Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Find Ditto

Details on how to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, max raid battles, the wishing piece, and steps.

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Ditto is a Pokemon that can copy other Pokemon. It is a rare Pokemon that can be caught in the tall grass as well as in a Max Raid battle.

Max Raid battles

Max Raid battles are boss-like battles where four trainers need to team up to take on a wild dynamaxed Pokemon. The dynamaxed Pokemon is a special encounter and inhabits one of the dens in the wild area. You can tell when there is an active Pokemon inside the den when a flash of red light shoots into the sky. Normal raids emit a red beam, whereas purple ones signify a rare encounter. To force a dynamaxed Pokemon to come out when a den is empty, you need to use an item called a wishing piece.

What are Max Raid Battles?

How to obtain Wishing Piece

You can purchase a Wishing Piece from the NPC in the Wild Area. It costs 3,000 watts.

How to find a high IV Ditto

Some Ditto can be found in the tall grass by the Lake of Outrage. However, it is tough to come across a Ditto with high IVs using this method. Below are the steps on how to find Ditto in a Max Raid battle.

1 Buy a Wishing Piece from the Wild Area NPC.
2 Head to the east edge den at Stony Wilderness.
3 If there is an active Pokemon other than Ditto in the den, defeat it.
4 Drop a wishing piece.
5 Check the den to encounter a Dynamax Ditto and capture it.*

*Bear in mind that the chance to encounter Ditto is quite small, so you might have to redo this process until it appears.

Resetting for a Ditto in the den

While it has yet to be confirmed if this corrupts the save file, do the steps below at your own risk.

The amount of watts you collect is increased by four times after completing the main story. As such, your best bet is to finish the game before doing the steps outlined below.

When throwing a wishing piece, there is a brief time frame between spawning the dynamax Pokemon and saving the game. This short pause can be used to reset your game since the game has not overwritten your file yet. When done successfully, you will return to the spot before you tried saving your game.

The goal is to force purple light to come out of the den. If the light is not purple or the Pokemon isn’t Ditto, repeat these steps to retrieve your wishing piece. Prior to doing the method, go to your configuration and set the text speed to “slow” to make it easier to interrupt the screen later on.

1 Save at the report screen in front of the den.
2 Throw a wishing piece.
3 When asked, “do you want to save?” Select yes, and quickly tap the switch’s home button many times.
4 Look at the color of the light to verify it’s purple. If not, restart your game and repeat from step 2.
5 If the den is purple, check if it’s Ditto. Lower its health and catch it.

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