Pokemon Sword and Shield - How to Get the Catching Charm

Details on the Catching charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are an overview and steps on getting the key item.


The catching charm is a key item in the Galar region. It permanently raises the trainer’s chance of landing a critical capture when catching wild Pokemon.

Where to find the Catching charm

Fly to Circhester and walk to the right to reach the square. Enter the hotel on the left and then take the elevator up to the next floor. Head to the far left end of the hallway and go in the door. Speak to the man wearing doctor’s clothes standing by the window and he will give you a Catching charm. The Catching charm is a useful key item that boosts your chance of performing a critical capture. In a critical capture, the thrown ball moves sideways while mid-air and lands on the ground afterward. After one shake, it can either lock the Pokemon in place or fail to catch it. Similar to the Oval charm, having this key item can speed up the process of completing the Pokedex.

How to get the Oval Charm

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