Pokemon Sword and Shield - Oleana Rose Tower Challenge (Wyndon) Guide

Challenge guide for Oleana of Wyndon Rose Tower in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about her pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Oleana Rose Tower Challenge (Wyndon) Guide

Guide for Rose Tower Challenge (Oleana)

After winning the Wyndon Champion Cup semifinals stage, the player and Hop wait for Leon to eat his dinner. They wait a long time before deciding instead instead to look for him. Unfortunately, Oleana arrives and prevents them from reaching Leon.

Recommended Pokemon

  • Electric: Boltund
  • Fighting: Conkeldurr, Machamp, Pangoro
  • Fire: Arcanine, Cinderace, Ninetales
  • Grass: Ferrothorn, Rillaboom
  • Ground: Dugtrio, Flygon
  • Psychic: Espeon, Gardevoir

Rose Tower Challenge

All the grunts use steel type Pokemon, some having secondary types. The best Pokemon to lead with is either a fire type or a fighting type. The fire type has a slight edge over the fighting type since it can also deal with some of Oleana’s Pokemon.

Last, but not least, is Oleana. Similar to a Pokemon Trainer, Oleana has trained many types of Pokemon. Her roster consists of an ice and ghost type, a grass type, a poison and fire type, a water type, and a dynamaxed poison type. Two of these are weak to fire, two are vulnerable to ground, and one is weak to either grass or electric. Fortunately, her first Pokemon shares a weakness with the steel types that the grunts used. If you led with a fire type, you’re in luck. Otherwise, you can swap out for either a dark or fire type when the match starts.

Macro Cosmos’s Staff Battles


  • Macro Cosmos’s Eric (Lv. 47 Meowth, Lv. 47 Durant)
  • Macro Cosmos’s Eric (Lv. 47 Mawile, Lv. 47 Excadrill)
  • Macro Cosmos’s Eric (Lv. 47 Ferroseed, Lv. 47 Steelix)

These battles are fairly straightforward. Use a strong fire or fighting type to knock each of his Pokemon out. Each time you defeat a pair of Pokemon, you’re going to have to corner him for the next one.

Rose Tower Lobby

  • Macro Cosmos’s Elijah (Lv. 48 Durant)
  • Macro Cosmos’s Jane and Mateo (Lv. 48 Cufant, Lv. 48 Bronzong)
  • Macro Cosmos’s Kevin and Carla (Lv. 48 Mawile, Lv. 48 Klinklang)
  • Macro Cosmos’s Adalyn and Justin (Lv.. 49 Galarian Stunfisk, Lv. 49 Steelix)

The first battle is no different from the plaza one. Meanwhile, the next string of battles involves working with Hop. Unfortunately Hop sends out a normal type so you might have to pour more effort to these battles to help him out.

Macro Cosmos’s Oleana Pokemon Battle

  • Froslass (Lv. 50), Tsareena (Lv. 50), Salazzle (Lv. 50), Milotic (Lv. 51), Garbodor (Lv. 50)

Oleana’s team is a mixed bag of Pokemon. She starts with Froslass. Have either your dark type or fire type use a strong move to defeat it. Focus on using fire, ground, and either water or electric moves. Froslass and Tsareena share a fire weakness while Salazzle and Garbodor share a ground type weakness.

Milotic is the only Pokemon that is weak to grass, a type that Rillaboom has. It also has the ability Competitive which raises its special attack by two stages when one of its stats is lowered. If you have a Pokemon with the ability or Intimidate or the move Parting Shot, don’t use them on Milotic. That being said, each of the starters can deal with at least one of Oleana’s Pokemon. Rillaboom can handle Milotic, Cinderace can defeat Froslass and Tsareena, and Inteleon can punish Salazzle. If you have a psychic or ground type, use dynamax on it and inflict the strongest psychic or ground type attack it learned on Garbodor.

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