Arena of Valor (AoV) - Gem Guide: Where to Use Gems

A guide to gems in Arena of Valor. Details how gems can be obtained and where they can be used to buy things like arcana pages and experience boosts.

What are Gems

Gems are a unique currency that players receive upon the completion of quests or the opening of chests. There is a single tab in the store that takes gems as payment.

Where to Use Gems

There are only a few ways to use gems at present.

  • Buying items in the Gem Shop
  • Rerolling heroes in Hook Wars and Abyssal Clash
  • Buying additional arcana pages
  • Buying certain heroes*

*Only possible on SEA and EU servers

In the Gem Shop, you can buy items like magic crystals, arcana chests, and Double EXP and gold cards. Aside from the bonus cards, all items have a daily purchase limit. The items available for purchase with gems can be very valuable, so we advise always investing your gems in these rather than in rerolling heroes in Hook Wars or Abyssal Clash.

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