Pokemon Sword and Shield - Unusable Moves List

Details on Unusuable Moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and a list of regular moves that were removed.


Pokemon battles consist of an exchange of moves and ends when one Pokemon’s health is reduced to zero. In the Galar region, some Pokemon can be sent through a transfer application called Pokemon Home. When sent, the moves that the Pokemon has learned are retained. Unfortunately, many moves, including z-moves, signature moves, and even some regular moves, were cut.

Z-Moves and signature moves

A large portion of the moves that won’t make it to the Galar region are Z-moves and signature attacks. These moves debuted in Alola and the Pokemon Let’s GGo games. When a Pokemon with this move is sent to Galar, a message saying that it is best to delete it will appear. However, some Z-moves were renamed and given new effects such as Clangorous Soulblaze.

Regular attacks

Other than some Pokemon that are not expected to return in Galar, a few moves were also removed. This includes a list of moves that were previously popular in online matches. As mentioned, when Pokemon that have these moves are sent to Galar, the game will request that the moves be deleted.

Move Type
Assist Normal
Barrage Normal
Barrier Psychic
Bestow Normal
Bide Normal
Bone Club Ground
Bubble Water
Camouflage Normal
Captivate Normal
Chip Away Normal
Clamp Water
Comet Punch Normal
Constrict Normal
Dizzy Punch Normal
Double Slap Normal
Dragon Rage Dragon
Egg Bomb Normal
Embargo Dark
Feint Attack Dark
Flame Burst Fire
Flash Normal
Foresight Normal
Frustration Normal
Heal Block Psychic
Heal Order Bug
Heart Stamp Psychic
Hidden Power Normal
Ice Ball Ice
Ion Deluge Electric
Jump Kick Fighting
Karate Chop Fighting
Kinesis Psychic
Lucky Chant Normal
Magnet Bomb Steel
Magnitude Ground
Me First Normal
Meditate Psychic
Miracle Eye Psychic
Mirror Move Normal
Mirror Shot Steel
Mud Bomb Ground
Mud Sport Ground
Natural Gift Normal
Needle Arm Grass
Nightmare Ghost
Odor Sleuth Normal
Ominous Wind Ghost
Psywave Psychic
Punishment Dark
Pursuit Dark
Rage Normal
Razor Wind Normal
Refresh Normal
Return Normal
Rock Climb Normal
Rolling Kick Fighting
Rototiller Ground
Secret Power Normal
Sharpen Normal
Signal Beam Bug
Silver Wind Bug
Sky Drop Flying
Sky Uppercut Fighting
Smelling Salts Normal
Snatch Dark
Sonic Boom Normal
Spider Web Bug
Spike Cannon Normal
Spotlight Normal
Steamroller Bug
Synchronoise Psychic
Telekinesis Psychic
Trump Card Normal
Twineedle Bug
Wake-Up Slap Fighting
Water Sport Water
Wring Out Normal

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