Arena of Valor (AoV) - How to Play Mage Heroes: Guide

A guide to mages in Arena of Valor, the two types of mages, their role in each stage of the game, and recommended mages for beginners to use.

How to Play Mage Heroes: Their Important Role

A mage’s main role is dealing damage. Though it might seem obvious, it is important to vary the types of damage your team can deal. When every hero in the team can only deal physical damage, the opponents can easily win by buying armor. To prevent this, there needs to be at least one mage or support on the team. Take note that mages’ normal attacks deal physical damage rather than magic damage.

Burst Mages and Harass Mages

There are generally two types of Mages.

  • Burst mages stop enemy movement before dealing massive amounts of damage. Their role is similar to that of assassins but can perform their combos from a much safer position. When a burst mage has a higher level than their opponent, they can easily kill the opponent with their abilities. When the opponent has the level advantage, however, it is best for burst mages to avoid clashing and focus on farming.
  • Harass mages consistently deal average amounts of damage to enemies. It’s important to stay alive in order to regularly deal as much damage as possible. These mages work similarly to marksmen, though will generally be more vulnerable. When ambushed by an assassin, they have very little chance of survival. Harass mages are generally easier to use than burst mages. Their main role in team fights is to use control abilities and cover teammates from the rear. The only time a harass mage should be defeated is after all other teammates have been defeated.

Recommended Mages for Beginners


Arena of Valor Veera

Veera is a very easy burst mage to use and can be obtained for free. One of Veera’s strong points is her second ability, which chases after the targetted enemy until it hits. The stun it provides gives her enough time to use her other abilities. View Veera’s stats and abilities here and learn how to play her here.


Arena of Valor Azzen'Ka

While Azzen’ka’s abilities need to be aimed, he has a control ability that immobilizes opponents for a very long period of time. He is easy to use as a burst mage that dominates team fights. His passive skill causes opponents to be petrified after three hits from his abilities, which along with his first ability, Sand Punch, gives him and teammates enough time to take out their opponents. View Azzenka’s stats and abilities here and learn how to play him here.


Arena of Valor Kahlii

Kahlii is a harass mage. Her first ability, Eternal Blame, is very strong, slowing and damaging enemies in ways that can’t be ignored. Furthermore, the slow effect can be stacked, so placing it in the perfect location can help teammates escape from opponents or swing team fights in your favor. View Kahlii’s stats and abilities here.

Early Game

Mages Can do Anything

Outside of marksmen, mages have an advantage over all other classes during the early game, particularly because they won’t have any magic defense. Try to farm a lane solo so that you can gain a level advantage over opposing heroes.

Pay Attention to the Jungle

It is much easier for mages to cover the lane when they have a Sage Buff, which can be obtained by killing the Sage Golem. In most cases, junglers will kill all of the monsters in the jungle, but some nice junglers let mages take the Sage Buff. They might use the rally signal or leave the golem with low HP. So that you do not miss opportunities like this, pay attention to the jungle whenever possible.

Mid Game

Help Teammates

Since your normal attacks don’t deal as much damage as other classes like marksmen, mages are not good at destroying towers or killing monsters in the jungle. Therefore mages should focus on helping teammates mid-game. Always keep an eye on the map and help anyone who is being attacked or attacking the Abyssal Dragon. Watch out for assassins when moving around the map alone.

Late Game

Aim for Marksmen

In team fights, mages should aim for the enemy marksman and prevent them from dealing damage. The marksman doesn’t need to be killed as long as they are prevented from attacking. Use control abilities on them to allow teammates to pick them off. Once the marksman is killed, the enemy team will lose their firepower and thereby be much easier to defeat. Just don’t push too hard, since mages aren’t the kind of class that can withstand much damage.

If the enemy’s main source of damage is not a marksman, aim for their main damage dealer instead.

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