Arena of Valor (AoV) - Valor Series Week 3 Recap

A recap of what took place during week 3 of the $100,000 USD (total) Valor Series, Europe and North America's qualifying tournament for the Arena of Valor World Cup.

Valor Series Week 3 Recap

Previously, we caught up to the happenings of the Valor Series with our recap of the first two weeks of action. Going into week three, here’s where the teams stood in their quest to advance to the Arena of Valor World Cup:

Valor Series Standings After Week 2
North America
Team Points
 Allegiance 250
Immortals 250
Team Upsla 130
Dino Riders 130
Ten Toes Down 75
One Trick 75
DarkPower 45
Glory Awaits Us 45
Team Points
Team Noob 300
For The Dream 165
Team Vitality 145
Nova Esports 130
Team RoyaL 95
Arctic Gaming 75
x6tence AoV 45
JungleBookSquad 45

As a reminder, the top four teams from each region advance to the playoffs, while the top eight teams receive prize money for their trouble.

Week 3 Open Qualifiers

Every week, two teams are relegated from the top eight, and a qualifying tournament is held to see which teams will take their places.

North America

Five teams signed up for the North American qualifiers, with One Trick winning the tournament and securing the seventh seed. NonToxic eSports made their way into the main draw for the first time with a 2nd place finish and thus the eighth seed.


Meanwhile, 15 teams signed up for Europe’s qualifying tournament, with main draw mainstays Team RoyaL winning and Team Queso qualifying for the first time by finishing in second place. Arctic Gaming lost in the quarterfinals, marking their first absence from the top eight.

Week 3 Results

North America

By avoiding relegation in week 2, DarkPower and Glory Awaits Us secured the 5th and 6th seeds, avoiding North American juggernauts Allegiance and Immortals in the first round. DarkPower advanced via a forfeit from Team Upsla, but Glory Awaits Us wasn’t as lucky (VOD):

Valor Series North America Week 3 Day 1
Team 1 Score Team 2
Allegiance 2 0 NonToxic eSports
DarkPower 2 0 Team Upsla (DQ)
Dino Riders 2 1 Glory Awaits Us
One Trick 0 2 Immortals

Allegiance and Immortals both advanced to the finals for an astounding fifth straight time (2 qualifiers and 3 main tournaments). However, Allegiance seems to be taking the upper hand in the rivalry, sweeping Immortals for the second straight week (VOD):

Valor Series North America Week 3 Day 2
Team 1 Score Team 2
Allegiance 2 0 DarkPower
Dino Riders 0 2 Immortals
Allegiance 2 0 Immortals

That said, it was Immortals’ 80sHero with the play of the tournament:

In the relegation matches played off stream, Team Upsla knocked out NonToxic eSports 2-0, while One Trick defeated Glory Awaits Us, 2-1.

Starting in week 2, redditor Nyjacky has put together in-depth recaps of each series, including bans, picks, KDA, time played for each game, and more. Here are their recaps of North America’s matches for day 1 and day 2.


Team RoyaL rebounded from their relegation by knocking out For The Dream, who failed to make it out of the first round for the first time. Meanwhile, JungleBookSquad and x6tence failed to take advantage of their improved seeding after avoiding relegation last week (VOD):

Valor Series Europe Week 3 Day 1
Team 1 Score Team 2
Team Noob 2 0 Team Queso
JungleBookSquad 0 2 Nova eSports
Team Vitality 2 0 x6tence AoV
Team RoyaL 2 0 For The Dream

Team Noob shook off a quick game 1 defeat in the semifinals – headlined by a surprise Diao Chan pick – to advance to the finals. Though Vitality continued their strong play by getting to the finals for the second straight week, they were no match for Team Noob, who picked up their third straight weekly championship (VOD):

Valor Series Europe Week 3 Day 2
Team 1 Score Team 2
Team Noob 2 1 Nova eSports
Team Vitality 2 1 Team RoyaL
Team Noob 2 0 Team Vitality

Team Noob’s run was made possible by plays like this from Vex:

In the relegation matches, JungleBookSquad forfeited to Team Queso, while For The Dream defeated x6tence, 2-0.

Here are Nyjacky’s recaps for Europe’s day 1 and day 2.


Here are your standings after week 3. Team Noob has already secured a Europe playoff spot, while Allegiance and Immortals are in a comfortable position among North American teams heading into week 4.

Valor Series Standings After Week 3
North America
Team Points
Allegiance 400
Immortals 350
Dino Riders 195
Team Upsla 175
One Trick 120
DarkPower 110
Ten Toes Down 75
Glory Awaits Us 75
Team Points
Team Noob 450
Team Vitality 245
For The Dream 210
Nova Esports 195
Team RoyaL 160
Arctic Gaming 80*
x6tence AoV 75
JungleBookSquad 75

*My notes have Arctic Gaming with 80 points (thanks to their quarterfinal finish in the week 2 open qualifiers) while Nyjacky has them with 75 points.

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