Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 2 Turffield

Walkthrough Part 2 Turffield for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 2 Turffield

Walkthrough Part 2

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
League Card (Hop) From Hop at Motostoke.
Heal Ball x3 Route 3
Escape Rope From Sonia  on route 3
TM37 Beat Up At end of the path past Schoolgirl Kayleigh on route 3.
Cheri Beri From the camper on route 3.
Super Potion  Route 3.
X Defense x2 Right side of Galar mine entrance.
Revive Behind Worker Keith in Galar mine.
TM26 Scary Face The area behind Worker Georgie in Galar mine.
Heavy Duty Boots Beside the cart next to Worker Russel in Galar mine.
Revive Next to the stacked boxes and wheelbarrow behind Worker Russel in Galar mine.
Ether Next to the stacked boxes before the railway that turns left (near Worker Russel) behind Galar mine.
Super Potion x2 Side of the railway leading to Bede.
Bag of Stardust Next to the boxes left of the Galar mine exit.
Energy Powder Near the sacks and boxes near the middle of the path on route 4.
Ether Upper left corner of the first wheat field on route 4.
Repel Near the wheelbarrow on route 4.
Pile of Silver Powder Near a tree on the northwest wheat field on route 4.
Energy Root Left side of the northwest wheat field on route 4.
Rare Candy Northeast wheat field on route 4.
Max Revive Leftmost corner of Turffield Stadium.
TM97 Brutal Swing Rightmost corner of Turffield Stadium.
X Attack x3 Path to the right of the hill leading to two adjacent stone monuments before the hill in Turffield.
Leaf Stone Path to the left of the hill where a man is standing with his back turned in Turffield.
League Card (Milo) From Sonia at the hill in Turffield.
Fresh Water Near the three colored basins on the upper right corner of the hill in Turffield.
Revive x2 From Sonia at the hill in Turffield.
TM10 Magical Leaf Received after clearing the gym challenge.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Zigzagoon Route 3
Stunky Route 3
Gossifleur Route 3
Growlithe Route 3
Pancham Route 3
Rolycoly Route 3
Drilbur Galar mine
Roggenrola Galar mine
Timbur Galar mine
Woobat Galar mine
Rolycoly Route 3, Galar mine
Pikachu Route 4
Electrike Route 4
Diglett Route 4
Yamper Route 4
Wooloo  Route 4
Eevee Route 4
Meowth Route 4
Pumpkaboo Route 4
Joltik Route 4



Pokemon Sword and Shield - Motostoke and Hop Pokemon Battle

1 From the Motorstoke stadium, proceed west to route 3.
2 Before you arrive on route 3, Hop will challenge you to a battle (Lv.11 Wooloo, Lv.14 stater pokemon, and a Lv.12 Rookiedie). As before, have your starter pokemon deal with his Woloo and starter pokemon. Switch in Yamper when he sends out Rookiedie to end the battle easily. Note that Hop will use potions on his pokemon to outlast you so do not hesitate to use some yourself.
3 After defeating Hop, he will give you his league card. Head back to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.
4 Head west to route 3.

Route 3

1 Follow the path on route 3 and battle Lass Rei (Lv.12 Vulpix).
2 Walk to the grass behind her to get three heal balls.
3 Continue along the path and defeat Schoolgirl Hana (Lv.13 Pancham) and Schoolboy Marvin (Lv.12 Budew and Lv.12 Gossifleur).
4 Approach Sonia for a cutscene. She will give you an escape rope and heal your pokemon.
5 When you reach the forked path, turn east and battle Schoolgirl Kayleigh (Lv.12 Purrloin and Lv.13 Skwovet). Head to the end of the path to get TM37 Beat Up. You can also shake the berry tree to get some berries.
6 Backtrack to the forked path and head west to battle Postman Tad (Lv.14 Delibird).
7 Proceed on the path going west and talk to the camper to get a cheri berry.
8 Carry on and battle Schoolboy Peter (Lv.13 Sizzlipede and Lv.14 Dottler).
9 Get the super potion near the grass before approaching Galar mine. Heal your pokemon by talking to the lady at the mine entrance.
10 Pick up X defense x2 to the right of the mine entrance. Head inside afterwards.

Galar Mine

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Galar Mine #1 and Bede Pokemon Battle

1 Follow the path going left and battle Worker Keith (Lv.14 Roggenrola). Get revive from the cart behind him and continue following the railway.
2 Battle Worker Georgia (Lv.14 Timburr x3), then proceed to the area behind her to get TM26 Scary Face.
3 Backtrack and follow the railway again. Battle Worker Sandra (Lv.14 Diglett, Lv.15 Drilbur). Cross the bridge and take on Worker Russel (Lv.15 Rolycoly).
4 Get the heavy duty boots near the cart. Grab revive from the stacked boxes and wheelbarrow behind Worker Russel. Pick up ether from the other stack of boxes just before the railway that goes left.
5 Follow the railway again and pick up super potion x2. Approach Bede (stranger in the purple coat) up ahead for a cutscene.
6 Bede will take you on. He has a Lv.13 Solosis, Lv.16 Hatenna, and Lv.15 Gothita. If you caught a Nickit and have evolved it into Thievul, attack it with thief or any dark attack to sweep through his psychic pokemon team.
7 After defeating Bede, get a bag of stardust near the boxes on the left of the exit.
8 Exit the cave to reach route 4. Talk to the lady at the exit to heal your pokemon before proceeding on route 4.

Route 4

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Route 4

1 Move along route 4. You can shake the tree to get some berries.
2 Move to the sacks and boxes near the center of the path to get energy powder.
3 Continue on the path and battle Pokemon Breeder Jaime (Lv.14 Meowth, Lv.14 Seedot, and Lv.15 Butterfree). Enter the first wheat field and battle Poke Kid Shane (Lv.15 Pikachu).
4 Grab ether on the upper left corner of the wheat field. Exit the first wheat field and then move toward the second one further ahead and to the left. Grab repel near the wheelbarrow.
5 Enter the second wheat field on your left and battle Poke Kid Sunny (Lv.15 Milcery). Afterwards, grab silver powder in the upper left corner near the tree and energy root on the left side.
6 A cutscene will play as you exit the second wheat field.
7 Enter the wheat field on the right and go up the rock slab to get paralyze heal. Battle Poke Kid Rhys (Lv.14 Joltik, Lv.14 Grubbin). Get the TM07 Pin Missile behind him. Walk to the rock nearby to get rare candy.
8 Enter Turffield.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Turrfield

8 Approach Hop for another cutscene. Walk past Hop and follow the path to the left of the flower shop to get max revive.
9 Backtrack to the flower shop and walk west to reach the right side of the stadium. Pick up TM97 Brutal Swing there.
10 Return to Hop’s location. Walk west from him and follow Sonia’s Yamper.
11 Get X Attack x3 from the path on the right leading to two adjacent stone monuments before following Sonia’s Yamper again. Go back and take the path on the left of the hill with the man with his back turned. Get a leaf stone in the corner opposite from him.
12 Approach the hill for a cutscene. Sonia will give you Milo’s league card and revive x2. Before leaving, get fresh water from the three basins in the upper right corner.
13 Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center before heading to Turffield stadium.
14 Approach Hop in front of the stadium for a cutscene. Head inside the stadium afterwards.
15 Before taking on the gym challenge, stock up on healing items at the poke mart inside the stadium.
16 Talk to the Turffield gym staff to begin the gym challenge.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Miilo

The Turffield Gym challenge features a simple task of herding a flock of Wooloo in three areas separated by straw blockades. The trainers here all use grass type pokemon, so having chosen Scorbunny as your starter is an advantage. Having a flying type pokemon like Corvisquire by evolving it from Rookidee also trivializes all battles, including the one against Milo’s Gossifleur and Eldegoss.

Milo Gym Challenge (Turffield) Guide

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