Arena of Valor (AoV) - AIC 2018 Knockout Stage Results (Esports Roundup November 26, 2018)

The Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018 Knockout Stage concludes as eight teams advance to the Group Stage, while four are eliminated. The Knockout Stage matches were held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from November 23 to 25, 2018.

Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018 Knockout Stage Results

AIC 2018

The Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018 kicked-off last Friday (November 23, 2018) with the tournament’s Knockout Stage. Twelve teams were split into four groups and battled each other in best-of-three (Bo3) games to decide who goes home and who moves on to the Group Stage of the tournament.

Group A

Group A Knockout Stage Final Standings
Place Team Record Result
1 Toyota Diamond Cobra (Thailand) 2-0 Moves to Group Stage
2 Nova Esports (Europe) 2-2 Moves to Group Stage
3 ExDee Gaming (India) 0-2 Eliminated

A dominating performance from Thailand’s Toyota Diamond Cobra overwhelmed Europe’s Nova Esports and India’s ExDee Gaming during the Knockout Stage to end their series with a clean 2-0 record. It should be noted that three players from Toyota Diamond Cobra are from Alpha X, the same team that won The PVP Esports Arena of Valor Championship in Singapore this year. With their previous victory as momentum, Toyota Diamond Cobra came out on top of their group’s Knockout stage, followed by Nova Esports Europe. Unfortunately, India’s ExDee Gaming (despite having experienced the international competitive scene during the PVP tournament as well) will go home early  again this year at AIC without a single win from their matches.

Group B

Group B Knockout Stages Final Standings
Place Team Record Result
1 Oh My God (China) 2-0 Moves to Group Stage
2 OverClockers (Vietnam) 1-1 Moves to Group Stage
3 Tamago (MSP) 0-2 Eliminated

A somewhat level playing field was displayed during the Group B Knockout Stage where all three teams managed to score at least one match in a particular series. Vietnam’s OverClockers won against Tamago from MSP, though not without the latter team winning one game for themselves to end the series 2-1 (in favor of OverClockers) in Day 1. China’s Oh My God then swept Tamago on Day 2 and seized victory again 2-1 against OverClockers in Day 3. Oh My God, despite playing a different version of the game, reigned supreme by prioritizing heroes such as Superman and Maloch that dominate the Kings of Glory (KOG) meta. MSP’s Tamago end their journey in the AIC this year by finishing last in their group.

Group C

Group C Knockout Stages Final Standings
Place Team Record Result
1 Flash Wolves (Taiwan) 2-0 Moves to Group Stage
2 Swing Phantom (Vietnam) 1-1 Moves to Group Stage
3 Nova Esports (South America) 0-2 Eliminated

The Group C Knockout stage was a Flash Wolves show for the most part, with the team coming into the Group Stage with a clean record. Flash Wolves from Taiwan defeated South America’s Nova Esports South America 2-0 on Day 1. The South America representatives found themselves again on hard times against Swing Phantom from Vietnam, continuing the former’s losing streak without a single win on Day 2 due to late-game fumbles. On Day 3, Vietnam’s Swing Phantom tried to contest Flash Wolves’ dominance, but late game team fights in favor of the Taiwan team proved disastrous for Swing Phantom to even score a single win against their opponents. Finishing last, Nova Esports South America will not move on to the Group Stage.

Group D

Group B Knockout Stages Final Standings
Place Team Record Result
1 ALPHA Red (Thailand) 2-0 Moves to Group Stage
2 Allegiance (North America) 1-1 Moves to Group Stage
3 Saudara e-Sports (Indonesia) 0-2 Eliminated

Day 1 of Group D’s Knockout Stage began with North America’s Allegiance showing a very convincing win against Indonesia’s Saudara e-Sports (2-0 in favor of Allegiance). Saudara e-Sports would go on to lose all their games in Day 2 against ALPHA Red from Thailand, cementing the latter’s reputation as one of the top teams to watch at the AIC this year. ALPHA Red then maintained supremacy in Day 3 by soundly defeating Allegiance who where under constant pressure from all lanes (despite having early map control) and overextending on the side lanes.  Indonesia’s Saudara e-Sports will be dropped from the group for placing last.

AIC 2018 Group Stage

The AIC 2018 Group Stage is scheduled for November 30 to December 1, 2018, in Bangkok Thailand. The two teams from each group during the Knockout Stage will be joined by their respective seed teams indicated in bold below.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team Flash (Vietnam) Bazaar Gaming (Thailand) AHQ e-Sports Club (South Korea) J Team (Taiwan)
Toyota Diamond Cobra (Thailand) Oh My God (China) Flash Wolves  (Taiwan) ALPHA Red (Thailand)
Nova Esports (Europe) OverClockerS (Vietnam) Swing Phantom (Vietnam) Allegiance (North America)

AIC 2018 is streamed live on AoV’s Twitch Channel, the official AoV YouTube Channel, the official Arena of Valor Facebook page as well as the official Arena of Valor MSP YouTube channel.

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