Pokemon Sword and Shield - Destiny Knot Locations

Details on the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, locations, and steps on how to use them.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Destiny Knots

Destiny Knots Overview

The Destiny Knot is a recurring item in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is a held item that makes it convenient for trainers to obtain a Pokemon that has a combination of its parents’ Individual values or IVs.

Head to Hammerlocke

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Destiny Knots

The item can be bought from the BP Shop in Hammerlocke. To get there, visit the Pokemon Center and interact with the female Macro Cosmos vendor on the right. The item can be bought after completing the main story and entering the Hall of Fame. Focus on completing the story to unlock the Battle Tower. You need to earn some Battle Points or BP to buy the Destiny Knot. The item costs 10 BP.

Post Game Unlockables

Catch a Pokemon with the ability “Pick up”

Alternatively, you can obtain Destiny Knot by using a Pokemon with the Pick up ability. Below is a list of Pokemon that can have this ability.

Pokemon Where to find
Galarian Zigzagoon Route 2, Route 3
Galarian Linoone Evolve Galarian Zigzagoon
Galarian Meowth Route 4

Pickup Items

How to use the Destiny Knot

Same with previous versions, the destiny knot is a held item that is primarily used in breeding. Attach a destiny knot to one of the Pokemon that you leave in the pokemon nursery. Bear in mind that the two Pokemon deposited should belong to the same egg group and be of different genders, or be one non-legendary Pokemon and a Ditto.

How to Find Ditto

When the destiny knot is held by one parent pokemon at the nursery, 5 IVs will be passed on to the offspring. This method makes it easier for trainers to obtain Pokemon with their desired IVs.

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