Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Characters in Upcoming DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming expansion The Isle of Armor features the three new characters Mustard, Klara, and Avery.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Characters in Upcoming DLC

Upcoming Expansion to Feature New Characters

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s upcoming DLC The Isle of Armor will introduce new characters in its expanded storyline. These are the sage-like Mustard and new rival trainers Klara and Avery.

The Isle of Armor expansion is scheduled for release in June this year. The next DLC, The Crown Tundra, will launch in Fall.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Mustard

Mustard is described as the head of the Isle of Armor’s dojo. He was the former mentor of Galar Pokemon League champion Leon. A skilled trainer himself and former champion for 18 years, he was the first to recognize Leon’s talent as a trainer.

Mustard appears as an old man with long grey eyebrows extending down to his chin. His artwork depicts him stroking his beard. Mustard’s outfit consists of a teal track jacket over a yellow shirt. He wears a striped hat, white pants, and dark brown shoes. These, along with the Isle of Armor dojo’s design, give Mustard the image of a Chinese wushu master.

As with most professor or mentor characters in the series of games, Mustard’s name is taken from a tree or flowering plant. His name may also likely be a reference to “master”, though this has not been confirmed.

In the Isle of Armor DLC, the player will train under the tutelage of Mustard. The aged mentor will eventually entrust the legendary Pokemon Kubfu to the player once they have progressed through their training.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Klara

Klara is the player’s new rival in The Isle of Armor in Pokemon Sword. She is trainer who favors poison type Pokemon.

In terms of design, Klara wears a white headband with a large bow vaguely resembling a Dustox over her pink hair. Her league uniform is dominantly dark purple with a green ooze-like pattern showing mostly on her outfit’s left portion. All of these features hint at her preference for poison-type Pokemon. She wears a white fur jacket over her attire and white shoes.

Klara is bent on gaining popularity and always tries to appear adorable. This hides her keen and calculating personality during Pokemon battles.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Avery

Avery, meanwhile, is the player’s new rival in The Isle of Armor in Pokemon Shield. He is trainer who has an affinity for psychic type Pokemon.

Avery’s outfit likely takes inspiration from Victorian-era fashion. He wears a black top hat over his long blonde hair and sports a jabot around his collar. Avery’s dominantly purple league uniform features streaks of blue, yellow, and orange combined to suggest an almost magician-like design. Avery also wears wide glasses and black shoes. It is assumed that he himself has psychic abilities based on his pose.

Avery carries himself in a dignified manner, though he can also come off as being very proud, especially against rival trainers.

Klara and Avery share the same goal of proving themselves as formidable trainers and to have their own Pokemon gym someday.

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