Arena of Valor (AoV) - Mid Lane Guide

Learn the basics of pushing through and controlling the Mid Lane in Arena of Valor. The middle lane has the best access to all of the other lanes, making it an ideal place for someone who likes ganking to support their teammates.

Mid Lane Game Flow

What is the Mid Lane?

Mid lane runs through the middle of the map and is a very important position. Since mid lane is located in the center of the map, they have the easiest time walking to the other lanes to assist. Players in the middle lane have to keep an eye on the map and help top or bot lanes when they are in trouble. On the other hand, mid lane is risky. Open on both sides with large areas of high grass, it the easiest of the lanes to ambush.

Which Hero Should go to the Mid Lane?

Heroes that can quickly take out minions are best suited for mid lane, since they can use the time between waves to gank the other lanes. Mage heroes are the most recommended, marksmen heroes also well suited to the lane.

Early Game

Take out enemy minions from a position where it’s difficult for opponents to ambush you. Getting too close to the enemy’s tower will make it easy for their jungler to gank and kill you. After clearing a wave, head to one of the other lanes to gank if possible. If the opponents at the top or bottom lanes are playing safe and staying under their tower, there won’t be much to do. However, a successful gank will give your team an advantage in the early game.
When teammates are attacking the Abyssal Dragon, it’s better to clear the minions before helping teammates. Leaving the minions makes the attack on the dragon obvious and thereby gives your opponents an opening to contest the dragon or push down a tower.

Mid Game

The mid game usually starts after the tier one towers start falling.


It’s very important for mage heroes stick to their teammates and ambush opponents. Mage heroes will most likely have some crowd control. Control abilities will be easier to land if the enemy is unaware of your position, so hiding in the bush before attacking is effective


A marksman’s goal is to participate in every fight that occurs from mid game onward. A marksman’s firepower will be a huge asset to their team in any fight they’re a part of.

Keep in mind that mage and marksman heroes are squishy, so one bad move can lead to dying. Avoid wandering around alone too much when you don’t know the opponent’s position.

Late Game

The importance of the mid lane decreases as the game goes on. Winning team fights is much more important late game, so stick with your team rather than your lane. Be careful of the enemy minions as they slowly creep down empty lanes to destroy your towers. Keep them in check to avoid any unnecessary losses. Always stick with your team unless you are organizing a split-pushing strategy. There is next to no reason to be wandering around alone at this stage of the game.

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