Pokemon Sword and Shield - Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose?

A guide on which starter pokemon to choose in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are each pokemon's unique features, moves, abilities, and points to remember when choosing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Which Starter Should You Choose

Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

In the beginning of the story, you will need to choose one of three starter pokemon. Deciding which one suits you can be hard so it is important to know each each pokemon’s unique features and abilities.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield - Grookey

Grookey is a grass type pokemon. It evolves into Thwackey and Rillaboom and has good HP, physical attack, and defense. Grookey’s ability is Overgrow, which powers-up its grass type moves when its HP is low. Upon evolving into Rillaboom, it will learn the physical move Drum Beating, which lowers the target’s speed. Drum Beating has 80 power and 100 accuracy.

Grookey Pokedex Data


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Scorbunny

The fire type pokemon Scorbunny evolves into Raboot and Cinderace. It has good physical attack and speed. Scorbunny’s ability is Blaze. This allows it to power-up its fire type moves when its HP is low. When it evolves into Cinderace, it will gain the physical move Pyro Ball, which deals massive fire damage and can inflict burn. Pyro Ball has 120 power and 90 accuracy.

Scorbunny Pokedex Data


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Sobble

Sobble is a water type pokemon. It evolves into Drizzile and Inteleon and has good special attack and speed. Its ability Torrent powers-up its water type moves when its HP is low. Upon evolving into Inteleon, it will learn the special move Snipe Shot. The attack ignores the effects of an opponent’s moves and abilities that draw in moves, allowing Snipe Shot to land reliably. The move has 80 power and 100 accuracy.

Sobble Pokedex Data

Points to Remember

  • Hop, one of your rivals, will always choose a starter Pokemon that is weak to yours. For instance, Hop will choose Grookey if you select Scorbunny. Note that Leon, the Galar league champion, will choose the starter that yours is weak against.
  • When you reach Wyndon, you can ask the move tutor at the park there to teach your starter pokemon an ultimate attack. They will, however, be unable to move the next turn.

Move Tutor Locations

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