Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arena of Valor Hero Tier List (Third Edition)

A rating list of the strength of heroes (characters) in Arena of Valor organized and separated by tier ranking with an explanation for their placement on the list.
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Update 4/24/2018: Added Wisp

Update 4/09/2018: Added Liliana

Update 3/22/2018: Added Win Rates, Play Rates, and KDA listed on the official Arena of Valor site (we are in the process of confirming which servers and time period the numbers are from)

Update 3/20/2018: Added Max

List includes heroes (champions) from the Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia (Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore), and India servers.

Arena of Valor Hero Tier List

Arena of Valor Hero Tier List


Welcome to the third edition of the Samurai Gamers Arena of Valor Hero Tier List! This list is an attempt to rank heroes, referred to as champions in other games, based on their effectiveness in all levels of ranked play. It is based off of our opinion, with weight given to high-level players’ opinions (including our recently signed team) and certain heroes’ ban, pick, and win rates in professional matches.

Keep in mind that heroes are judged on their own merits, and not as part of very specific team compositions – though being viable in multiple situations is a big plus. Therefore, the list should be viewed based on heroes’ potential in solo-queue, without the need for heavy team cooperation or organization. That all said, we’ve affixed a symbol to characters whose value changes dramatically in an organized team.

Changes From the Second List

  • Added Tier SS
  • Added Omen
  • Clarified marked heroes’ rank

As we shifted heroes around, we found ourselves moving too many heroes into Tier S, with the reasoning that they were similar in strength to Maloch and Zill. However, there was a clear distinction between the five heroes at the top and the heroes we were attempting to shoehorn in. It became obvious that we needed a new tier, and at first we thought about adding Tier 5 to the bottom of the list. Doing so, however, would have involved moving the majority of heroes down a tier, and we could already hear the screams in the comments section demanding to know why we demoted their favorite hero. (Yes, we can hear text. It’s one of our super powers, along with our ability to create impeccable tier lists.)

So, instead, we added Tier SS to the top, giving the five heroes there a perfect 10 rating. They’re simply a cut above the rest, either dominating games or being banned outright. That doesn’t mean any old bozo can pick them up and clean house: we’ve all seen our fair share of Violets Tactical Firin’ into the welcome arms of the enemy team. In capable hands, though, they can feel like a cheat code, demolishing their opponents and leaving no room for rebuttal.

The extra tier also gave us some leeway with the remaining Tier S heroes, allowing us to give special consideration to heroes like Xeniel, who warps the geometry of the map and forces opposing teams to specifically game plan for him. Meanwhile, we save great heroes like The Joker and Tel’Annas from the ignominy of falling to Tier 2.

Before we get to the list, we need to remind everyone that all the heroes in Arena of Valor are capable of winning at very high levels – yes, even those down in Tier 4. Picking a hero from the top of this list won’t immediately vault you to Master rank, just like buying a new tennis racket won’t turn you into Roger Federer. Playing any hero in any role requires good game sense, knowledge, intuition, and practice. And if you’re most comfortable making plays with good ol’ Ignis, don’t let those meanies in the match lobby bully you into switching to someone more “meta.”

Now, on to the list.



All heroes can be strong or weak given a particular situation. We’ve done our best to rank them based on their average strength, but some heroes’ levels fluctuate wildly depending on their circumstances:

  • “+” denotes a hero whose rating is highly dependent on the player’s skill – more so than your typical hero. For instance, a capable Raz can practically win a game by himself (and thus belongs in Tier S or SS), whereas a weak Raz can completely sink a team.
  • “*” denotes a hero whose rating is dependent on how strong the opposition is. Well, in this case, how weak the opposition is. For example, Grakk is practically Tier 1 against opponents who do not dodge his Devil’s Chain. Against experienced opposition, however, he is mostly ineffective.
  • “#” denotes a hero who is much more effective in an organized or cooperative team setting. Though Mina can’t do much by herself, she is a terror if her team cooperates with her.

Previously, we were a bit vague as to where, exactly, these situation-dependent heroes fell. This time, we’ve included their tier range based on the factors listed above.


These are different from the roles delineated in the game; instead, they are the roles (1 being their primary role) that optimize the character’s functionality throughout a game of Arena of Valor.

  • Jungle – You’re the jungler. Go do jungly things.
  • DS Lane – Dark Slayer Lane. You’re good at solo-laning. Sit in the corner and soak those minion waves.
  • Roam – A nebulous term meaning you should be looking to make plays by invading, contesting objectives, or ganking with your team. Sometimes, though, you’re the one sitting behind a tower clearing waves 1v2 while your teammates have all the fun.
  • Support – Characters who fare much better when travelling with a damage-dealing ally. These are technically all “roam” characters.
  • Damage – Follow up on your team’s initiation by bringing the heat. Otherwise, just poke. Position-wise, you roam or hide under the tower in the Abyssal Lane.
  • Mid – Solo-lane early game, roam when you’re sufficiently farmed up.

Tier SS

These heroes are so strong, we created a new tier for them (see above).

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor VioletViolet 1. Damage
2. Jungle
50.0% 4.3% 6.6
Shower thought: The Joker has (in our opinion) a better passive ability, second ability, and ultimate ability than Violet – plus his first ability is pretty strong as well – and yet Violet is still two tiers higher. Ah, the power of Tactical Fire.
Arena of Valor SupermanSuperman 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.0% 1.9% 6.5
Upon further examination, we have found that the rumors are true. Superman is crazy, able to tear apart teams with great mobility, numerous control effects, and high amounts of damage. He’s also one of the most banned heroes in the game, whether on the ladder or in professional tournaments.
Arena of Valor LaurielLauriel 1. Mid
2. Roam
51.4% 1.9% 7.2
Lauriel’s ability to deal damage, move around the field, and restore her health are disgusting. Players will have to pay special attention when facing off with the Archangel or else they will have a very bad time.
Arena of Valor RyomaRyoma 1. Roam
2. DS Lane
51.3% 1.3% 6.7
The samurai boasts a heavy amount of damage, able to burst down multiple enemies with ease. He’s a demon in the Dark Slayer lane, bullying any who infringe on his territory.
Arena of Valor MuradMurad Jungle 48.9% 1.6% 6.7
This guy rips through heroes like they are nothing. Murad can move around the battlefield extremely quickly, which is a great help both when jungling or ganking. His ability to go un-targetable in two abilities pushes him over the edge from strong to stupid good.

Tier S

Tier S heroes are still a cut above those in Tier 1, the opposing team having to revolve their entire game plan around these heroes’ presence.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor LilianaLiliana+
Added 2018/04/09
1. Mid
2. Roam

Liliana is the rare hero with a low skill floor and high skill ceiling. She outputs enough damage through her seven abilities that mashing buttons will often do the trick, but requires great game sense, knowledge, and mechanical skill to truly get the most out of her kit. Liliana could find herself in Tier SS once players get used to her play style and unlock her true potential.

+Tier Range: SS to 1

Arena of Valor MaxMax+
Added 2018/03/20
1. DS Lane
2. Roam

In the right hands, Max is a nightmare for the opposing team, able to completely shut down their ADC while nullifying any cheeky plays with the vision Liftoff grants. He is also great in the laning phase, either holding down the Dark Slayer lane or as a roaming support, helping to pick off opposing heroes. That said, the overaggressive Max who charges headfirst into five waiting enemies will only be a detriment to his team.

+Tier Range: SS to 2

Arena of Valor MalochMaloch 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.8% 0.1% 6.7
Maloch can be a terrifying force in fights. He boasts significant amounts of durability and a high potential for damage. His ultimate is a fantastic way to initiate fights as well. When discussing whether to put him in the new SS rank or not, we decided that, while strong, a smart player could still manage to work around his considerable advantages.
Arena of Valor ZillZill 1. Jungle
2. Roam
48.4% 1.4% 6.9
Similar to Murad, Zill is able to quickly whip through the battlefield and attack enemies while un-targetable. While more reliable than Murad’s in activation, Zill’s ultimate doesn’t have the same insane impact that Murad’s does. Lacking the second escape from the battlefield makes him a bit easier to deal with as well.
Arena of Valor XenielXeniel+ DS Lane

Part of Xeniel’s strength lies in that the enemy team has to completely change their play style to compensate for the tank. He is able to join fights no matter where he is on the field. Mix this with his considerable damage gained through HP stacking and you have an extremely dangerous force on your hands.

+Tier Range: SS to 1

Arena of Valor TulenTulen 1. Mid
2. Roam
49.8% 2.3% 7.1
Second only to Lauriel when it comes to mages, Tulen possesses extreme mobility and finishing potential. His potential isn’t constrained to a single area like Lauriel, though he doesn’t gain the same defensive strength Lauriel does through her passive. In addition, his mobility is easier to outplay should the opponent know what they are doing.
arena of valor TeeMeeTeeMee 1. Support
2. Roam
3. Damage
These little guys can either be extremely potent supports or powerful casters. Their passive is a huge asset to item-dependent heroes and their ultimate can be the deciding factor in fights. (We don’t see them falling off at all due to the new patch released today, March 8).
Arena of Valor RazRaz+ 1. Mid
2. Roam
46.6% 2.1% 6.0

Raz has an exceptional suite of abilities in his arsenal. A monster up close, he can dish out large amounts of damage while also controlling enemy positions on the battlefield. At a range, his fireball is a much stronger tool than it has any right being.

+Tier Range: SS to 1

Arena of Valor ZephysZephys 1. Jungle
2. Roam
52.4% 1.3% 7.3
Zephys can build up significant amounts of damage and durability while staying very mobile due to his low cooldowns. His passive hardens his skin to ridiculous levels and his abilities continue to dish out heavy damage without much regard to what items he builds.
Arena of Valor ChaugnarChaugnar+ 1. Support
2. Roam
51.9% 1.0% 6.9

Finally receiving his deserved attention, Chaugnar has proven his usefulness recently. He can build up large amounts of durability while still dishing out respectable amounts of damage and control. The real allure, though, is his ability to shrug off control effects, able to pull teammates out of their grasp as well.

+Tier Range: S to 2

Tier 1

Part of the reason we added Tier SS and not Tier 5 was because we felt that all of these very strong heroes deserved to be in Tier 1; you can’t go wrong with any of these guys and gals.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor The JokerThe Joker 1. Mid
2. Roam
49.3% 1.8% 6.8
While part of his strength comes from what seems to be a bugged passive, The Joker is a fantastic damage dealer. A quick combo of his ultimate and passive can burst away large chunks of the enemy’s health. He is very slippery as well, his second ability giving him an extremely potent escape from fights.
Arena of Valor BatmanBatman+ 1. Jungle
2. Roam
51.1% 0.9% 7.5

Possessing a heavy amount of damage and a very useful stealth ability, Batman can pin squishier heroes to their towers, trembling with fear. Even if failing as an assassin, Batman can offer his team large amounts of utility by scouting out the enemy while stealthed.

+Tier Range: S to 3

Arena of Valor ThaneThane 1. Support
2. Roam
50.5% 2.6% 6.3
An extremely solid tank, Thane can both absorb large amounts of damage for his team and set up ganks with his control abilities. And unlike other tanks, Thane’s ultimate can burst down any low health enemies who are unfortunate enough to be caught by it.
Arena of Valor OmenOmen 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
Omen is suffering a bit at the moment, many users not fully used to his kit yet. However, he sees heavy use in eastern pro matches and has a lot of potential in becoming a nightmare on the battlefield. He additionally acts as a good counter to the current mobility-focused meta.
Arena of Valor SlimzSlimz+ 1. Damage
2. Jungle
50.0% 0.5% 6.7

High mobility, high damage, and the potential for an exceptional stun, Slimz can be a very powerful marksman. His signature ability, his spear, can be a bit tricky to land for full effect. We had him previously as Tier 2 due to this and how dependent he can be on positioning. His overall potential had us reconsider and move him up a tier, though he can still be a bit difficult against mobile enemies.

+Tier Range: 1 to 3

Arena of Valor LU-BULu Bu 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
48.8% 1.3% 6.2
Lu Bu remains an extremely solid choice for the top lane. His abilities both deal moderate damage, provide the warrior some mobility, and offer up a few control abilities as well. His ultimate can make also him terrifying in solo battles.
Arena of Valor Wu KongWukong+ Jungle 48.8% 1.9% 6.6

Wukong has the potential to deal out extreme amounts of physical burst damage. He is one of a very small number of heroes whose abilities’ bonus damage enhances his critical damage. He additionally has a high amount of mobility available to him, making him hard to catch.

+Tier Range: S to 2

Arena of Valor OrmarrOrmarr 1. Support
2. Roam
47.9% 1.0% 5.9
With a fantastic amount of control at his disposal, Ormarr tears apart team fights. He is a beast when it comes to roaming around the battlefield and supporting lanes with ganks. An active Ormarr can do a lot to push his team to victory, even if he won’t be racking up the highest kill count alone.
Arena of Valor ZukaZuka 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
48.6% 0.8% 6.3
Zuka remains a strong jungler. His high amounts of mobility and damage make him both lethal and difficult to escape.
Arena of Valor ArthurArthur 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.7% 6.6% 6.5
Still a very solid all-around warrior. Arthur can dash all over the battlefield to soak up some damage for his team while dishing out moderate amounts of his own. Arthur is a flexible hero, a great fit for numerous team compositions – plus, he’s a good hero to learn the game with.
Arena of Valor AiriAiri 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
49.0% 1.0% 6.6
A very solid assassin, Airi is very quick and deadly. Her ultimate gives her a lot more ability to fight after her combo has been expended than other assassins, as well.
Arena of Valor TelannasTel’Annas 1. Damage
2. Roam
51.8% 4.4% 6.8
Tel’annas is strong due to her powerful attacks and long range. The slow that she applies with each hit helps alleviate some of the reliance she has on careful positioning.
Arena of Valor Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.4% 1.7% 7.1
Wonder Woman suffered from some fluctuating opinions at launch, but now that players have adjusted to her we can see that she is a very strong hero. Her abilities offer large amounts of damage and durability, allowing her a strong presence in the Dark Slayer lane and team fights.

Tier 2

Tier 2 hosts the largest number of heroes on our list. That wasn’t by (our) design, mind you. In attempting to distinguish between each hero based on strength level, the highest amount of heroes happened to fall into the middle. Good work, AoV balance team!

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor WispWisp
Added 2018/04/24
1. Damage
2. Jungle

Wisp is capable of outputting incredible AoE damage to the opposing team with Loose Cannon, but has to use her only escape tool in order to do so. Similarly, Shock and Awe is extremely potent but on long enough of a cooldown that it can’t consistently be relied on in fights. As is always the case with new heroes, players may yet discover new play styles that unlock a higher potential, but for now Wisp appears to be in the second tier of marksmen.

Arena of Valor FennikFennik 1. Damage
2. Jungle
47.2% 0.7% 6.2
A capable marksman, Fennik can deal some heavy burst along with his normal, sustained DPS. In addition, he can make for a strong jungler and destroys towers he comes up against. His influence is primarily limited to a single target at a time and he lacks the ability to safely engage that higher ranked marksmen possess.
Arena of Valor LindisLindis+ 1. Damage
2. Jungle

Lindis players have been showing that the marksman has more to offer than we previously thought. A properly played Lindis can dish out high bursts of damage, even if it is limited to the bursts. She additionally can move rather safely through the jungle and detect hidden enemies with her vision abilities.

+Tier Range: 1 to 3

Arena of Valor AliceAlice 1. Support
2. Roam
54.1% 1.1% 7.2
Alice remains a strong support, but the meta has started to move away from her. A previous nerf to her ultimate made her a bit less terrifying when with magic teammates and her influence can be hard to see. She is still a solid pick, however, and should not be immediately disregarded.
Arena of Valor JinnarJinnar 1. Roam
2. DS Lane
48.4% 0.3% 6.6
We consider Jinnar one of the premiere examples of balance in the game. He is both durable and able to deal out a respectable amount of damage through his abilities. He fills his unique role of a mage front liner well, hard to ignore but not unfairly powerful.
Arena of Valor NatalyaNatalya 1. Damage
2. Roam
48.8% 1.9% 6.8
Natalya has a heavy amount of damage in her abilities and is able to be a very powerful nuke. That said, her slower projectiles can be a bit hard to land, especially on agile foes. Players will have to practice the skill shots and/or wait for teammates’ setups to find their stride with her.
Arena of Valor TaaraTaara* 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.3% 1.0% 6.5

Taara can very comfortably fill your team’s need for a tank. Far from a simple damage sponge, Taara is able to deal out a healthy amount of damage as well. Her main flaw is easy countering by way of Tome of the Reaper or Death’s Curse.

*Tier S at low levels

Arena of Valor CreshtCresht 1. DS Lane
2. Support
49.6% 1.4% 6.7
While not the best at dealing damage, Cresht is exceptional at babysitting carrys and tanking for his team. He is restricted from advancing to higher tiers by how unreliable his ultimate can be.
Arena of Valor PaynaPeura/Payna 1. Support
2. Roam
53.4% 0.3% 6.9
Another great support, Peura can protect her entire team with her auras. Her basic abilities of a chain stun and healing aura can be invaluable both when laning and in team fights. She lacks any ability to do much alone, completely dependent on her allies for any effectiveness.
Arena of Valor GildurGildur 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.7% 1.0% 6.2
Gildur is a powerful mage, but can be confusing to those unfamiliar with him. His cross listing as a tank will make players either build him as a tank or pick him to fill that role. He is best played as a pure mage, however, his effectiveness coming from the strength of Extravagant and the re-engage potential his ultimate offers.
Arena of Valor NakrothNakroth+ Jungle 43.5% 0.5% 5.9

Nakroth is very mobile and has the ability to deal out very high amounts of damage. That said, he can be exceptionally squishy and thereby quick to death in team fights. A skilled player will be able to weave around the battlefield and grab kills, but a single control effect can quickly lead to Nakroth’s death.

+Tier Range: S to 4

Arena of Valor astridAstrid 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
51.0% 0.5% 6.3
A capable warrior, Astrid is great at flipping fights into her team’s favor. While not tanky enough to act as a pure tank or holding enough damage to be the team’s carry, Astrid can make a solid front line fighter.
Arena of Valor SkudSkud# 1. Support
2. DS Lane
47.2% 0.4% 5.9

Skud is a capable brawler, able to keep himself up in lane despite harassment and offering a number of control effects to his team. He is heavily dependent on team coordination, however, so don’t play him when planning to game silently.

#Tier 1 in organized teams

Arena of Valor PreytaPreyta 1. Mid
2. Roam
49.6% 0.3% 6.7
Preyta needs a skilled player to be used effectively. His skills, while powerful, can be hard to hit. His passive is a simple movement speed buff, a bit underwhelming when compared to other mages. That said, Preyta can shred through enemies he catches in his abilities.
Arena of Valor ButterflyButterfly+* Jungle 49.8% 6.4% 7.1

Butterfly has been gaining more and more use lately, her finishing power attracting a lot of attention. Due to this and how effective skilled players can be with her, we have decided to bump her up to Tier 2.

+* Tier 1 to 4 depending on player and opponent skill

Arena of Valor MinaMina# 1. Support
2. Roam
52.1% 1.1% 6.1

Another hero who was previously shunned but now gaining in popularity, Mina moves up to Tier 2. Her ability to control opponents can be instrumental in deciding team fights as well as a useful tool when ganking.

#Tier 1 in organized teams

Arena of Valor MorenMoren 1. Damage
2. Jungle
48.6% 0.3% 6.3
Moren has proven himself after the previous nerf to still be the marksman we had thought he had become. His high amounts of damage mixed with the thickest skin among marksmen makes him a very useful part of any team he joins.

Tier 3

There’s a case to be made for every tier 2 hero to be ranked higher; not so for tier 3. Only a few here can make a claim to the top of any tier list, while the rest are decidedly a cut below. Typically it’s one big flaw that holds them back, such as the lack of mobility, damage, or utility compared to other heroes.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor YornYorn+ 1. Damage
2. Mid
50.6% 6.0% 6.5

Of all the heroes here, we debated Yorn the longest. Yorn is undoubtedly capable of very high amounts of damage. That said, he has a weak early game and requires tanks to cover him as he does his damage. Yorn suffers from being a free marksman as well, his reputation in tatters due to numerous people using him without understanding him.

+Tier Range: 1 to 4

Arena of Valor MgangaMganga 1. Mid
2. DS Lane
52.7% 2.9% 7.0
Mganga is still in an odd place. He is a damaging mage who additionally focuses on supporting his allies with healing. The jester is able to do heavy amounts of damage in drawn-out fights, but has no way to properly defend himself when people approach.
Arena of Valor LumburrLumburr 1. Support
2. Roam
52.3% 0.4% 6.6
Climbing up to Tier 3, Lumburr has shown himself as a better baby sitter. His ultimate, when executed correctly, can create an environment in your team’s favor. He is a bit squishy for a tank, however, and needs a player able to very carefully execute his moves to properly contribute to team fights.
Arena of Valor Azzen'KaAzzen’Ka 1. Damage
2. Roam
52.6% 1.1% 6.7
We were a bit overzealous in raising Azzen’ka last time, he still limited by his low mobility and slower spells. That said, a player with careful aim can use Azzen’ka’s abilities to deal out large waves of damage while simultaneously disabling enemies.
Arena of Valor KriknakKriknak+ 1. Jungle
2. Roam
47.6% 0.4% 7.0

Kriknak remains a solid assassin at the beginning of the game who falls off as it goes on. His burst can’t keep up with enemy survivability as they build up items and his skills don’t offer much should he change gears into playing as a bruiser.

+Tier Range: 2 to 4

Arena of Valor GrakkGrakk* 1. Support
2. Roam
49.8% 4.3% 6.5

While we debated Yorn the most, Grakk came in a close second. Grakk has a number of control abilities that can be a big contribution to team fights should they hit. That said, they aren’t the easiest to hit and leave Grakk useless if they are avoided.

*Tier 2 to 4 depending on opponent skill

Arena of Valor IlumiaIlumia+ 1. Damage
2. Roam
52.9% 0.3% 7.0

Ilumia has the potential to do great things. She has a fantastic range and a deceptive amount of damage. That said, she can be hard to use and set up. Other mages will have a much easier time contributing to the team and faster, despite Ilumia’s many strengths. That said, one who learns to make the most of Ilumia’s strengths can find her a capable mage in fights.

+Tier Range: 2 to 3

Arena of Valor Diao ChanDiao Chan 1. Support
2. Roam
48.5% 1.5% 6.5
Diao Chan is similar to Ilumia in that she -can- do a lot for a team but can have a hard time landing her skills. This doesn’t work well in the current meta that is all about heroes that can move around quickly and thereby have an easy time dodging Diao Chan’s abilities.
Arena of Valor ZANISZanis+ 1. Jungle
2. Roam
50.6% 3.0% 6.7

In a bit of a sticky place, poor Zanis doesn’t get much love currently. His numbers are fine, able to deal immense amounts of damage if scaling properly. However, he relies heavily on getting early kills and thereby is shut down by enemies who defend themselves well. There is likely a yet undiscovered strategy in using the Dragoon, but at the moment he lags a bit behind other warriors.

+Tier Range: 2 to 3

Arena of Valor KAHLIIKahlii 1. DS Lane
2. Mid
50.0% 0.5% 6.7
Kahlii is great at laning, but lacks punch in team fights. The ability power bonus granted by her second ability relies on her maintaining a small damage shield and thereby easily dispelled. Her kit feels a bit lacking as well, having to rely on a single ability or auto attacks when her ultimate is down.
Arena of Valor ArduinArduin 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.2% 1.5% 6.1
Arduin has some strength, but it currently comes short of other warriors. His cooldowns are low, allowing him regular use of his abilities, but he will need a lot of tank items to survive larger fights.
Arena of Valor KrixiKrixi 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.7% 1.1% 6.4
Krixi is able to build herself up into dealing large amounts of damage, but takes a long time to get there. Her quick movement speed relies on landing abilities, which themselves have a long cast time that leave her vulnerable.
Arena of Valor Kil'GrothKil’groth 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
47.7% 0.1% 6.1
Able to rip down towers extremely quickly, Kil’groth is a damage machine. That said, he has a very hard time sticking to targets and requires warming up before reaching his full damage potential. Hopefully a future buff will bring him up to a more acceptable strength.

Tier 4

Like we mentioned at the start of this exercise, the heroes here can still perform reasonably well. It just takes special circumstances – lots of experience, an extremely skilled player, amazing team coordination, etc. If you like these heroes, then be our guest. Just don’t come crying to us when the other heroes start running circles around you.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor AleisterAleister# 1. Support
2. Roam
49.7% 1.3% 6.4

Aleister suffers from a heavy lack of mobility. This could be offset by strong abilities, and while his do have considerable power to them, they do not stand up on their own. Aleister works best setting up kills for his allies, a role better filled by a more dedicated support like Ormarr or Alice. If you want to play Aleister, make sure that you have a well coordinated team.

#Tier 2 in organized teams

Arena of Valor VeeraVeera* 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.1% 1.8% 6.2

Veera has some damage potential, but much less than other heroes. What’s more, the burst from her ultimate is countered by heroes simply standing close together. When it comes to burst mages, there are many better picks than Veera.

*Tier 2 to 4, depending on opponent skill

Arena of Valor ValheinValhein+* 1. Damage
2. RNG 2nd stun
49.7% 6.9% 6.4

Valhein is a trap. He is offered to each player when they first start the game, but requires more technical skill than any other marksman in the game. His damage isn’t as impactful as other marksmen and his abilities are so-so, though that can be offset by his varied damage types. The only other things really going for him is a high movement speed after using his ultimate and his stun. He can become an annoying kiter when someone really gets used to his playstyle, but that requires a lot of mindful practice.

+*Tier 2 to 4, depending on player and opponent skill

Arena of Valor OMEGAOmega DS Lane 49.9% 0.3% 5.9
Omega is impressive at ripping down towers. That said, his kit is crippled by how awkward his abilities feel and how slow they are in use. If his first ability worked similarly to Arthur’s rather than requiring a jump animation before landing, he could easily rise one or two tiers.
Arena of Valor ToroToro 1. Support
2. Roam
48.3% 0.4% 6.1
Toro is… just awful. His current kit makes him one of the worst heroes currently available. His abilities are awkward, slow to fire, and very limited in range. He can absorb enemy fire, but enemies will have little real reason to attack him.
Arena of Valor IgnisIgnis 1. Damageless
2. Roam
51.0% 0.3% 6.7
Poor Ignis keeps getting nerfed with each patch that comes out. His damage has been lowered down to nearly ignorable levels, his previously glorious ultimate now a shadow of its former self. They’re not even guaranteed hits, Ignis relying completely on delayed effects and skill shots. He can let out a constant barrage of abilities, which is nice, but they’ll need more punch before he can be properly effective in lane.

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  1. Hi, I always look at your site for reference, will there be a new tier because of the recent patch? Thanks and God Bless.

  2. Thank you this site help a lot in choosing.
    I really mean it when I have a tuff choose I go straight to this site so thank you.

    • They’re both very good, but played differently – Zill is usually a jungler while Raz is a midlaner. Also, Raz mostly pokes until he can find an opening to commit, while Zill is usually aggressive most of the game.

  3. I like how everyone considered Liliana to be SSSSSSSS tier and autobanned instead of TeeMee, and Lauriel to be not as good as Tulen now while you guys still consider Lauriel to be the best.

    • It’s all about context – Lauriel is a lot better when solo-queuing, while it’s possible Tulen is better in a more coordinated environment (not to mention it’s arguably easier to play Tulen, which makes it a safer ban, since it’s likely someone on the other team is capable of playing him). Also, we’re still mulling over everything the patch has done to shift the meta; we’ll probably have version 4 out in a couple weeks once everything settles down.

  4. I would say Ormarr should be in tier SS. I have played many times with ormarr and done very devastating kills. It’s all depend upon how player use Ormarr.

    • After trying ormarr, I’m quite agrre that he should be in higher tier.
      yet he isn’t as imbalance as those heroes on tier SS (except ryoma, i still dunno why he regarded so highly)

  5. I’m kinda new and I just now saved up 18,888 coins and I’m deciding between Lauriel, Tulen, Ryoma, or Omen (mostly the newer heroes). Any suggestions?

    • It really depends on your play style. Omen is more reliant on a set team composition, while Lauriel, Tulen, and Ryoma are more capable of carrying games by themselves. Also, Tulen and Ryoma are very aggressive, but played in different lanes, while Lauriel is used more often to counter-engage. We recommend picking a hero closest to the heroes you’re already proficient with!