Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 9 Spikemuth

Walkthrough Part 9 Spikemuth for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Included are all obtainable items, wild pokemon locations, and gym challenge strategies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Walkthrough Part 9 - Spikemuth

Walkthrough Part 9

Story Walkthrough List

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Max Potion Route 9
TM64 Avalanche Route 9
Big Pearl Route 9 (lake)
Ice Stone Route 9 (lake)
Rare Candy Route 9
Pearl Route 9
Big Pearl Route 9
Scope Lens Route 9
Guard Spec x3 Route 9
Max Revive Spikemuth
TM85 Snarl From the Team Yell grunt at the stall after clearing the gym challenge.

Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Location
Octillery Route 9 (lake)
Pelipper Route 9
Glalie Route 9
Mantyke Route 9 (lake)
Toxapex Route 9



1 Leave the stadium and walk southwest to the restaurant.
2 Enter the restaurant for a cutscene.
3 Head outside for another cutscene.
4 Hop will challenge you to a battle. He will use a Lv.40 Dubwool, Lv.40 Corviknight, Lv.39 Snorlax, Lv. 30 Pinchurin, and his Lv.41 starter pokemon.
5 Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center and proceed to route 9 by heading east.

Route 9

1 Proceed along the path and battle Fisher Harriet (Lv.39 Barraskewda, Lv.39 Lanturn)
2 Move along and get max potion on right side of the path by the foot of the mountain.
3 Press on and battle Dancer Zoe (Lv.39 Darumaka, Lv.39 Bellossom).
4 Approach the Team Yell grunts for a cutscene. You will be challenged by one of them (Lv.39 Linoone, Lv.40 Pangoro). The surgeon will then upgrade your Rotom bike with water mode that allows you to cruise in the water.
5 Backtrack to Fisher Harriet’s location and use the bike to cruise the water. Paddle west until you spot a path that leads back to land going south. Follow it to get TM64 Avalanche. Note that it will be guarded by a Lv.55 Glalie.
6 Go back to the surgeon’s location and ride the bike into the water. Paddle to the upper right corner going into the path formed by the ice to get a big pearl. While still on the path, head south to get an ice stone.
7 Continue south and return to land. Battle Fisher Marina (Lv.39 Qwilfish, Lv.40 Pyukumuku). Head west to the policeman camper. Get rare candy from the upper left corner of the area.
8 Continue going east and battle Black Belt Reece (Lv.41 Sawk, Lv.41 Throh).
9 Go into the water again and paddle south to reach another beach. Get pearl and big pearl there and battle Swimmer Layla (Lv.39 Toxapex).
10 Continue south. Go up the slope and pick up scope lens from the clearing on the right.
11 Head to left of the path and battle Music Crew Owen (Lv.41 Toxtricity) and Andrea (Lv.41 Maractus). You can shake the tree nearby to get berries.
12 Head to the shut entrance of Spikemuth for a cutscene. Afterward, follow Marnie by walking to the southeast corner. Pass through the fence and get guard spec x3 next to the boxes on the upper left corner. Approach Marnie afterwards.
13 Marnie will challenge you to a battle. She will use a Lv.42 Liepard, Lv.44 Morpeko, Lv.43 Scrafty, and Lv.43 Toxicroak.
14 After defeating Marnie, follow her into Spikemuth.


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Spikemuth Pokemon Sword and Shield - Spikemuth
1 Head to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.
2 Go outside and approach Marnie for a cutscene.
3 Talk to the Team Yell Grunt at the stall to begin the gym challenge.

Gym Challenge Strategy

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Gym Leader Piers


The Spikemuth gym challenge is quite straightforward, pitting you against waves of Team Yell grunts before facing the gym leader Piers. The grunts and Piers himself use dark type pokemon. Have fighting, fairy, and bug type pokemon with you before taking on the gym challenge to gain an advantage in battle.

Piers Gym Challenge (Spikemuth) Guide

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