Pokemon Sword and Shield - Bike Trails Guide

Guide on the custom bike trails in the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, including an overview and steps on customizing the bike trails.

Bike Trails Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Bike Trails

The Bike is a recurring key item in the Pokemon games that allows you to move from point A to B faster than running. In the Galar region, trainers receive a Rotom Bike, which is a special bicycle possessed by your traveling companion Rotom.

Rotom Bike Guide

Custom Bike Trails

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Custom Bike Effects

Trails are the effects left behind by the Rotom bike when moving across land or sea. The trails can be personalized to your hearts content.

How to Customize Bike Trails

Talk to the NPC in the Isle of Armor. She’ll ask if you which aspect you want to change. Choose between bike or outfit.

List of effects

Below is a list of Rotom Bike colors:

Glistening Black

The effect gives the bike an aura of squares of various colors. In addition, the effect changes the bike and some of the colors to charcoal black.

Sparkling White

As the name implies, the effect radiates sparkles. When cycling, the Rotom Bike leaves a trail of sparkles of various colors similar to effect in the League Card holographic. Like the other color, it changes some of the colors on your outfit and the bike tires to white.

You may also opt to revert the colors to the original which showcases the default colors along with some jolts of electricity.

Outfit colors

If you choose the second option, she’ll give you a list of colors depending on the Pokemon’s type that is in the first slot of the party. For example, if you brought Urshifu Rapid Strike style, she’ll have you pick between Fighting or Water colors.

There are 19 different types each represents a color with the exception of the default Rotom type. Below is a list of outfit types and their colors:

Type Color
Rotom Sea Green
Grass Green
Fire Red
Water Navy Blue
Electric Yellow
Flying Cyan
Ice Very Light Grey
Bug Yellow Green
Poison Neon Green
Ground Dark Brown
Rock Grey
Normal Light Grey
Psychic Purple Pink
Fighting Dark Red
Ghost Purple
Dark Scarlet
Steel Greyish Green
Dragon Dark Blue
Fairy Pink

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