished in 4th. Alpha X received $40,000 for winning the event.

The event shone a light on the strength of the various regions outside of the very top teams that participated at the AWC. In particular, Thailand and Taiwan still appear to be among the best regions, as Alpha X wasn’t part of RPL season 2, and Monster Shield – who sent their second team to the event – are currently in last place in the GCS.

Valor Series Update

Because we skipped a few weeks (the Switch release and new update news kept us busy), this will simply be an update on the standings of the Valor Series rather than recaps of individual games.


Nova Esports and Bubble Team seem to have restored order to the region, with Nova in particular beginning to pull away in the standings. Alliance, on the other hand, hasn’t quite put it together, going 0-4 in week 5 to drop themselves out of the playoff picture for now. A promising team coming into the season, Team Queso now takes up the rear of the standings.

Valor Series Season 2 Standings: Europe
Place Team Record Series Played
1 Nova Esports 12-2 7
2 Bubble Team 9-5 7
3 Dead Rabbits 7-7 7
4 x6tence 4-8 6
5 Alliance 4-10 7
6 Team Queso 4-8 6

Latin America

While most expected the top of the standings to feature GeO, paiN, and Nova at the top in some order after the qualifiers, it took a while for those teams to properly separate themselves from the rest of the field. Now, however, it is looking downright comfy for those teams, as they will most likely cruise into the playoffs. GeO, in particular, hasn’t dropped a game since the last time we took at look at the region.

Valor Series Season 2 Standings: Latin America
Place Team Record Series Played
1 GeO eSports 12-2 7
2 Pain Gaming 10-4 7
3 Nova Esports 9-5 7
4 Assassins Crew 5-9 7
5 INTZ eSports 3-9 6
6 Synergy e-Sports 1-11 6

North America

As expected, Allegiance is dominating the region, racing out to an undefeated record. Tribe Gaming, on the other hand, have only suffered losses to Allegiance, as two of their 4 games lost came due to forfeit. In fact, outside of the week 1 forfeit from Tribe (then Marauders) versus Kranniz, no team has any wins against teams ahead of them or losses against teams below them, making the region almost impossibly straightforward.

Valor Series Season 2 Standings: North America
Place Team Record Series Played
1 Allegiance 14-0 7
2 Marauders 10-4 7
3 Toxic 6-6 6
4 Drawn to Fame 6-8 7
5 Kranniz Esports 2-10 6
6 VeniVidiVici 2-12 7

Check out the Valor Series every weekend on the official Arena of Valor Facebook page. The match schedule can be found here.

SMG Mounting Impressive Comeback in GCS

SMG has surged in the GCS standings over the past few weeks, scoring wins over J Team, Flash Wolves, HKA, and MAD in succession to take over the fourth spot in the standings. ONE Team, meanwhile, dropped matches to both Monster Shield and MAD, only picking up a win over the slumping HKA to keep them in the hunt.

Garena Challenger Series Standings
1st J Team 9-2 (18-6)
2nd Flash Wolves 8-2 (16-5)
3rd ahq e-Sports Club 6-4 (15-10)
4th Still Moving Under Gunfire 6-5 (16-12)
5th ONE Team 5-5 (12-12)
6th MAD Team 4-7 (10-16)
7th Hong Kong Attitude 3-8 (7-18)
8th Monster Shield 1-9 (4-19)

The Garena Challenger Series (GCS) is Taiwan’s ~$104,000 league, comprising eight teams battling for four playoff spots. It can be watched in Mandarin on Garena Taiwan’s YouTube channel, or you can catch the unofficial English broadcast on DTwo’s Twitch channel.

RoV Pro League Wraps Up Regular Season

Defending champions IT.City Bacon and Bazaar Gaming surged in the final weeks of the season, knocking former top team Alpha Red out of the top 2 and into the lower bracket of the playoffs on October 20. RRQ was unable to take a game off of Bacon in the final series of the season, locking them out of the playoffs.

RoV Pro League Season 2 Final Standings
Place Team Record (Games) Points
1st IT.City Bacon 11-3 (23-9) 23p
2nd Bazaar Gaming 11-3 (23-9) 23p
3rd ALPHA Red 11-3 (23-11) 23p
4th EVOS Debut 5-9 (17-22) 17p
5th Rex Regum Qeon Black Forest 6-8 (16-19) 16p
6th Buriram Arctic Wolf 4-10 (12-22) 12p
7th Toyota Diamond Cobra 5-9 (12-21) 12p
8th Sponsor.Neolution CoolKidz 3-11 (10-23) 10p

The standings order is entirely based on points (games won) and not on series record.

The RoV Pro League (RPL) is Thailand’s ~$181,000 league, comprising eight teams battling for four playoff spots. You can watch the RPL on Garena RoV Thailand’s YouTube channel, or you can catch the unofficial English broadcast on DTwo’s Twitch channel.

Team Flash Continues to Rule AOG

Heading into the final few matches, defending champions Swing Phantom (formerly Saigon Phantom) are narrowly holding on to a playoff spot in Vietnam’s Arena of Glory (AOG), sitting in 4th place. Team Flash, meanwhile, have mostly dominated the league, their only loss improbably coming against last-place TTN.

The AOG’s standings are also based on a points system:

Arena of Glory Standings
1st Team Flash 9-1 (19-4) 19p
2nd OverClockers 8-2 (17-7) 17p
3rd Honor Adonis 6-4 (15-10) 15p
4th Swing Phantom 6-4 (14-12) 14p
5th Esports Kingdom 4-6 (11-13) 11p
6th Box Gaming 4-6 (10-13) 10p
7th Tamago AA 2-8 (6-16) 6p
8th Team Thai Nguyen 1-9 (2-19) 2p

Since our last update, Adonis Esports renamed to Honor Adonis and Saigon Phantom renamed to Swing Phantom.

The Arena of Glory (AOG) is Vietnam’s ~$77,000 league, comprising eight teams battling for four playoff spots. You can watch the AOG on Garena Vietnam’s YouTube channel.

New Teams Head Indonesia’s ASL

Defending champions EVOS.AOV are stuck in the 4th place spot in Indonesia’s AoV Star League (ASL), while GGWP.ID is undefeated in both series and games played.

The ASL gives teams three points for every series win:

AoV Star League Standings
Place Team Record (games) Points Series Played
1st GGWP.ID 4-0 (8-0) 12p 4
2nd Saudara e-Sports 4-1 (7-4) 12p 5
3rd Rex Regum Qeon 3-2 (6-5) 9p 5
4th EVOS.AOV 2-2 (4-4) 6p 4
5th Bigetron eSports 1-3 (3-6) 3p 4
6th Dunia Games 1-3 (4-6) 3p 4
7th Headhunters 0-4 (1-8) 0p 4

The AoV Star League (ASL) is Indonesia’s ~$175,000 league, comprising seven teams battling for four playoff spots. You can watch the ASL on Garena Indonesia’s YouTube channel.

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