Arena of Valor (AoV) - Arena of Valor Lane Guide

Guide to the lanes of Arena of Valor, included are the name of each tower, recommended lane for each class, and what to do at a lane.

Three Things Beginners Need to Know About Lanes

Heroes have to make their way through the lane in order to reach the core. This page will go over what a lane is, which lane to go to, and what to do in a lane.

Name of the Lanes

Each lane has its own name, and they are frequently used in the in-game chat.

  • Top
    The lane located on the upper side of the map is called top lane. It is often referred to as Top.
  • Mid
    The lane in the middle is called middle lane. It is referred to as Mid in in-game chat.
  • Bot
    The lane located on the lower side of the map is called bottom lane. It is called Bot as a form of shorthand.

Also, the lane that is closer to the Abyssal Dragon between top and bottom is sometimes referred to as the Abyssal Dragon lane. Similarly, the lane which is closer to the Dark Slayer is referred to as the Dark Slayer lane.

Recommended Lanes for Each Class

Class Characteristic Recommended Lane
Warrior Balanced offensive and defensive stats Dark Slayer Lane
Tank High HP and defensive stat
Low attack damage
Abyssal Dragon Lane
Assassin High attack damage and movement speed.
Low defensive stats.
Marksman Powerful normal attacks suited for killing enemies and destroying towers.
Low defensive stats.
Abyssal Dragon Lane・Any Lane
Mage Powerful abilities that have a wide range.
Low defensive stats and weak basic attacks.
Mid Lane
Support Can buff or heal teammates.
Low offensive and defensive stats.
Abyssal Dragon Lane

It is very inefficient for classes with low attack damage such as mages to jungle in the early game. Unless jungling is necessary, head towards a recommended lane and kill the minions for gold and experience.

What to Do in Lanes

Killing minions and preventing the opponent from attacking the tower is any class’s first priority. After killing the minions, look at the map to see if there’s a need to help other lanes. Especially during the early games, opponents will not be able to push up to the tower without minions. This means that there’s free time in between minion waves. Though not necessary, make use of this free time by helping out teammates or by killing the monsters in the jungle.

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