Arena of Valor (AoV) - Valor Series Week 4 Recap

A recap of what took place during week 4 of the $100,000 USD (total) Valor Series, Europe and North America's qualifying tournament for the Arena of Valor World Cup.

Valor Series Week 4 Recap

North America and Europe’s Valor Series, the $100,000 (combined) tournament and each region’s qualifier to the $550,000 World Cup, is over halfway through the regular season. Let’s take a look at what took place in a crucial week 4, as teams either solidified their foothold on the top, or made last-minute pushes to the playoffs. For previous weeks’ recaps, here is the week 3 recap and the recap for weeks 1 and 2.

Here’s how things stood after 3 weeks of play:

Valor Series Standings After Week 3
North America
Team Points
Allegiance 400
Immortals 350
Dino Riders 195
Team Upsla 175
One Trick 120
DarkPower 110
Ten Toes Down 75
Glory Awaits Us 75
Team Points
Team Noob 450
Team Vitality 245
For The Dream 210
Nova Esports 195
Team RoyaL 160
Arctic Gaming 80*
x6tence AoV 75
JungleBookSquad 75

*My notes had Arctic Gaming with 80 points (thanks to their quarterfinal finish in the week 2 open qualifiers) while Nyjacky had them with 75 points.

As a reminder, the top four teams from each region advance to the playoffs, while the top eight teams receive prize money for their trouble.

Week 4 Open Qualifiers

Every week, two teams are relegated from the top eight, and a qualifying tournament is held to see which teams will take their places.

North America

Seven teams signed up for the North American qualifiers, with AssassinsSquadRT winning the tournament and securing the seventh seed. Team Feroxx returned to the main draw in the 8th seed after having previously been relegated. Strangely enough, neither Glory Awaits Us nor NonToxic eSports signed up for the qualifiers.


13 teams checked into Europe’s qualifying tournament, with x6tence AoV managing to re-qualify after getting bounced the previous week. JungleBookSquad and MYTH joined forces, forming MYTH in the Jungle and cruising to the qualifier win without dropping a game.

Week 4 Results

North America

Allegiance and Immortals extended their perfect first round record, bringing them to combined 16-0 in game score. One Trick took out Team Upsla, while Dino Riders failed to get out of the first round for the first time in the Valor Series, falling to DarkPower. (VOD, bracket, and Nyjacky Reddit recap):

Valor Series North America Week 4 Day 1
Team 1 Score Team 2
Allegiance 2 0 Team Feroxx
Team Upsla 0 2 One Trick
Dino Riders 0 2 DarkPower
AssassinsSquadRT 0 2 Immortals

On day 2, DarkPower finally ended Immortals’ string of 5 finals runs (including qualifiers), defeating them 2-0. With 9 straight series wins and 18 straight game wins, however, Allegiance is proving to be the dominant force of North America (VOD and Nyjacky recap):

Valor Series North America Week 4 Day 2
Team 1 Score Team 2
Allegiance 2 0 One Trick
DarkPower 2 0 Immortals
Allegiance 2 0 DarkPower

Check out highlights on the Valor Series YouTube channel, including the finals:

Dino Riders and Upsla stayed alive in the relegation matches, with Feroxx and AssassinsSquadRT falling out once again.


Team Noob pushed aside re-qualifiers x6tence while Team Vitality made good use of its shiny new #2 seed, taking out merged team MYTH in the Jungle. Team Obyss (formally For The Dream) defeated Team Queso, with the battle of the #4 and #5 point earners going to Team RoyaL over Nova (VOD, bracket, and Nyjacky recap):

Valor Series Europe Week 4 Day 1
Team 1 Score Team 2
Team Noob 2 0 x6tence AoV
Nova eSports 0 2 Team RoyaL
Team Obyss 2 0 Team Queso
MYTH in the Jungle 0 2 Team Vitality

Team Noob overcame a gold deficit in game 2 to sweep Team RoyaL, while For The Dream (formerly Team Obyss…sure) fell to Team Vitality. Vitality finally took a game off Team Noob for the first time in three finals, but Team Noob extended their stranglehold over Europe with their fourth weekly title (VOD and Nyjacky recap):

Valor Series Europe Week 4 Day 2
Team 1 Score Team 2
Team Noob 2 0 Team RoyaL
For The Dream 1 2 Team Vitality
Team Noob 2 1 Team Vitality

In the relegation matches, Nova eSports defeated x6tence, while Team Queso defeated MYTH in the Jungle.


Here are your standings after week 4. Allegiance, Immortals, Noob, and Vitality are in very comfortable spots, while it’s very tight from spots 3-5 in both regions. Again, only the top four teams from each region advance to the playoffs.

Valor Series Standings After Week 4
North America
Team Points
Allegiance 550
Immortals 415
Dino Riders 240
Team Upsla 220
DarkPower 210
One Trick 185
Ten Toes Down 75
Glory Awaits Us 75
Team Points
Team Noob 600
Team Vitality 345
For The Dream 275
Nova Esports 240
Team RoyaL 225
MYTH in the Jungle* 105
x6tence AoV 105
Team Queso 75

*MYTH in the Jungle took the higher of MYTH and JungleBookSquad’s point totals, which was JungleBookSquad with 75 coming into the week.

To catch more Valor Series action, tune in on Wednesdays and Saturdays at or

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