Pokemon Sword and Shield - All Returning Pokemon


List of all returning Pokemon in the Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

All Returning Pokemon

Here is a list of all returning Pokemon in the Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Credit to Smogon.


Name Type Location
Sandshrew Ground
Ice, Steel (Alola)
Sandslash Ground
Ice, Steel (Alola)
Jigglypuff Fairy Fields of Honor
Wigglytuff Fairy
Psyduck Water
Golduck Water
Poliwag Water Brawler’s Cave
Poliwhirl Water
Poliwrath Water Brawler’s Cave
Abra Psychic Fields of Honor
Kadabra Psychic
Alakazam Psychic
Tentacool Water, Poison
Tentacruel Water, Poison
Slowpoke Water, Psychic
Slowbro Water, Psychic
Psychic, Poison (Galar)
Magnemite Electric, Steel
Magneton Electric, Steel
Exeggcute Grass, Psychic
Exeggutor Grass, Psychic
Grass, Dragon (Alola)
Cubone Ground
Marowak Ground
Fire, Ghost (Alola)
Lickitung Normal
Chansey Normal
Tangela Grass
Kangaskhan Normal
Horsea Water
Seadra Water
Staryu Water
Starmie Water, Psychic
Scyther Bug, Flying
Pinsir Bug
Tauros Normal Training Lowlands
Porygon Normal


Name Type Location
Igglybuff Normal, Fairy
Marill Water, Fairy
Azumarill Water, Fairy
Politoed Water
Slowking Water, Psychic
Dunsparce Normal
Scizor Bug, Steel
Heracross Bug, Fighting Training Lowlands
Skarmory Steel, Flying Challenge Road
Kingdra Water, Dragon
Porygon 2 Normal
Miltank Normal Training Lowlands
Blissey Normal


Name Type Location
Whismur Normal
Loudred Normal
Exploud Normal
Azurill Normal, Fairy Brawler’s Cave
Carvanha Water, Dark
Sharpedo Water, Dark


Name Type Location
Shinx Electric Challenge Road
Luxio Electric
Luxray Electric
Buneary Normal Fields of Honor
Lopunny Normal Soothing Wetlands
Happiny Normal
Magnezone Electric, Steel
Lickilicky Normal Soothing Wetlands
Tangrowth Grass
Porygon Z Normal


Name Type Location
Lillipup Normal
Herdier Normal
Stoutland Normal
Venipede Bug, Poison
Whirlipede Bug, Poison
Scolipede Bug, Poison
Petilil Grass Training Lowlands
Lilligant Grass
Sandile Ground, Dark
Krookorok Ground, Dark
Krookodile Ground, Dark
Zorua Dark
Zoruark Dark
Emolga Electric, Flying
Foongus Grass, Poison
Amoonguss Grass, Poison
Mienfoo Fighting
Mienshao Fighting
Druddigon Dragon Brawler’s Cave
Bouffalant Normal Soothing Wetlands
Larvesta Bug, Fire
Volcarona Bug, Fire


Name Type Location
Fletchling Fire, Flying
Fletchinder Fire, Flying Training Lowlands
Talonflame Fire, Flying Training Lowlands
Skrelp Poison
Dragalge Poison, Dragon
Clauncher Water
Clawitzer Water
Dedenne Electric
Klefki Steel, Fairy Fields of Honor


Name Type Location
Sandygast Ghost, Ground
Palossand Ghost, Ground
Rockruff Rock Challenge Road
Lycanroc Rock (Midday, Midnight, Dusk)
Comfey Fairy Soothing Wetlands
Fomantis Grass Fields of Honor
Lurantis Grass
Magearna Steel, Fairy

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