Pokemon Sword and Shield - Marnie Champion Cup (Wyndon) Guide

Champion cup semifinals guide for Marnie of Wyndon Stadium in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about her pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Marnie Champion Cup (Wyndon) Guide

Guide for Wyndon Champion Cup Semifinals (Marnie)

The Wyndon Champion Cup is the pokemon league in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Trainers who have collected eight gym badges are able to sign-up and compete with each other before proceeding to the finals stage. One of the semifinal challengers in the champion cup is Marnie.

Recommended Pokemon

A bulk of Marnie’s team consists of dark type Pokemon with the exception of Toxicroak. Your best bet is to have a strong fairy type Pokemon. Fairy types fare well against four of Marnie’s Pokemon. While the fairy type doesn’t really do poorly against her Toxicroak, it remains a threat if the fairy type gets outpaced and suffers damage from a poison type attack. If you haven’t trained your Pokemon enough to have decent speed or defense to survive a poison attack, you might want to replace it with a ground type Pokemon. Ground types can do wonders, especially against her poison type. Meanwhile, having a fighting type could prove useful against the dark types as well.

  • Fairy: Galarian Weezing, Gardevoir, Grimmsnarl, Sylveon
  • Fighting: Conkeldurr, Machamp
  • Ground: Flygon
  • Steel: Corviknight, Excadrill

Marnie Semifinals Battle

  • Liepard (Lv. 47), Scrafty (Lv. 47), Morpeko (Lv. 48), Toxicroak (Lv. 47), Grimmsnarl (Lv. 49)

Marnie leads with Liepard, so have a fairy or fighting type Pokemon ready in advance. It uses Fake Out to deal some chip damage and stop your first move unless you resist it. After soaking the damage, use a strong fighting type or fairy type move like Moonblast or Play Rough to take it out. Among her Pokemon, Scrafty poses the least threat because it is four times weak to fairy type moves. Morpeko can be dealt with by using a fighting type regardless if it shifts form or not. Meanwhile, Toxicroak takes neutral damage from fairy moves, but, if you’re worried, use a ground type such as Flygon. You can also bring Excadrill since it also has ground moves, but make sure to train it enough so that it moves first. Her last Pokemon is Grimmsnarl which is a dark and fairy type. If you have a steel type like Corviknight or Mawile, send it out and have it use a dynamax boosted move. Otherwise, stick to your fairy Pokemon and have it use a high base power move of your choice.

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