Arena of Valor (AoV) - AIC 2018 Begins Tomorrow

The Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018 kicks-off tomorrow (November 23, 2018). Sixteen teams from various regions cast their eyes on the coveted championship title to cement their dominance in the game's biggest tournament to date.

Arena of Valor International Championships (AIC) 2018 Begins Tomorrow, November 23, 2018

Sixteen of the best Arena of Valor teams from around the world are set to battle it out in the game’s biggest competitive stage since the AWC 2018 – The Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018. Featuring a prize pool of $600,000 USD, the AIC is set to make history with the largest pot ever put at stake for the mobile gaming category. The tournament will be held  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand from November 23 to December 16, 2018.

Below is the trailer for AIC 2018 released by Tencent.

Source: Arena of Valor YouTube

Qualified Teams and Groupings

As reported in our previous article, the 16 teams to compete in AIC 2018 were decided from various regional qualifier tournaments, concluding with Vietnam’s Arena of Glory (AOG) Winter Championship. What followed was a Group Draw event to decide the groupings of the 16 teams during the Knockout and Group Stages.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team Flash (Vietnam) Bazaar Gaming (Thailand) AHQ e-Sports Club (South Korea) J Team (Taiwan)
XDEE Gaming (India) Tamago (MSP) Flash Wolves  (Taiwan) Saudara e-Sports (Indonesia)
Toyota Diamond Cobra (Thailand) Oh My God (China) Nova Esports (South America) ALPHA Red (Thailand)
Nova Esports (Europe) OverClockerS (Vietnam) Swing Phantom (Vietnam) Allegiance (North America)

AIC 2018 Match Schedules (Knockout Stage)

The schedule for the AIC 2018’s Knockout Stage was released by on the Arena of Valor Official MSP Facebook page (and thus all times listed are GMT+8).

Knockout Stage – Day 1 (Friday, November 23, 2018)

Time Match
17:15 Flash Wolves  (Taiwan) vs Nova Esports (South America)
18:45 Allegiance (North America) vs Saudara e-Sports (Indonesia)
20:30 XDEE Gaming (India) vs Toyota Diamond Cobra (Thailand)
22:00 OverClockers (Vietnam) vs Tamago (MSP)

Knockout Stage – Day 2 (Saturday, November 24, 2018)

Time Match
15:00 Tamago (MSP) vs Oh My God (China)
16:30 Nova Esports (South America) vs Swing Phantom (Vietnam)
18:15 Toyota Diamond Cobra (Thailand) vs Nova Esports (Europe)
19:45 Saudara e-Sports (Indonesia) vs ALPHA Red (Thailand)

Knockout Stage – Day 3 (Sunday, November 25, 2018)

Time Match
15:00 ALPHA Red (Thailand) vs Allegiance (North America)
16:30 Oh My God (China) vs OverClockers (Vietnam)
18:15 Nova Esports (Europe) vs XDEE Gaming (India)
19:45 Swing Phantom (Vietnam) vs Flash Wolves (Taiwan)

AIC 2018 Predictions (Knockout and Group Stages)

Samurai Gamers’ head writer DTwo gave his predictions on which teams are likely to make it out of the Knockout and Group Stages. You can watch the predictions piece below on our YouTube channel or read our predictions article here.

AIC 2018 will be streamed live on the Arena of Valor Official Facebook page as well as the Arena of Valor Official MSP YouTube channel (update: according to a Reddit post by ArenaofValorOfficial, it will also be streamed to AoV’s Twitch Channel and the official AoV YouTube Channel).

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