Pokemon Sword and Shield - Milo Gym Challenge (Turffield) Guide

Gym challenge guide for Milo of Turffield Gym in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This includes information about his gym mission, his trainers, and his pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Milo Gym Challenge (Turffield) Guide

Guide for Turffield Gym Challenge

The Turffield Gym is the first Galar gym to be visited by the player in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Its gym leader is Milo and he specializes in grass-type pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon

  • Fire: Scorbunny/Raboot, Vulpix
  • Flying: Rookidee/Corvisquire, Pidove/Tranquil, Wingull

Gym Mission

The gym mission requires you to chase the flock of Wooloo toward the straw blockade which is fairly straightforward. You do not need to gather them all in one group. Gather as many Woloo as you can and lead them to the blockade before going after the others. Some gym trainers will be posted at different locations to challenge you if you catch their attention.

Gym Trainers

You will have an easy time against the trainers here if you chose Scorbunny as your starter. Otherwise, you can use any flying type pokemon like Corvisquire by evolving it from Rookidee. If you do not have any, sending out grass type pokemon will at least prevent you from taking increased damage from your opponents’ moves.

  • Samuel – Gossifleur (Lv.16)
  • Mark – Budew (Lv.16) and Oddish (Lv.17)
  • Leah – Bounsweet (Lv.17 ) and Oddish (Lv.17)

Gym Leader Milo

  • Gossifleur (Lv. 19) and Eldegoss (Lv. 20)

Both of his pokemon can be dealt with easily with Scorbunny or flying type pokemon like Corvisquire after you evolve it from Rookidee. Save dynamaxing for when he lets out Eldegoss and attack him with your strongest fire or flying type move.

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