Pokemon Sword and Shield - What are Poke Jobs?

Pokemon Sword and Shield will let players send their Pokemon on Poke jobs to earn experience outside of battles.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Jobs

Poke Jobs

Poke jobs are among the many new gameplay features in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They are somewhat akin to the Poke pelago found in Pokemon Sun and Moon, allowing Pokemon to gain experience outside of combat.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Jobs

Poke jobs are requests posted by people of the Galar region that players can complete while adventuring. Players can send their Pokemon on Poke jobs, rewarding them with experience on job completion. Rare items can also be obtained for completing requests.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Jobs

Players can set the duration that their Pokemon is out on the job. The only option revealed so far was for half a day, though more settings are likely to be revealed in the future.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Poke Jobs

Available Poke jobs can be viewed on the Rotom PC. Each job will have certain requirements, such as preferred characteristics and number of Pokemon to be sent.

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