Pokemon Sword and Shield - Chairman Rose Energy Plant Battle (Hammerlocke) Guide

Battle guide for Chairman Rose at Hammerlocke Energy Plant in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Chairman Rose Energy Plant Battle (Hammerlocke) Guide

Guide for Energy Plant Battle (Chairman Rose)

A strange phenomenon happened and delayed the championship match between the player and Leon. Leon leaves immediately and the player looked for other ways to solve the phenomenon. Together with Hop, they returned to Hammerlocke and visited Chairman Rose at the Energy Plant to ask for Leon’s whereabouts.

Recommended Pokemon

Being part of Macro Cosmos, the chairman’s specialty is handling steel types. Steel is weak to fire and two of his Pokemon are four times weak to it. Before heading to the Energy Plant, your best bet is to lead with a fire Pokemon. If you didn’t choose Scorbunny at the start, Arcanine is a great alternative with its Intimidate ability.

  • Fire: Arcanine, Cinderace
  • Fighting: Conkeldurr, Machamp

Marco Cosmos’s Chairman Rose Pokemon Battle

  • Escavalier (Lv. 55), Ferrothorn (Lv. 55), Perrserker (Lv. 55), Copperajah (Lv. 57)

Rose leads with Escavalier a bug and steel type Pokemon. Fortunately it goes down in one hit when struck by a fire attack because of its weakness. The same applies to Ferrothorn, so if you have a fire type, continue using it. Otherwise, use a fighting Pokemon. His last two Pokemon aren’t as weak to fire, so if your team isn’t trained enough, it might take a couple of hits to make them faint. When he’s about to send out Copperajah, switch to your fighting or fire type and use Max Knuckle or Max Flare.

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