Arena of Valor (AoV) - How to Play Support Heroes: Guide

A guide to supports in Arena of Valor, their role in each stage of the game, and a brief description of the supports in the game.

How to Play Support Heroes: Their Role

Support heroes show their true strength when they are with teammates. Unlike support champions in League of Legends, support heroes in Arena of Valor can be played a bit aggressively, having a bit of damage at their disposal. Support is the least popular class in AoV, but can be some of the biggest helps to a team’s strength.

Support Guide


Arena of Valor Mganga
Mganga is a mage-support hybrid, able to heal with his damaging abilities. It might not seem like he’s dealing much damage, but his poison can easily finish enemies off. View Mganga’s stats and abilities here.


Arena of Valor Chaugnar
Chaugnar is frequently used in world tournaments. His abilities allow him to remove all control effects from himself and nearby teammates, slow opponents down, as well as increased movement speed. He can spam some of these abilities for a short period of time after using his ultimate ability, as well. Also, due to him also being a tank, he can play rather recklessly in comparison to other support heroes.  View Chaugnar’s stats and abilities here.


Arena of Valor Alice
Alice has a very powerful ultimate ability that is especially effective in team fights. The opponents affected by it are slowed and have their magic resistance reduced, making it very easy for teammates to score kills. Though she isn’t the kind of hero that gets many kills of her own, she can still contribute a lot to the team with assists. View Alice’s stats and abilities here and learn how to play her here.


Arena of Valor Peura / Payna
The effects of Peura’s abilities can be difficult to notice during matches. Her first ability, Healing Light, not only heals herself and nearby teammates but also increases their attack speed. Her ultimate ability also has a number of effects given to opponents and teammates in its area of effect. View Peura’s stats and abilities here.


Arena of Valor Lumburr
Lumburr might seem like a pure tank when looking at his abilities, but his passive ability makes him an effective support as well. This increases the armor and magic defense of whichever nearby teammate has the lowest HP. His ultimate ability, Earth Splitter, is useful as well. The slow effect makes it nearly impossible for opponents to get through the affected area. View Lumburr’s stats and abilities here and learn how to play him here.

Early Game

Stay in the Lane

Supports should go to the Abyssal Dragon lane so that they are able to help the team whenever they attack the dragon. The only support that can stay in a lane alone is Chaugnar, but it is much better to cooperate with a teammate. Stay in the lane until the tower falls.

Mid Game

Pay Attention to the Map

Once towers start to fall, Supports can go to different lanes to help out their teammates. Always keep an eye on the map so that you are able to help teammates at all times. Be careful when moving around the map alone, however, since enemy junglers will be looking for easy prey during the mid-game.

Late Game

Protect Attackers

Supports are very powerful in team fights since their abilities strengthen their allies and weaken opponents. Their control abilities make it much easier and safer for the attackers to score kills. It’s also important to protect the attackers, as it is difficult to score any kills without them.

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