Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 10 Hammerlocke Revisited

Walkthrough Part 10 Hammerlocke Revisited for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 10 - Hammerlocke Revisited

Walkthrough Part 10

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
TM99 Breaking Swipe After defeating Gym Leader Raihan

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Garbodor East Lake Axewell
Liepard North Lake Miloch
Snorlax Motostoke Riverbank
Conkeldurr Motostoke Riverbank
Koffing Motostoke Riverbank
Sawk Motostoke Riverbank
Ribombee Bridge Field
Goldeen Bridge Field
Wobbuffet Bridge Field
Greedent Bridge Field
Bewear Bridge Field
Tranquill Stony Wilderness
Araquanid Stony Wilderness
Boldore Stony Wilderness
Gollisopod Stony Wilderness
Diggersby Stony Wilderness
Corviknight Stony Wilderness
Torkoal Stony Wilderness
Solrock Stony Wilderness
Klang Hammerlocke Hills
Machoke Hammerlocke Hills



1 Proceed to the Hammerlocke stadium and then interact with the attendant.
2 Defeat the Gym trainers.
3 Surpass Gym Leader Raihan in a double battle.
4 Watch the cutscenes

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Raihan

The Hammerlocke Gym challenge is the eighth and final test. Bring a stash of super or hyper potions and give your Pokemon held items to boost their attacks. Unlike the other challenges, you are asked to send out two Pokemon at a time. Also worth noting is that the gym consists of teams that rely on weather control. To get started, assemble two Pokemon that cover each other’s weaknesses at the top of the list. One fairy and one fighting type Pokemon have great synergy since they can take on the majority of foes. For example, you can opt to have Sylveon, a fairy type, alongside Conkeldurr. Gym trainers come one after another, so don’t be afraid of swapping out your pokemon when you run into a bad type matchup. Steel types such as Corviknight are also great for soaking the damage aimed at fairy types and resist flying types that fighting are weak against.

After defeating a sequence of trainers, you’ll face off against Raihan. His team consists of a ground and dragon type, a rock type, a ground type, and a steel and dragon type. What’s common among these Pokemon is that they are all immune to the damage done by sandstorm. Fortunately, two of each share a weakness, namely ice and fighting. One can also be struck with fairy or dragon. Use a combination of those moves and save your dynamax for the last Pokemon he sends out.

Raihan Gym Challenge (Hammerlocke) Guide

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