Arena of Valor (AoV) - Samurai Gamers Advances to Next Stage of AWC Qualifiers

Samurai Gamers' Arena of Valor Team, Samurai Gamers Halo, advanced to the Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines Valor Cup Season 2 championship, the next step on the road to the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC).

Samurai Gamers Halo (SGH), our representative for Valor Cup SEA (MSP) Season 2, qualified for the wildcard round after reaching the finals against Bren Esports last Saturday.

The team was able to secure the slot after a dominant performance against Nova PH in the semifinals, 2-0, to secure a finals spot and a guaranteed wildcard slot. However, they were unable to capitalize on their success in the semifinals, losing to Bren Esports in the finals, 3-1.

SG Halo team consisting of SG Jack, SG Qitz, SG RvP, SG Markky, SG Jrae, SG Jido, and SG Relax
SG Halo from left to right: SG Jack, SG Qitz, SG RvP, SG Markky, SG Jrae, SG Jido, and SG Relax


The semifinal matches were one-sided in favor of Bren Esports and Samurai Gamers Halo. In the first match, Bren Esports ssweptNova PH Ravenous in a 2-0 beating.

The second match was Samurai Gamers Halo against the main team of Nova, Nova PH (NPH). In the first game, both SGH and NPH opted for late game compositions. SGH started out very aggressive in taking objectives and invading NPH’s jungle. NPH eventually faltered against the hyper-aggressive plays of SGH, ending the game with a 2-13 record and a 14k gold deficit.

NPH started out strong in the second game after getting a 3-0 lead in the early game. SGH maintained their aggressiveness in the game, securing objectives and rotating in lanes to find kills. SGH eventually caught up in the score and lane pressure with the heroics of Relax’s Zephys and Jido’s Kil’groth. After securing the Abyssal Dragon, SGH immediately pushed the through the opposing towers and killed the members of NPH to secure the 2-0 win.

Grand Finals

SGH dropped their first two games against Bren Esports, despite kill counts of 18-6 and 7-11, respectively. SGH had a great second game in the early to mid game, but was Bren Esports capitalized on a decisive Dark Slayer take to end the game in their favor.

The third game was make-or-break for SGH, as Bren Esports only needed to win one more game to secure the trophy. In a surprising last pick, SGH opted for an Omega in the solo lane. Bren Esports had the upper hand in the early and mid game, even destroying the mid and top nexus towers. In the final clash, SGH managed to pull of an upset, taking a 4-0 team fight in the bot lane. SGH immediately pushed into the mid lane and forced game four.

SGH went for a similar lineup in the final game with another Omega pick – perhaps a last-second panic move according to the team comms. It was a slow game for both teams, but Bren Esports’ Kil’Groth was able to farm enough and even get a double kill in a 2v1 situation at the 7-minute mark. They quickly made their way to the Dark Slayer and eventually the mid lane to win the series at 3-1.

Despite the loss, Samurai Gamers Halo are automatically qualified in the wildcard round where they will face off with 1st runner-ups in other regions.

Singapore Valor Cup Season 2

M8HEXA.Dragons defeated JARVIS 2-0 in their Best-of-3 series in the semifinals, where they battled Nyanzone, who beat TQC Esports 2-0. Their Best-of-5 series saw Nyanzone come up with the victory against M8HEXA.Dragons, 3-1 during the Singapore National Finals in a fairly competitive set. Nyanzone thus qualifies for the grand finals, with M8HEXA.Dragons in the wild card spot.

The Singapore VOD can be found here.

Malaysia Valor Cup Season 2

Frost Fire won against Team Saiyan Notorious Rejects 2-0 to punch their ticket in the MY National Finals. They battled Resurgence, where Frost Fire lost 3-0 in a Best-of-5 Series. Resurgence advances to the grand finals, with Frost Fire falling to the wild card.

The Malaysia VOD can be found here.

Frost Fire: Valor Cup Season 2 Malaysia Wild Card Finalist

Samurai Gamers Halo, M8HEXA.Dragons, and Frost Fire will have a chance to earn another spot in the Valor Cup Season 2 Grand Finals on May 12-13 2018.

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