Pokemon Sword and Shield - New Supplements Guide

Details on Supplements in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, mints, vitamins, and exp. candies.


The Galar region introduces new and improved features to make training quicker and easier than before. In the older games, supplements similar to these ccould be found in the bag’s medicine pocket. Among the new supplements are mints, exp. candies, and the improved version of vitamins.

Currently, there is no information on where the new items can be found. We will update this when the games come out.


Mints are new items that change a Pokemon’s growth pattern. For example, a Pokemon with an Adamant nature raises the growth of its attack at the cost of decreasing its special attack. If you were to use a mint on this Pokemon, you could change its growth to follow a different trend. Using a modest mint would cause the Adamant-natured Pokemon to reverse its growth pattern into focusing on its special attack instead.


Previously, trainers could rely on vitamins to raise a Pokemon’s Effort Value, or EVs for short, by 10 each. After giving 10 of a specific vitamin to a Pokemon, it would refuse to drink more due to the 100 EV cap. While this method EV training by around half, it didn’t eliminate the training method completely. Due to the limitations of vitamins back then, trainers were forced to go out for battles to obtain the rest of the missing EVs. Now, trainers can max out a Pokemon’s EVs using these same items. For example, if you want to max out your Gengar’s special attack, give it 26 pieces of Calcium so that it earns the full 252 special attack EVs.

At level 50, a Pokemon can only gain half of the boost from their EVs. For example, if a Gengar at level 47 is fed 26 Calcium, it would gain 30 special attack. Since four EVs give one point in the stat, Gengar at level 47 would gain a little less than half of what it should from the full investment. Rather than earning 63 points, which is reflected at level 100, it would get around 30 points.

Exp. Candies

A surefire way to earn experience points is through battles, whether it be a Pokemon trainer battle or against wild Pokemon. However, you can also collect items called Exp. Candies. Unlike the rare candies which allow the Pokemon to jump to the next level, the exp. candies come in an assortment of sizes. Feed it an exp. candy XL to watch your Pokemon gain loads of experience.

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