Pokemon Sword and Shield - Money Farming Guide

Details on money farming in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview, how to get the amulet coin, how to use it, and steps on using Gigantamax Meowth.


Money, or Pokedollars, is the primary currency in the world of Pokemon. It is used to purchase items, medicine, technical machines, and clothes. A Pokemon trainer can earn some money by defeating other trainers in battle.

Farming pokedollars is a staple for trainers who wish to collect all the technical machines and rely on vitamins. YIn addition, having plenty of pokedollars gives trainers a chance to buy clothes to further customize their character. So far, there are two ways to increase the amount of money earned in battle. One is having a Pokemon join the battle while holding an amulet coin. The other involves using a special type of Meowth.

How to get the Amulet coin

The Amulet coin is an item that doubles the earnings after a battle when the holder takes part. You can find this item behind the route sign after leaving the cave with Hop on your way back to Motostoke.

Motostoke walkthrough

Using the Amulet coin

For the item to take effect, you need to make the Pokemon holding it join the battle. Simply send out the Pokemon by putting it at the top of the list or switching it in and out of battle would suffice.

Send out Gigantamax Meowth

After purchasing the game, players can obtain a special Meowth by using the Mystery Gift feature. This unique Meowth has the ability to use Gigantamax. In its Gigantamax form, it can use the move G-Max Gold Rush. The Gigantamax move grants higher earnings for its trainer after winning a battle. Bear in mind that you can only use Meowth’s G-Max move in gym challenges and in the Wyndon champion cup.

Wyndon and Champion cup

Prior to the battle, have this Meowth hold the Amulet coin. With Gigantamax, the trainer has three turns to use his Pokemon’s powered-up moves. The trick to spending these turns efficiently is to send out Meowth when your opponent is down to three Pokemon. Have it use Dynamax, and select G-Max Gold Rush to knock out the foes’ last three Pokemon one by one. Of course, you’ll need to have trained Meowth to a high level to guarantee that it knocks out foes for each use of its Gigantamax move. Focus on raising its attack and speed stats by feeding it some Protein and Carbos. You can also feed it some experience candies to boost its level or send it out and train against wild Pokemon.

Through this process, you can earn a whopping 99,999 extra pokedollars for using its signature move to knock out three of your opponent’s Pokemon.

How to get Gigantamax Meowth

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