Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arena of Valor Hero Tier List (Fourth Edition)

A rating list of the strength of heroes (characters) in Arena of Valor organized and separated by tier ranking with an explanation for their placement on the list.
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Update May 22, 2018: Added The Flash

List includes heroes (champions) from the Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia (Malaysia / Philippines / Singapore), and India servers.

Arena of Valor Hero Tier List

Arena of Valor Hero Tier List


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Samurai Gamers Arena of Valor Hero Tier List! This list is an attempt to rank heroes based on their effectiveness in all levels of ranked play. It is based off of our (Master-rank) opinion, with weight given to high-level players’ opinions and certain heroes’ ban, pick, and win rates in professional matches.

Keep in mind that heroes are judged on their own merits, and not as part of very specific team compositions – though being viable in multiple situations is a big plus. Therefore, the list should be viewed based on heroes’ potential in solo-queue, without the need for heavy team cooperation or organization. That all said, we’ve affixed separate symbols to characters whose value changes dramatically when played either solo or in an organized team.

Changes From the Third List

  • Added Wisp (technically added to the 3rd edition a few days before the writing of this edition)
  • Removed the * mark, added the ^ mark

Arena of Valor’s esports scene is picking up, boasting large-scale tournaments like North America and Europe’s Valor Series, Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines’ Valor Cup, Taiwan’s GCS, Indonesia’s Star League, Thailand’s Pro League, and more. The extra competition gives us ample opportunity to compare the strengths of heroes on ladder and in organized, professional environments. In response, we’ve removed the * mark, which denoted heroes who performed better with weak opposition, and replaced it with the ^ mark, to denote heroes who perform best in solo queue rather than in an organized setting.

Further, the version 13 patch shifted our tier list a bit, moving many heroes toward the middle of the pack: in our third edition, the number of heroes in each tier (SS to 4) was 5-10-13-17-13-6, while that has moved to 4-11-16-18-11-5 for this list. If the trend continues for future patches, we’ll be forced to really split hairs down the road.

A few weeks after the third edition went up, we added the Win Rates, Play Rates, and KDA of heroes, taken from the official Arena of Valor site. Those numbers haven’t changed – we’re still unsure what time period the numbers were from – but we’ll try to secure updated numbers from Tencent or Garena in the future.

Before we get to the list, we need to remind everyone that all the heroes in Arena of Valor are capable of winning at very high levels – yes, even those down in Tier 4. Picking a hero from the top of this list won’t immediately vault you to Master rank, just like buying a new tennis racket won’t turn you into Roger Federer. Playing any hero in any role requires good game sense, knowledge, intuition, and practice. And if you’re most comfortable making plays with good ol’ Ignis, don’t let those meanies in the match lobby bully you into switching to someone more “meta.”

Now, on to the list.



All heroes can be strong or weak given a particular situation. We’ve done our best to rank them based on their average strength, but some heroes’ levels fluctuate wildly depending on their circumstances:

  • “+” denotes a hero whose rating is highly dependent on the player’s skill – more so than your typical hero. For instance, a capable Yorn can dish out insane damage from afar while pushing towers relentlessly (and thus belongs in Tier 1), whereas a Yorn who is constantly out of position will be the deciding factor in a decidedly bad way.
  • “^” denotes a hero who performs better in a solo queue setting than in an organized or cooperative team environment. In the typical chaos of ranked play, Tel’Annas will demolish anyone who gets caught in her attack range, while teams who play together will jump her the instant they smell an opportunity.
  • “#” denotes a hero who is much more effective in an organized or cooperative team setting. Though Mina can’t do much by herself, she is a terror if her team cooperates with her.


These are different from the roles delineated in the game; instead, they are the roles (1 being their primary role) that optimize the character’s functionality throughout a game of Arena of Valor.

  • Jungle – You’re the jungler. Go do jungly things.
  • DS Lane – Dark Slayer Lane. You’re good at solo-laning. Sit in the corner and soak those minion waves.
  • Roam – A nebulous term meaning you should be looking to make plays by invading, contesting objectives, or ganking with your team. Sometimes, though, you’re the one sitting behind a tower clearing waves 1v2 while your teammates have all the fun.
  • Support – Characters who fare much better when travelling with a damage-dealing ally. These are technically all “roam” characters.
  • Damage – Follow up on your team’s initiation by bringing the heat. Otherwise, just poke. Position-wise, you roam or hide under the tower in the Abyssal Lane.
  • Mid – Solo-lane (middle) early game, roam when you’re sufficiently farmed up.

Note that “Roam,” “Support,” and “Damage” can all refer to characters who start off a typical game in the Abyssal Dragon lane.

Tier SS

More or less the God Tier, these heroes are so powerful, it usually takes multiple heroes on the opposing team to take them down.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor SupermanSuperman 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.0% 1.9% 6.5
Despite the tiny nerf he received in version 13, Superman is still a powerhouse. Fast, strong, and durable, the whole enemy team has to work to shut down a good Superman. This can make him a very frustrating hero to play against and he has a clear power advantage over pretty much every other hero in the game.
Arena of Valor RyomaRyoma 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
51.3% 1.3% 6.7
Ryoma got a bit of a reduction in damage, but still has a rather strong and bursty kit. He remains an exceptional DS laner and has a lot of potential in controlling and bursting down enemies he comes across.
Arena of Valor MuradMurad Jungle 48.9% 1.6% 6.7
While the most difficult of the SS heroes, Murad’s influence over matches can’t be denied. Highly mobile and powerful, this assassin needs immediate focus in fights if his enemies hope to survive.
Arena of Valor VioletViolet 1. Damage
2. Jungle
50.0% 4.3% 6.6
Another patch, another Violet nerf. They are starting to wear on her and the tumbling marksman is starting to fall down to the level of other heroes. That said, she is still an exceptionally capable marksman. Her passive nerf makes her take a bit longer in the jungle, but the tweak to Soulreaver should keep jungle Violet a viable option to those who love the character.

Tier S

Tier S heroes can feel unfairly strong, though there is a bit of counter play possible.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor The FlashThe Flash
Added 2018/05/22
1. Mid
2. Jungle
The Flash is a bit like the mage version of Murad: extremely mobile while capable of outputting tons of damage. He’s slightly easier to catch, however, and the vacuum from Cyclone can be difficult to land without help from your teammates, all of which keeps him from being in the SS tier. Still, he’s a force to be reckoned with.
Arena of Valor LaurielLauriel 1. Mid
2. Roam
51.4% 1.9% 7.2
While still a very powerful and influential mage, Lauriel has finally been knocked down a tier. The nerf to her slow will give players a chance to escape from her assault. Don’t confuse this with weakness, however, as her damage and survivability are still very high. Those caught in her ultimate will soon find out everything that she has to offer.
Arena of Valor MalochMaloch 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.8% 0.1% 6.7
He had a bit of a shift in stats, having to rely a bit more on attack damage-providing items to be effective. That said, the giant demon is still a terrifying initiator and an extremely hard threat to deal with in fights.
Arena of Valor ZillZill 1. Jungle
2. Roam
48.4% 1.4% 6.9
Unchanged by the recent patch, Zill remains a very potent jungler with amazing ganking potential. His ultimate can burst enemies down incredibly quickly and the mobility provided by his jump makes him rather slippery in fights.
Arena of Valor XenielXeniel+ DS Lane

A bit weakened by the patch, Xeniel remains a very capable tank. He has good amounts of damage, is exceptionally durable, and can split push without abandoning his team due to his ultimate. His presence on the battlefield forces the opposing team to strategize around him, making his strength undeniable.

+Tier Range: SS to 1

Arena of Valor TulenTulen 1. Mid
2. Roam
49.8% 2.3% 7.1
Tulen got a bit of a nerf in the patch, but remains a very potent finisher. He will have to be a bit more cautious in the early game, but is still able to deal heavy amounts of damage while remaining very mobile.
arena of valor TeeMeeTeeMee 1. Support
2. Roam
A bit slower to engage now, TeeMee remain an exceptional support. Their ultimate retains all of its power and will be able to pull both them and an ally from the brink when needed. Their ability scalings are still very high as well, keeping them comfortably in S tier.
Arena of Valor RazRaz+ 1. Mid
2. Roam
46.6% 2.1% 6.0

While not quite as potent as the other S tier mages, Raz has the potential to be an extremely deadly force in fights. The recent tweak to his passive makes it much easier for people to pick up and perform devastating combos with.

+Tier Range: S to 1

Arena of Valor ZephysZephys 1. Jungle
2. Roam
52.4% 1.3% 7.3
Zephys remains one of the game’s premiere junglers. He has large amounts of damage, durability, and mobility. He is a very solid pick who can devastate enemy teams without putting himself at terrible risk.
Arena of Valor ChaugnarChaugnar+ 1. Support
2. Roam
51.9% 1.0% 6.9

A great support tank whose ability to peel away control abilities can drastically upset enemy strategies. Don’t let the tank/support label fool you either: the elephant’s got some damage as well. Given the game’s heavy focus on crowd control, a way out of enemy traps is a huge benefit to any team.

+Tier Range: S to 1

Arena of Valor LilianaLiliana+ 1. Mid
2. Roam

Liliana’s power and mobility make her a very fearsome mage. With a wide variety of abilities and high damage potential, she can take control of a battle very easily. That said, she does not necessarily shine brighter than the other mages in this tier, so will remain in S for now.

+Tier Range: SS to 1

Arena of Valor MaxMax+ 1. DS Lane
2. Roam

Max can completely disrupt enemy teams and, like Xeniel, is able to jump into fights no matter where they may be. He saw a slight reduction in his passive’s strength this patch, but still remains a terrifying force in fights.

+Tier Range: SS to 2

Tier 1

The best of the “balanced” heroes, a whopping four heroes moved up into Tier 1 as a result of patch 13.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor The JokerThe Joker 1. Mid
2. Jungle
49.3% 1.8% 6.8
The Joker has an immense amount of damage potential through his abilities. He can immediately destroy squishier enemies and is rather slippery as a result of Pick a Card, Any Card. The Soulreaver change unlocks the ability to jungle as The Joker, though we prefer equipping it and heading to the mid lane anyway.
Arena of Valor BatmanBatman+ 1. Jungle
2. Roam
51.1% 0.9% 7.5

With damage that can very quickly destroy squishy enemies, Batman remains a very powerful jungling choice. His stealth can either allow him to quickly get close to enemy damage dealers or to scout out enemy territory without fear of getting jumped.

+Tier Range: S to 3

Arena of Valor ThaneThane 1. Support
2. Roam
50.5% 2.6% 6.3
Thane is one of the best pure tanks in the game. With a large selection of control abilities at his disposal, the hero is able to easily lock down his opponents. Not strictly limited to support, his ultimate acts as a powerful finisher that can turn battles to his team’s favor.
Arena of Valor OmenOmen# 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
A very powerful force in the Dark Slayer lane and a counter to many of the more powerful heroes on this list, Omen has a lot of potential in his kit. Though he is effective in any situation, Omen’s potential as a counter-pick to, say, Superman makes him invaluable in organized play.

#Tier Range: S to 1

Arena of Valor JinnarJinnar 1. Roam
2. Mid
48.4% 0.3% 6.6
Despite what we felt was a comfortably balanced position before the patch, Jinnar received a number of buffs that pushed him up into Tier 1. Now a powerful magical bruiser, the main thing that seems to be keeping Jinnar from more regular play is the popularity of the S+ mages.
Arena of Valor LU-BULu Bu 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
48.8% 1.3% 6.2
Lu Bu is a fearsome warrior with the potential to completely wreck enemies in skirmishes. We considered bumping him up to S after observing some skilled players using him, but think that he still falls short of some of the others on that list. He still remains a very capable warrior and a great choice in most teams.
Arena of Valor Wu KongWukong Jungle 48.8% 1.9% 6.6
Our favorite monkey king got a buff to keep him more viable later in the game. While he still will remain vulnerable to enemy control effects and burst damage, skilled Wukong players should have less of a problem getting around enemies and causing squishing enemies to immediately explode.
Arena of Valor OrmarrOrmarr 1. Support
2. Roam
47.9% 1.0% 5.9
Probably the face of Tier 1, Ormarr is a very capable warrior who excels at setting up kills for his team. While very strong, he doesn’t have anything that stands out as ridiculous or game-breaking like those of the above tiers. Ormarr should remain a favorite among roamers and a terrifying force in fights.
Arena of Valor ZukaZuka 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
48.6% 0.8% 6.3
Zuka has a lot of potential for damage, but isn’t quite as tanky or slippery as stronger junglers. That said, he has very little problem jumping into the middle of team fights and roughing up all around him. A solid pick both for the jungle and Dark Slayer Lane when necessary.
Arena of Valor ArthurArthur^ 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.7% 6.6% 6.5
While having garnered a bit of a poor reputation due to his status as a free hero, Arthur has a lot in his kit to terrorize enemies with. He is extremely quick and excels at bursting down fleeing enemies, all while remaining fairly chunky in terms of defense.
Arena of Valor AiriAiri 1. Jungle
2. DS Lane
49.0% 1.0% 6.6
Airi is a great warrior, able to excel in both the DS lane or the jungle. Boasting high amounts of damage, several dashes, and an impressive ultimate, Airi can tear up enemy teams and escape before danger finds its way to her. She also doesn’t have the same game-changing potential of S or SS heroes, so will remain comfortably in Tier 1
Arena of Valor TelannasTel’Annas^ 1. Damage
2. Roam
51.8% 4.4% 6.8
Tel’annas is an effective marksman who can cause a lot of havoc from afar. While she heavily relies on her team to protect her in order to shine, she can trap and destroy most enemies who wander into her considerable range. Admittedly, she works best in solo queue where people will be less likely to gang up on the poor girl.
Arena of Valor Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.4% 1.7% 7.1
A titan of a Dark Slayer laner, Wonder Woman has become a favorite to many in game. She has damage, durability, and some decent initiation tools. It takes an organized team to take full potential of her ultimate, but this doesn’t keep her from being a monster in solo queue as well.
Arena of Valor CreshtCresht 1. DS Lane
2. Support
49.6% 1.4% 6.7
Cresht has shown himself to be a great babysitter and an effective tank. His ultimate is devastating, able to completely flip fights on its own. His size alone can coerce enemies into attacking him, everyone wanting to get their hands on his fishy man beef.
Arena of Valor Kil'GrothKil’groth 1. DS Lane
2. Jungle
47.7% 0.1% 6.1
Receiving a phenomenal amount of buffs, Kil’groth has sprung up from the bottom of the list up to Tier 1. Now able to stick to his enemies and more quickly get his damage ready, the aquatic warrior is finally seeing some play.
Arena of Valor PreytaPreyta 1. Mid
2. Roam
49.6% 0.3% 6.7
Preyta’s change brought his Plague Specter to act as we had previously assumed it did. In addition, all of the changes in the patch were huge quality-of-life improvements, making him easier to play and easier to land his (newly increased) damage.

Tier 2

Like Tier 1, four heroes rose from lower ranks into Tier 2, so that it now comprises 28% of the total heroes. As more heroes get pushed toward the center, we’ll look at splitting up tier 2, but for now these heroes all feel similar in strength.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor SlimzSlimz+ 1. Damage
2. Jungle
50.0% 0.5% 6.7

We know that this is going to upset some people, however when discussing heroes for this list we decided that Slimz wasn’t quite on par with other Tier 1 heroes after his nerf. Should a player be great at his spears, they can cause true havoc, but the reliance on both a difficult skill shot and expending his escape for damage make him a bit more situational in power than others.

+Tier Range: 1 to 3

Arena of Valor FennikFennik 1. Damage
2. Jungle
47.2% 0.7% 6.2
Fennik is a monster early game but lacks some of the late game impact that other marksmen have. His effectiveness falls off the more enemies there are in an encounter, making him a bit less reliable of a damage dealer than some others. That said, his ability to rip down towers and jungle camps is nearly unparalleled, so a good Fennik will be able to cause a lot of havoc across the battlefield.
Arena of Valor LindisLindis+ 1. Damage
2. Jungle

Lindis is a bit of an odd bird. Like Fennik, she can do serious amounts of damage early game. She shines the most in the jungle, able to maintain her high movement speed by darting through its brush. That said, she also lacks the same late game impact that other marksmen have, so will need to capitalize on the early game to win.

+Tier Range: 1 to 3

Arena of Valor AliceAlice# 1. Support
2. Roam
54.1% 1.1% 7.2
A powerful support, Alice can be a huge help to her team. She is completely reliant on allies, however, and can be helpless if forced into a lane alone by a disorganized team. A good Alice will have her team protected, sped up, and pouncing on disabled enemies often, making her a valuable pick to many.
Arena of Valor KAHLIIKahlii 1. Mid
2. Roam
50.0% 0.5% 6.7
Second only to Kil’groth in the amount of buffs received, Kahlii has found herself suddenly with a lot more power than she previously knew. The spirit of vengeance now boasts a much stronger laning presence and impactful ult. Fans will find that she is now a rather capable mage and able to contribute quite a bit to her team in fights.
Arena of Valor NatalyaNatalya 1. Damage
2. Roam
48.8% 1.9% 6.8
Natalya got a bit of a buff in the form of faster spells. Now harder to dodge, players will find her more effective in matches, with spells harder to simply dodge. That said, she still does not have quite the reliable impact as other mages, requiring very skilled hands to get all of her considerable damage out.
Arena of Valor TaaraTaara^ 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
49.3% 1.0% 6.5
Taara is a great character whose main flaw is her complete reliance on her regeneration. Heroes are often centered around a single mechanic, but health regeneration is completely countered by items readily available and effective to pretty much every hero in the game.
Arena of Valor NakrothNakroth+ Jungle 43.5% 0.5% 5.9

Hailed by many to be one of the most fun heroes in the game, Nakroth has the ability to truly excel. This requires quite a bit of skill, however, much more than other heroes in the same role. He can also be completely shut down if stunned, suffering from a natural squishiness.

+Tier Range: S to 4

Arena of Valor PaynaPeura/Payna 1. Support
2. Roam
53.4% 0.3% 6.9
While a bit less reliable than other supports, Peura can offer a lot to her team through healing and crowd control. That said, her ultimate is easier to dodge than we’d like, and she is rather squishy without her passive.
Arena of Valor astridAstrid 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
51.0% 0.5% 6.3
Astrid got some hefty changes this patch, dramatically increasing the benefits that she received from attack damage. That said, the rework didn’t do much to raise her influence in the game, simply shifting her play style. While Astrid is still capable of pulling her weight in matches, she won’t have the same influence that stronger warriors might have in the match.
Arena of Valor SkudSkud# 1. Support
2. DS Lane
47.2% 0.4% 5.9

Skud got a tidy buff this patch, an added effect given to Boiling Blood. While it won’t turn him into a terror on the battlefield, we feel that he is now easier for users to approach and will have an easier time being played at a competent level.

#Tier 1 in organized teams

Arena of Valor ButterflyButterfly^ Jungle 49.8% 6.4% 7.1

Butterfly is a great finisher and can perform some gruesome ganks with a bit of set up. That said, players have learned to play around her at higher ranks and organized play and thereby leave her unable to perform well. At lower to mid ranks, however, she can be a very effective jungler when used properly.

Arena of Valor MinaMina# 1. Support
2. Roam
52.1% 1.1% 6.1

While not the best at soaking damage for her team, Mina is great at controlling opponents. Being able to force mages to normal attacks is a big plus as well. In many ways, she’s a Grakk with more versatility in exchange for a shorter range.

#Tier 1 in organized teams

Arena of Valor MorenMoren 1. Damage
2. Jungle
48.6% 0.3% 6.3
Moren remains a competent marksman with decent jungling potential. He additionally is deceptively durable for a marksman, able to take quite a bit of punishment after building up a few marks. The main thing holding him back for higher tiers is how long it takes for him to reach his power spike and become truly deadly.
Arena of Valor WispWisp 1. Damage
2. Jungle

Wisp is capable of outputting incredible AoE damage to the opposing team with Loose Cannon, but has to use her only escape tool in order to do so. Similarly, Shock and Awe is extremely potent but on long enough of a cooldown that it can’t consistently be relied on in fights. Lastly, Barrel Bomb is unreliable, and her passive is nearly non-existent. As is always the case with new heroes, players may yet discover new play styles that unlock a higher potential, but for now Wisp appears to be in the second tier of marksmen.

Arena of Valor KriknakKriknak 1. Jungle
2. Roam
47.6% 0.4% 7.0

Kriknak saw a surge in play before the patch hit, as players made great use of his mobility and damage to snowball games in their favor. While he had a number of changes this patch, they were steps sideways rather than steps forward. Some of his late game strength was shifted to his early game. This seemed a bit odd, as Kriknak is the most effective in the earlier stages of the game. Either way, he remains a very competent jungler and deserving of the popularity he has recently been enjoying.

Arena of Valor LumburrLumburr 1. Support
2. Roam
52.3% 0.4% 6.6
Many have discovered Lumburr recently, highlighting play levels with him that we were previously unaware of. While lacking some of the durability or effectiveness as some, Lumburr has proven to be a capable tank and a great babysitter for squishy allies.
Arena of Valor YornYorn+ 1. Damage
2. Mid
50.6% 6.0% 6.5

Players seem to have gotten a handle on Yorn’s play style and we have been seeing more and more skilled players using him. He boasts a long range and intense damage to make up for his lackluster mobility. While not the end-all-be-all of marksmen, we felt he deserved to be considered on-par with many of his peers

+Tier Range: 1 to 4

Tier 3

The heroes in Tier 3 lack in mobility, damage, or utility compared to other heroes.

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor GildurGildur 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.7% 1.0% 6.2
The more we look at Gildur, the less impressive he seems to be. His damage is lackluster and his impact on team fights is strictly tied to his ultimate. His passive’s explosion has a long enough animation that it is possible for heroes to walk out of its range without being affected. Overall, he will need a bit more attention if he wants to be as brilliant as the gold he wears.
Arena of Valor Azzen'KaAzzen’Ka 1. Damage
2. Roam
52.6% 1.1% 6.7
Still a mage that struggles to keep up with his all-star peers. His main asset is his control, which can be annoying to deal with when used properly, but ultimately isn’t enough to make him a viable choice over higher-tiered alternatives.
Arena of Valor MgangaMganga 1. Mid
2. Roam
52.7% 2.9% 7.0
Mganga has his fingers in too many pies. He can damage some, heal some, and possible tank some if built as such. However he will generally be outshone by others who specialize in their roles and thereby won’t have the biggest impact on fights. Some players have found ways to make his poisons rather potent and meaningful in fights, keeping him from being complete garbage in the right hands.
Arena of Valor GrakkGrakk^ 1. Support
2. Roam
49.8% 4.3% 6.5

Grakk can be a great initiator for fights and source of control in skirmishes. That said, his hook can be easily dodged by savvy opponents. Should he miss with his abilities, he is next to useless until it comes off of cooldown once more. Something more dynamic would be really welcome in his kit to keep him strong in fights when his hook isn’t available.

Arena of Valor IlumiaIlumia+ 1. Damage
2. Roam
52.9% 0.3% 7.0

Ilumia has some big fans despite her rather difficult kit. She has potential to cause havoc in team fights and can directly counter Xeniel’s ultimate. That said, Ilumia’s influence is rather lacking outside of her ultimate. Her damage can be unimpressive which is double damning when tied to an easy-to-dodge skill. Her abysmal movement speed only makes matters worse, really leaving the goddess in a troubling state.

+Tier Range: 2 to 3

Arena of Valor Diao ChanDiao Chan 1. Damage
2. Roam
48.5% 1.5% 6.5
While able to do respectable amounts of damage and set fights well, Diao Chan’s stun is too hard to hit to be considered reliable. She is also extremely vulnerable when casting her ultimate, its reliance on RNG not helping either. While a good Diao Chan player is certainly possible, they are going to have to work much harder than other mages to excel.
Arena of Valor ZANISZanis+ 1. Jungle
2. Roam
50.6% 3.0% 6.7

It’s always feast or famine with Zanis players. He either gets some early kills and becomes an indomitable force or lags behind and is nearly useless. We put him down here due to how reliant he is on the early game, not really able to do much to come back after a bad start. In addition, it takes a player who rather knows what they are doing in order to get the start he needs to dominate.

+Tier Range: 2 to 3

Arena of Valor ArduinArduin 1. DS Lane
2. Roam
50.2% 1.5% 6.1
Arduin’s kit is overall fine, he is just missing an edge to move him into a more viable state. His abilities are effective and good at disrupting enemies, but his passive has a tendency to uselessly proc when no one is around. His off-tank nature is better filled by heroes like Lu Bu or Arthur who can both take a beating and more reliably deal back some punishment of their own.
Arena of Valor KrixiKrixi 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.7% 1.1% 6.4
Krixi’s changes have her a bit stronger and a bit better in the lane, but we haven’t seen enough to think that she’s worth raising up into Tier 2 quite yet. Her early damage does make her a bigger threat early game, and her adjusted ultimate allows for more freedom when moving and initiating. It still suffers from requiring her to be right next to enemies as a squishy harassment mage. We’ll keep an eye on her as people continue to adjust and see if she starts to show some more potential with the recent changes.
Arena of Valor AleisterAleister# 1. Support
2. Roam
49.7% 1.3% 6.4

Several players have picked up Aleister and have surprised us with their performance. A direct counter to diving heroes, Aleister has proven able to control the battlefield rather effectively. His abysmal mobility continues to limit him, and he has a heavy reliance on his allies for any sort of damage, however playing him supporting-ly can be effective with organized teams.

#Tier 2 in organized teams

Tier 4

Here is our obligatory, “You can still win with Tier 4 heroes.” But why hurt yourself like that?

Hero Role Win Rate Play Rate KDA
Arena of Valor VeeraVeera 1. Damage
2. Roam
49.1% 1.8% 6.2

She had a buff that increased her harass early game, but Veera continues to lag far behind others in team fights. The random nature of her ultimate is just too easy to play against for it to be the nuke that it feels made to be.

Arena of Valor ValheinValhein+ 1. Damage
2. RNG 2nd stun
49.7% 6.9% 6.4

Easily the worst marksman available, Valhein continues to not impress. In theory, a player who mastered his kiting-focused game play should be able to do the same with other marksmen.

+Tier 3 to 4

Arena of Valor OMEGAOmega DS Lane 49.9% 0.3% 5.9
While capable at split-pushing, the recent patch made us ask, “If you were wanting to split push, why not just use Kil’groth instead?” His animations are clunky and thereby cause his abilities to be unreliable. He can certainly split push well, however there are several other heroes who can do the same while also being effective in team fights.
Arena of Valor ToroToro 1. Support
2. Roam
48.3% 0.4% 6.1
All of Toro’s abilities have some sort of problem. His ultimate has too short of a range, he can’t move while roaring, and he lacks any reason for opponents to attack him. Toro is going to need some Kil’groth-style revamping in order to find some sort of effectiveness in game.
Arena of Valor IgnisIgnis 1. Being Annoying When Frosty’s Revenge is Equipped
2. Roam
51.0% 0.3% 6.7
Ignis got a bit of a buff this patch, but then Tencent couldn’t help themselves and nerfed his ultimate again. While yes, the wizard can now survive for longer periods in fights, he does little more than a single slow/stun while minorly chipping away at opponents’ health. Luckily Veera is still here to keep him from holding the title of “worst mage.”

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  1. 10 days after update… the wait is real. Just curious, but did the balance changes spark a lot of character movements and discussion, or are you rectifying mislabeled toons like Kil’Groth from the patch before now? (Or, did you end up splitting tier 2?) As long as you guys feel comfortable with the list, I don’t think there’s any room for complaints on wait time though.

      • Good to know! I’m sure E3 was one of those outside events, but it’s always good to know things are coming out soon(Tm) :D.
        Also, please don’t tell me the veera buff granted ignis the title of “worst mage” :(.

  2. Keep the spirit. Thank you for what you guys have been doing all this time before. This site helps a lot.
    Can’t wait for the 5th tier list edition.

    • Thank you! I personally am going to be traveling, but we’ll still try to get the next edition out sometime next week.

      • Great to know, love the commitment you show the community here, and I hope you all enjoy your time at E3 (also, the podcast was very nice to listen to, just wished you guys discussed the changes a bit)!

  3. I’ll have to agree it is not an easy task using Mganga. I am not saying like i have mastered him, but i have used him as a main in climbing Platinum tier. It will always depend on who’s using a character..

    • Yeah, it’ll take us 1-2 weeks to analyze the meta post-patch though. There’s also stuff we inevitably miss when we rush out tier lists that quickly (the people want new lists ASAP, what can we say). For example, I can say right now Kil’groth is definitely Tier S in our next edition.

      • Taara might as well be tier 1 early game now, i’ve personally been able to lane solo with her vs 2 other people (unless one’s an ADC) early game. That passive healing is incredible,especially considering it works outside of combat.

  4. I feel like he should be S to SS cause he’s extremely versatile, but any mage that manages to freeze him, he will die and all these mofo Flash players are so bad XD