Pokemon Sword and Shield - Get to know Kubfu

Get ready to meet Kubfu, the Wushu Pokemon. Kubfu is a new fighting type that is eager to train in the mountains. Here, we break down its ability, evolutions, signature attacks, and G-Max moves.

Who is Kubfu?

Kubfu is the new fighting type Pokemon that joins your adventure in the Isle of Armor. Similar to other fighting types, Kubfu loves training and spends time honing its skills. To make up for a loss, Kubfu spends more time sharpening its fighting skills.

In the wild, Kubfu resides in the mountains. Legend says that Kubfu once lived amongst humans in the Galar region. However, the practice of exploring the vast wilderness has become embedded in the wild Kubfu’s way of life which made future generations of Kubfu adapt to the life in the mountains.


After intense training, Kubfu can evolve into Urshifu. Compared to other fighting types, Kubfu can grow into one of two forms, the Single Strike style or the Rapid Strike style.

Single Strike Urshifu gives Kubfu the Dark typing and the ability Unseen Fist. Single Strike Urshifu’s combat style involves charging in a straight line. If angered, Single Strike Urshifu becomes a relentless fighting machine.

Rapid Strike Urshifu gives it the Water typing and the same ability. Unlike the Single Strike style, this variant of Urshifu invests on training its spirit. The Rapid Strike Urshifu relies on being reactive and punishes foes with parries and a swift volley of attacks.

Whichever Kubfu evolves into, it gets the ability Unseen Fist. With this ability, Urshifu can connect attacks even if the opponent decides to protect, making it a formidable opponent to go up against. In addition, both the Single Strike and the Rapid Strike come with their signature moves, Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes respectively. No foe is safe from these attacks since they inflict guaranteed critical hits regardless of stat boosts.

Gigantamax Factor

Aside from the signature moves, Urshifu is capable of Gigantamax factor. Urshifu can use G-Max One Blow or G-Max Rapid Flow depending on Urshifu’s style. With Gigantamax, the Single Strike’s dark type moves become G-Max One Blow, whereas the Rapid Strike’s water type moves become G-Max Rapid Flow. Both these moves fuse the attack’s type and its signature attack’s effect. In other words, using these max moves gives G-Max Urshifu a chance to break through the foe even if they have Protect or even Max Guard up!

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